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Blogging and the Coronavirus

I’ll be real, it isn’t fun. I am trying hard to just get through the day, forget about coming up with something interesting to write. Even my journal is like “I’m so tired. I coughed. Holy shit, can I hold my breath?” And then I try and count till 20. I mean what in the actual fuck is going on? Is this normal? My texts to my husband are like “My throat itches. My eyes are red. Did that sound like a dry cough?…” We both assure each other that we aren’t crazy, but are we going crazy?
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So, we’re home. It’s week 5. We have 6 more weeks of this, that we know of. I feel/think that it will be longer. At least a couple more months. I am thinking that August is more realistic and even that seems like it might be an under estimate at this point.
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This isn’t the new normal but this is the normal for now. We just received our 2nd delivery of groceries. I have another scheduled for Sunday. I’ll be honest, I like the deliveries. It’s nice to pick what I want and then it’s at my door. BUT I miss grocery shopping. I really do. I like finding new things. I like trying new recipes. I like looking around. I miss it. I also miss shopping the sales. My grocery bill is way up. We aren’t ordering take out or going out to eat, so I guess we aren’t technically losing money but we aren’t saving it either.
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I feel bad for ordering groceries. Like I am putting someone else at risk because I am being safe and staying home. I don’t know. I think that even though I am ordering things for delivery, I am not going out either. What’s better? One person shopping for multiple families or everyone shopping for themselves?
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So we are home. It’s week 5 ( I know, I said that already, I have been repeating myself a lot). The kids are in their routine. My husband and I have figured out how to make it run as smoothly as possible right now.
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We started back on the Yoga this week. I needed it. I felt like I was forgetting how to breath and stretch with all the work disruptions all day now.  It’s like everyone decided they needed to work more to prove that they are working. I am getting email responses at 8pm… For real people?? I am starting to just ignore them now until the next day.
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That’s where we are at right now. How about you? How are you doing?

Big Box Delivery – Thoughts and reviews.

I have to say that I am really torn about ordering online. On one hand, I think everyone should be home. On the other hand, I want to be home and not running around to different stores trying to gather the things we need. There is no toilet paper or paper towels in the stores. My sister has been going to the stores looking for paper products and she’s had no luck. I keep telling her to stay home and let me order it. I have some and I will share but my supplies are starting to run low.
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So I have been waiting and watching online to see if I can at least have some delivered. I don’t want to hoard it but there are 4 of us working and schooling from home now… Plus, my sister and niece down the street.
Senior hour at the local Costco (Coronavirus Edition) —
I was going to try my local Costco but the line is around the corner. You have to get there super early and I heard from an employee that a manager from there just died last week from the corona virus. The employee also said that people are coming in sick and not being sent home. Anyway, I am choosing to stay away from there for a while.
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I have turned to online. I tried Amazon, Boxed, Jet and Walmart… Here are my reviews and results from different places.
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Amazon, I can never find anything on prime here. Since we pay for the year I don’t want to pay for delivery. Maybe I am just not checking often enough, although I am on here pretty often lately. For Amazon, I would say skip it for now for paper products.
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Walmart. The prices are good if you can find what you need and get to the checkout fast enough to get it. I was able to order a few things from here that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. But, I ordered on 4/1 and I won’t receive anything until the middle/end of next week.. If you don’t need it soon and you are fast enough, This place will work.
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Jet. I was able to find a few things here. I ordered toilet paper and received it a few days later. I also ordered paper towels and they should be here early next week. I check here often and things tend to sell fast which is annoying because you need to hit $50.00 for free shipping. I wasn’t fast enough a couple times and I ended up getting  super frustrated. When it was available I just bought my stuff as fast as possible. So I don’t feel like I am really saving anything but this is the only place that has delivered so far. (I believe Jet is owned by Walmart.)
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Boxed. I heard a few good thing about this place a while ago but I never tried it. Then I kind of forgot about it. I just started searching for any places that delivered after a while and this place popped up. I was able to find paper towels and toilet paper here. Except they are on a delay with everything so I ordered on the 4th and I should be receiving it on the 10th. This is another one where you have to act fast. I didn’t hit the mark for free shipping here either.  This is an option. I might use it again on things I don’t need fast.
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I think I am good though for the next few weeks. I have to admit… I was panic shopping a bit and I actually ordered MORE paper towels today from Jet and then realized that I HAVE stuff coming already. So I cancelled that order. I don’t want to be greedy.
The winner for me these past 2 weeks has been Jet. They are the only place that I have actually found things and they have gotten to me with little delay.
(This is for paper products, I have not ordered anything else from here.)
Amazon lifts ban on FedEx for third-party marketplace sellers ...
I read an article the other day about Ethics and using delivery right now and I honestly feel really torn. I want to go out and get my own stuff but there’s not much out there to get. I really don’t know what’s better at the moment.
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What do you think?

