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NEW BOOK!!!After surviving 5th grade, Jess decides it’s time to tackle 6th grade in a whole new way. This year, she intends to keep her promise to herself; to make as many friends as possible. In her first year of middle school she starts brand-new relationships, strengthens old ones, and watches others completely fade away.

It’s about: Jessica is 10 years old and is starting to learn about growing up and changes in friendships. She has to learn how to make new friends but first she has to get through the 5th grade play without fainting on stage in front of the entire school.

This is my book called Moving Forward.  After listening to the few people who read my book, I have combined all 4 books and will price it at $3.99. I am really proud of this book.

All my books right now are priced at $2.99. I know that might seem a bit steep for some books that are around 30-35 pages. With Amazon, if you price lower, they get a bigger chunk of the royalties. $2.99 is the lowest I can price it and still get 70% royalty. Think of it like an ad free magazine.

If you don’t have kindle Unlimited, and would like to try it, please use my link to sign up for a free month: Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

My first book, Growing. Right now this one is free if you have kindle unlimited, feel free to check it out, please!  It is a bunch of stories. Some are really messed up, some are not so bad but everything forced me to grow in one way of another. I hope you enjoy.

Working my way through life is exactly what the title is. It’s a book about most of the jobs I have held throughout my life, a story and a little about what I learned and how it lead me to the next job.

Having Children… And some things they don’t tell you. This book is just what it says also. I have 2 children and these are some stories of things I learned after I had kids, what I expected VS what was the reality.

Kissing all the Frogs is a book of stories about all my ex-boyfriends. It’s not a bashing book. It’s stories of what I learned from each relationship and it ends with my frog prince. I am sure my husband loves that name.