Buy My Books!

This is my newest book called Moving Forward.  After listening to the few people who read my book, I have combined all 4 books and will price it at $3.99. I am really proud of this book.


All my books right now are priced at $2.99. I know that might seem a bit steep for some books that are around 30-35 pages. With Amazon, if you price lower, they get a bigger chunk of the royalties. $2.99 is the lowest I can price it and still get 70% royalty. Think of it like an ad free magazine.

If you don’t have kindle Unlimited, and would like to try it, please use my link to sign up for a free month: Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

My first book, Growing. Right now this one is free if you have kindle unlimited, feel free to check it out, please!  It is a bunch of stories. Some are really messed up, some are not so bad but everything forced me to grow in one way of another. I hope you enjoy.

Working my way through life is exactly what the title is. It’s a book about most of the jobs I have held throughout my life, a story and a little about what I learned and how it lead me to the next job.

Having Children… And some things they don’t tell you. This book is just what it says also. I have 2 children and these are some stories of things I learned after I had kids, what I expected VS what was the reality.

Kissing all the Frogs is a book of stories about all my ex-boyfriends. It’s not a bashing book. It’s stories of what I learned from each relationship and it ends with my frog prince. I am sure my husband loves that name.