I cried this morning.

Everything is so crazy. They said this week was going to be bad and then I just read something that said the worst of it isn’t for a few weeks now. And that was just here, the worst of it for other places is still a few more weeks after us.Coronavirus Connecticut: Disaster declaration for state approved ...
We needed milk and some stuff for the week. I decided to go to the grocery store at 7:00 AM on a Monday morning  in hopes that it wouldn’t be too busy. Senior hour is from 6-7. I hoped that I would hit the sweet middle before everyone started coming and the seniors were checking out. Plus, I was hoping for some stocked shelves.
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I got to the store at 6:45 and it looked pretty empty. At 6:55 I noticed that a small line was forming. They are limiting the amount of people allowed in the stores right now. I put my new face mask on and went to get in line. The line turned out to be for the non seniors, it’s wasn’t long so I grabbed my cart and got 6 feet behind the person in front of me.
At 7:00 we were allowed in. I wiped down my cart and headed into the produce. There was no lettuce, no onions, no peppers, tomatoes, lemons, limes, the grapes were squishy and picked through. I grabbed what I could off my list and headed to the meat.
Connecticut grocers will limit in-store customers over COVID-19 ...
I got my beef and pork chops and headed down the cereal aisle. I have seen it picked through before but I was still shocked at the amount of stuff that wasn’t there. I noticed an older lady in the aisle. She walked with a weird gait and seemed a little rushed. I assumed it was because it was after 7 and she was trying to hurry up and finish her shopping. When I got to the end of the aisle there were people all around and someone was yelling at people to back away and call 911. It was the older lady. She was on the floor. I have no idea what happen and it felt like forever until the Paramedics showed up.
Bauer Emergency Care Center
I was shaking. I don’t know if she was already sick or if she was even sick at all. Maybe she was just super nervous like me… I don’t know. I prayed for her.
I got to the bread aisle and there was this guy standing there grabbing loaves of bread and coughing. He wasn’t covering his mouth and he looked crazy. This other man in the aisle said ” Do you work here? The way you touching all them loaves of bread, you must work here?” The crazy guy was like “No… I um, work with the bread.” And then he went back to moving loaves around. The man looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and kept going… Me too. He was weird and I wasn’t looking to get into anything.
Florida Prepares for the Spread of Coronavirus Before It Hits
I’m didn’t get everything on my list. They were out of things like biscuits for Easter dinner. I am not hosting it but I am still cooking and I will drop a tray to my sister and niece… From six feet away, of course.
I got out of there in 45 minutes all together. I got in my car and took off my mask and cried. Today was the first day that I ever just felt scared. I was scared for that woman and scared of that bread guy and just scared for everything. I have been trying to get a instacart delivery and there are never any times available. I have been trying to do the store pick up and there are still no times available. I’m just nervous…
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Over the weekend we had a Zoom bookclub. It was fun but we all know people who have Coronavirus, or who know people who have died already. And this isn’t even the peak yet. It’s just so scary. I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to be home with my family.
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It’s week 4 of working from home, and week 4 of kids distance learning school. My kids are troopers, but my daughter is really missing her friends. The other night I was putting her to bed and she said she didn’t want me or her daddy to get sick. I told her we were all a little scared but we would get through this.
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We’ll get through it. This morning I just needed the cry. I just want everyone to be safe and healthy right now.
How are you doing?

CT Coronavirus Update

Good Morning Everyone!
Things are getting worse around me. As of this morning in my town there are 276 cases, 13 deaths. In the entire state, 62% of the confirmed cases are in my town and the towns directly surrounding me.
2,571 cases confirmed, 36 dead of coronavirus in CT
Thankfully, my family and I are okay. Yesterday, the Mayor shut down the parks and halfed the people allowed in each store according to the fire code restrictions. Only one member per family is allowed to shop at a time. NO family shopping trips. Which is fine with me. I went to the grocery store Sunday morning at 7:30 thinking it wouldn’t be that busy and I was surprised by how many people were there. The shopping cart attendant was wiping down all the shopping carts and they had the wipes when you entered too. There are still people not adhering to 6 foot distance recommendation.
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First of all, it’s impossible to be that far apart in a grocery aisle from someone. If you are both in an aisle and you have to pass them, there is no way to be that far apart.
Second, the people with the masks do not seem to believe that they have to stand 6 feet from anyone. As if them wearing a mask negates the need for distance. News flash, you still need to stay the fuck away from me.🙂 Thanks. Also, you wearing a mask makes me assume that you are sick or are having symptoms, so please, take 4 giant steps away from me.
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Third, the checkouts… The self check outs are too close together, no one is wiping those down in between customers. The regular check outs have the lines for 6 feet apart, but they go down the aisles… And the aisles aren’t big. So instead of people gathering in the checkout, they are all in a cluster in the aisles… That’s not helping either…
They really do just have to limit how many people are allowed in at a time.
Coronavirus UK: Are supermarkets the new superspreaders? | Daily ...
Right now I am not wearing gloves or a mask and I am only traveling to the grocery stores once or twice a week to stock up. We stopped ordering take out 2 weeks ago because even with delivery left on my doorstep, I don’t know if it’s worth the risk. I’ll just cook. I want to help support the community but I also want to live and I want other people to live. So, I think the state/country really should do something more for small business. Like stop mortgage and rent payments with no penalty or interest.  Make it easier for people to focus on taking care of themselves and their families. We’re in a pandemic and everyone would like to at least come out the other side somewhere close to where they were before all this happen. It’s not that easy, I know. I haven’t researched anything, I am going off what I have read so far in the news. The Feds leaving it to the state and the states leaving it to the towns just makes everything more confusing, in my opinion. 
News 12 Connecticut
I thought everyone was crazy for grabbing toilet paper and creating this panic buying situation, and we were assured there was plenty of toilet paper and it would be coming back. Two weeks later and the shelves are still empty around here. They said there is some every morning and it gets bought right away. So what I am seeing is, there is a shortage and it’s being rationed daily. Whoever gets it, gets it. My family is still okay for now but in another week or so I might have to panic buy something because we’ll be getting really low. Hopefully, I’ll find some by then.
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 I put my rent the runway on hold because I think it’s really messed up to have a UPS driver deliver clothes to me so I can wear them at home… Also, I am not sure about the whole sharing clothes even if they have been dry cleaned. Hopefully, this will resume in May and we’ll all be getting back to a new normal. I’m positive thinking right now.
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Other than that, we are hunkering down in hopes that this will peak and new cases will start to drop. We’re working and distance learning from home. We’re trying to stay far far away from everyone. Easter has officially been postponed. I did order the kids baskets and prefilled eggs from Amazon yesterday. It’s not the same, but we’ll make due.
Some Costco Stores Are Pulling Free Samples Amid Coronavirus Concerns
I spoke to my coworker who has informed me to stay away from Costco. They are being paid more per hour, but some are coming in sick or have family members who are sick and even though they are limiting the number of people in the store, they are not sending home sick employees at the moment. Nothing we needed from there is urgent SO… I guess I am going to see what I can get delivered. Delivery makes me feel bad for the people packing and sorting and delivering but I really don’t know what else to do.
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This entire situation is so crazy. Be safe everyone.  We’ll get through this.

Working from home…

Day 10.
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I am sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I have before and also for my lack of new topics lately. It’s just this entire situation with the CoronaVirus going around is insane. I watched it in the news and I know that they said it was spreading but I never thought it would hit here as hard or as fast as it has. I know there were warnings.
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My husband and I had no problem staying home with the kids as soon as we were allowed to. I only leave right now to go grocery shopping at Costco or the regular grocery store and once or twice a week I go to UPS to drop off a package. That’s it.
We went to the gas station one time last weekend because it was a beautiful day and we brought the kids to the beach so we could get out and walk. It seemed like people were keeping distance when we went but I read that they are now thinking about shutting down the parks and beaches because people are gathering in big groups. What the hell is wrong with people?
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I get freaked out just going to the grocery store. I know this might sound stupid, but I noticed I started to hold my breath when I have to walk past people. Yesterday, my sister sent me an article about a woman who just died from the Virus and her sons said the only places she went were Costco and her church. I freaked out because I was at Costco last week too. It’s so close and scary. I decided to look up home delivery for grocery shopping and no one had anything available for delivery this week. I could go pick my order up next week, 2 towns over, at 8:30 PM. With the amount of milk my children are going through every day, I can’t wait a week. Seriously, we’re at a gallon or more a day. Crazy. I either need a cow or a milk refrigerator if we do have to do a total lock down.
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Working from home has been difficult too. It’s not the work, it’s running school for the kids while working. The school sent home packets and today we have to pick up a chrome book so my son can do online work next week. My daughter does work packets and then has a zoom classroom session at 12 everyday for an hour or so with her entire class. Once we get the kids set up and start to do work, someone has a question, or they get bored and need a snack, or they have to take a “fat dump”, as my kids have been calling it. The point is, we get interrupted.
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My husband and I have figured out a schedule where I go and do the work I need and make the phone calls I need in the morning. Then I come up, make lunch and he goes down to do his work and phone calls in the afternoon. We each have a shift to teach the kids. It works out but my day flies by now.
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Yesterday, I was talking to my daughter and I was like “Oh my god, I have to make dinner already and tomorrow is Thursday! This week is flying by!” She looked at me funny and was like “Really? It is not going by fast at all.” And it occurred to me that I feel like my days are flying by because I am more busy. She’s probably bored out her mind half the day. Teaching on its own is a full time job and I feel like we’re doing alright but the kids are definitely not getting the full benefit of school.  Gym class today was doing a you tube kids yoga video. They had fun goofing around together but a piece of me felt a little sad that they aren’t at school in gym class with friends. They know why they aren’t and they understand but I know that they miss their friends.
They have announced that schools are closed until at least 4/20/2020, and they are considering just keeping them closed until the fall.
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On the other hand, we are way tighter as a family than we have been. My daughter and I came up with a secret handshake, we paint our nails a lot and She has been really into horror movies on netflix, so we’re working our way through some.
My son has taken off his headphones to hang out with me more. He comes in to my room at night to play ipad games together and hang out. It’s actually really nice.
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My husband and I talk a lot more and we started doing Yoga again in the morning. We are cooking and eating a lot better. We’re both nervous about everything all around us and it’s really easy to get sucked down the news hole. Every day there are new numbers of death and new numbers of positive tests. I wish they would tell us where the people were in the past few weeks. Like that woman in Costco, that scared the shit out of me because I was there, probably within the same day or two depending on when her symptoms started. Every time my throat itches or I cough, I worry. Was it allergies? Could I be getting a cold? Could this be the virus?I mean, the symptoms are so common, especially for this time of year.  I hope they figure out a cure soon, or something that will bring the death rate down a lot.
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I apologize in advance for my sort of repetitive posts, I am sure there will be more but I will try to not have every post be about the current situation.
How are you doing? How’s it going around you?

Last year vs this year

Wow. What a difference this year has been compared to last year. Last year, I was watching the leaves grow and I couldn’t wait for Spring. I was counting down!
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This year, I only noticed it was spring because my calendar reminded me. I am currently working from home,  homeschooling my kids and looking out the window since last week and for the next 3 weeks. It’s currently snowing and the buds are growing on the trees.
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Last year, I was just waiting for the leaves. This year, I’m not leaving my house unless it’s to get the groceries for my family. For the next 3 weeks I will be cleaning up my house and yard and hopefully this social distancing will work and we can resume a little more normal routine. Honestly, I think this is going to last a little longer than 3 weeks. I only hope not that much longer.
This past weekend I did get some things done around the house that I have been putting off…
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I had 4 bags fulls of bags… Does anyone else do this? There were paper bags and party bags from the kids birthday parties. I save the nice ones and reuse them. I don’t need 4 giant bags of them though, so I got rid of a bunch of them. I deep cleaned the kitchen and my husband did the bathrooms.  We also cleaned out the bathroom closet. So I feel like I was productive this weekend.
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I have to make an order for the kids rooms and I keep putting it off. It’s just money that I don’t want to spend right now until this thing settles down a little. The kids want big kid comforters, like mommy and daddy’s, and they need new area rugs in their rooms. I chucked the last ones after our new puppy Luna decided she liked to pee and poop on them. This year she’s house trained like the our other pups so we should be alright to buy new ones…
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Anyway, between the comforters, duvet covers, area rugs, desk lamps (because now they are using their desks a lot more), and a couple new shelves for their books, that’s $1,000.00 on my Wayfair. Money I wouldn’t mind spending except I don’t know about adding any new monthly credit card payments. I might hold off another week or two once we get some more knowledge of what’s going on.
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I am officially 4 weeks no alcohol today and I feel pretty good. I am sleeping much deeper than I did a month ago. I am also doing yoga and now I am watching what I eat a little more. That is mostly because I am cooking a lot more now. I am continuing the not drinking for a while. I think I like me better.
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On a sad note, we’re probably cancelling the family Easter brunch. Usually I cook and everyone comes over and we all eat and drink and catch up. This year we’ll do something for the kids, I will cook and bring a tray to my sister and niece down the street and then we will probably just call everyone. I’m a little sad about this because I love catching up and seeing everyone I love but it’s better to be safe. I still have Thanksgiving.
How are you doing?

Week 1 – Day 5

We made it a full work/ school week. The kids are doing their school work and the teachers are in constant contact to make sure they are there in case we have any questions. It’s cute to see my son help my daughter with her math homework.
I am 25 days zero alcohol and I feel pretty good about myself right now.
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I wanted to come up with something clever to write for my Friday blog and really, I have nothing today. There is nothing going on. Everyday they are closing more and more things around us. Which is fine. I get it. It’s a little weird that there is no end date, you know? I am just happy that we are okay so far.  I get really worried when any of us have to leave the house right now.
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The news said that for everyone testing positive assume there are 100 more people who haven’t taken the test yet… That would be 12600 people at this point and the majority of them are in the towns surrounding us. It’s unsettling.
Image result for 100 people for every 1 positive coronavirus free image
See all that red over NY and CT, that’s where we are.
Today the kids have gym for their specials. We are going to try to take them to the beach so we can all get out and walk a little bit. We should be good on groceries to get us through the weekend and I am hoping that when I go Monday Morning, there won’t be that many people.
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The school is talking about not coming back till after what was supposed to be April break. There is no more April break. Now that the kids are doing school from home they want the kids to continue to do that through the break. So I guess the parents and teachers get no break.
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It is what it is right now. I think everyone is just trying to make do with the current situation.
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This weekend is my deep cleaning weekend. I also want to get out in the yard and prune and see what we need to get ready for spring. Other than that, there isn’t much going on. How about you? How does your weekend look?
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Oh, Happy First day of Spring!

Week 1- Day 3

It’s Wednesday. I think everything is starting to get into the new groove. Things have definitely changed and it’s weird to not have an end date to it. There are all these possibilities floating around and no sure anything… I guess no one is sure how long anything is going to take. The school says maybe in a couple weeks, maybe after break, maybe not at all this school year.
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I feel really bad for my sister because she works the before and after program  in the elementary schools, so she’s part time. With no school, she has no work, so she gets no paycheck. She is a single mom with a 14 year old daughter. We’ll help out as much as we can but that just really sucks. They basically said everyone needs to file unemployment for now. I hope it’s not jammed up too much and she can at least start to get something soon.
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My husband and I have divided the day in half so I work mornings in the studio and he works afternoons. That way we each have a few solid hours of silence while the other gets interrupted by the kids while they do their school work. My workday department call ins are 10 or 11 AM and his meetings are mostly in the afternoon. It works out for us.
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I have been cooking lately… A lot. I didn’t really notice how much we used to eat out. But I know now, it was pretty often. Usually my husband and kids make their breakfasts, I have coffee. Then the kids have hot lunch at school and my husband and I will either meet for lunch or I will get something with my co worker. Either way, we tend to eat lunch out of the house most days and then we aren’t really hungry by the time we get home so I make the kids something for dinner, and they snack.
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I realize now how much I didn’t really cook during the week! Now though, I have been making pretty big lunches for all of us and then we make the kids something for dinner later on. I have left overs in my fridge. Tomorrow is left over day.
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The other day I make plastelon (plantain lasagna) . Then I made Kielbasa and sauerkraut. Then I made Goulash yesterday. Today I had to run out to get milk and a couple other things from the grocery store. I bought a roasted chicken and made rice and corn for the side…
Image result for plantain lasagna free image
People are not following the 6 feet distance recommendation. I got annoyed at Costco because this man came and stood next to me. I was behind my cart and he stood in front of his cart in line… Like directly behind me. I was so annoyed and I almost turned around and asked him to move farther away, but I didn’t… Then at the grocery store I went to grab some meat and I pulled my cart over like I normally do and went to check out the meat but I stood next to someone… Then I realized that I was doing the same thing as that man had done to me so I grabbed something and ran away.
Image result for 6 feet social distance free image
I hope I can just keep it in my mind next time I go out to just be super careful and distance myself from other people for now. I hope to not have to go out again for another few days. I think we have enough stuff for a while now. When I get home from the stores I just get nervous for a while even after I scrub my hands a few times.
Image result for empty shelfs free image
Honestly though, the stores are crazy. Today there was no toilet paper in either store. I went at 11:00 AM. The store weren’t packed. I also noticed that people seem to be stocking up on meat, pasta, bread and anything canned. All those shelves were pretty bare. I think we’re fine on toilet paper for another few weeks so I hope the are able to restock by then.
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How’s it going by you?

Monday Update.

I stayed home from work today because the kids are out of school and my husband had to go into work to help people set up to work from home. He works in IT so he needed to be there.
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It was our first day of “homeschooling” and it started off a little wobbly. I checked in online with the teachers to mark the kids as present. We started with reading and writing and a melt down from the boy. He got caught in a lie he told me last week about reading his book in school and he did not. Then on to the maths. Every 3 minutes was a question. I could barely focus on my work. It was frustrating because it was not even hard questions, the questions were about things these children already know the answer too. Ugh… Seriously, how do these teachers do it with 20 kids?
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By that time I was receiving texts from my friends about Costco talking about closing. I was like oh my god, if that happens then I might be better off going shopping on my “lunch”. I was going to try to go late tonight, like right before closing hoping that there wouldn’t be too many people there. I got nervous that everyone else would do the same.
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My husband returned home just as I was receiving the news that my office is officially shutting down. I needed to jump on a conference call with my department to go over our jobs for the next few weeks as we all hunker down and try to wait this thing out. It wasn’t bad. Everyone is going to try to do as much work as possible from home. There will still be billing, there will still be payments. There will be morning call ins at 10:00 AM to go over what we are all working on that day. We will still be getting paid normal and not have to use any of our time. So, good news for the most part.
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After the call I took a quick run to the store to get some more yogurt and milk. There weren’t that many people there and I was really surprised to see the produce was mostly restocked. When I went there Friday, there was not a lot of anything. I got the few things I needed and then a few things I saw as I walked by. With everything I threw in my cart I questioned if I was being rational or if I was starting to hoard. The feeling to grab more was real.  I did buy two of a few things to cut down my future trips to the store this week. I know with all of us home and us cooking all meals, we will be going through a lot more than normal here.
By the time I got to the register I was starting to get nervous. There were a lot of people there, and only a cart length in between each other. I really believe in social distance without a pandemic going around and now it seems to be amplified a little bit.
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I got home, worked some more. For my kids “gym” from home I sent them to the backyard to play and then to help clean it up. 🙂 On the bright side of all this, I have a feeling that at the end of this quarantine I will have a really clean and organized house. I hope.
I am super happy that I quit drinking for a month 3 weeks ago too because I know if I was still drinking I would already be on my first glass of something. But no, I have one week left and I am feeling really good, I think I might push it another week… Or maybe another month. I like the sleep I am getting, I don’t feel so run down anymore (that took a while), I feel better. I am starting to look at how much money we save too just by not having a drink if we go out to eat. Also, not buying bottles of wine and rum for the weekend. So now I’m looking at it less like a temporary break and more of like when I quit smoking… Almost…  When I quit smoking it was because I was pregnant and I never started again because the prices went up so high. With smoking, I loved it, the smell, the taste, the feeling in my lungs ( I know that’s gross but I really do miss that feeling), and I still miss it, but the truth is I feel physically better without it. Maybe this break will be a little more permanent too.
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So that’s where we are at right now. All restaurants are closed for dine in. Only take out, pick up and delivery. The stores are changing some hours so that 65 and older can shop for a couple hours before normal hours for the rest of the public. I think that is smart too.
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All schools are closed. All movies, pubs/bars and gyms are closed until at least the end of this month.
I’ll probably have to make another couple grocery runs, but we should be good to wait this out for a while.
How about you? How is it going?