Rent the Runway – Week 9!

This week I think I might change it up a little but first:

Ramy Brook - Alston Pants

Weekend comfy pants. Retails for $345, I can buy for $207.00. That’s not going to happen but I can wear them all weekend. I am going to mail back these pants, the jeans and at least one sweater Monday and pick some new things for next week.

I didn’t end up wearing these much. The elastic waist was really tight and I didn’t like that it cut in. It wasn’t uncomfortable but I felt like it made me look fatter. Like a muffin top but I’m wearing stretchy pants? I don’t think that’s a good look for me. I liked the material and I liked the big pockets. I wore them around the house a bit but when it was time to go out, I switched to the jeans.


Prabal Gurung Collective - Grey Embellished Sweater


I picked this for the end of the work week. It retails for $240.00 and I can buy it for $168.00. It has good reviews so I hope I love it.

I do love it. I am wearing it today and I already got 3 compliments. It’s a good weight, warm and I like the little embellishments. I can’t wait to pick out my next shipment.

Tory Burch - Colorblock Madeline Cardigan

I picked this for the end of the work week as well. Retails for $248.00 I can buy for $173.60. Nope. I sized up according to the reviews and hope it fits well.

This does fit well. I am wore it last Thursday and I liked it a lot. I will probably not wear it twice but I felt good in it. I got a few compliments at work. I like the orange on this. It gives it a pop of color.

Citizens Of Humanity - Charlotte Straight Jeans

These jeans retail for $258.00. How could jeans be so expensive? They’re Jeans. I mean really. I can buy them for $103.20… These didn’t fit at all. No stretch at all. I couldn’t wear these.

MONROW - Cheetah Print Zip Up Hoodie

This hoodie retails for $176.00. It’s a hoodie. I am looking forward to this. I have been wanting to try a cheetah print anything for a while but I don’t want to invest in it.

I can buy it for $158.40. No. First of all it’s short, like cropped. Is that the style now? I did wear this to book club and I got a couple compliments. But I am returning after 1 wear. It’s just big, like wide big and I kept tugging it down because it’s short. It was a fun wear for one day but it’s going back today.


I think I am going to cut the Rent the Runway updates down to every other week. It’s been 2 months now and I am still loving this service and trying new things. I want to start branching out too and trying some of the accessories as well. I haven’t posted anything about that because I haven’t tried any. I’ve been loving the clothes so far. I also need to branch out and try a dress or two. The whole point of this was for me to try new things and a sweater with pants is not really a new look on me at all. Baby steps though.


Excerpt- LMBW- 6th Grade

9 Party






Christmas has come and gone, and I did get my new hoop. I can’t wait till the snow melts so we can put it up. I’m able to buy presents on my own for the first time ever. I get my sister a box of penny candies. I actually ate all hers and I’m replacing the ones I ate. Whoops. I get my mom a heart shaped crystal dish. It’s beautiful, like her. I get my dad some tools because I really have no idea what else he would want. I get my brother a Guns and Roses tape. He already has it he says but now he has 2.


Augie’s New Year’s Eve party is coming up and I buy myself a new white T-shirt. I can’t wait. Kathy has already invited me over to get ready. She’s going to do my hair and makeup but since her sister will be home, we can’t borrow her clothes.



The day of the party I show up to Kathy’s house and Beth is there. I sit there and let Kathy do my makeup and listen to them talk about all the boys in their grade that they like. Kathy leans over to put eye shadow on me and her boobs are in my face. I look down and realize I haven’t grown any at all. I’m still as flat as I was in fifth grade, I just have a sports bra for show, but it’s not supporting anything.



Beth and Kathy continue talking about who’s going to be at this party and who they want to dance with. Dance?!?!?!?! Oh my god! No one said there would be dancing. I can’t dance. Like, in front of people. While I panic, Sarah and Amy show up to get ready too.



Sarah gives me a hug and says I look nice, Amy says “hi” and sits next to Beth on the bed. I am surprised she’s talking to me at all. I guess since we’re going to the same party, I’m ok for the night. Amy and Sarah are both wearing black miniskirts and tank tops with a sweater over. They match on purpose cause they are best friends.



Beth turns up the music while we sing and finish getting ready. I let her put mascara on me for the first time and I like my look. I might have to ask Augie to grab me one of these on his next trip to Woolworth. I make money now, but mascara is expensive.



We start to walk over to Augie’s, and I pull out a pack of cigarettes I just bought. In one of my neighborhood excursions I found out that the Howard Johnsons down the street has a cigarette machine on the second floor and I buy myself a pack of Marlboro Lights with my babysitting money. I tried one on my own, but I decide that I will only smoke at Augie’s.



Amy’s eyes light up and she asks to bum one. I say sure. I also give one to everyone else and we show up to Augie’s smoking and dressed up. I feel like one of the girls for once. Augie lets us in, and he has the downstairs decorated with the music on already.



He walks us over to the bar and asks what we want. I get whatever everyone else has. Vodka and juice. It’s strong but I sip it slowly and look around. There are a couple other people there. Tony and Elle are laughing on the couch. I walk over and sit with them. They’re telling stories of some Social Studies teacher I might have in the future and how lame he is. I start cracking up.



Augie comes over and asks if we want to dance. Elle and I say not yet but Tony gets up and they start dancing. I look at Elle and she’s just looking at them and smiling. I shrug my shoulders and look around the room. Beth and Kathy are by a group of guys that I didn’t even notice showed up. They’re all laughing, and Kathy sits on one of the boys’ laps.



Elle rolls her eyes and tells me that all those boys are lame. She says they only go for the girly, skinny girls or the ones they can kiss easy. Then she starts to tell me about her gang boyfriend and how much cooler he is. She’s going to meet him later after this party.


She asks if I want another drink and I realize that I barely drank any yet. I say no thank you and she gets up for another glass. I sip my drink and see Amy and Sarah walk out the back door. I could use some air and now there are a number of people dancing and I’ve lost sight of Tony and Augie.



I make my way out the door and I don’t see Amy or Sarah. I do hear crying, so I follow it. It’s Amy. She’s sitting next to Sarah and sobbing. She sees me but she just keeps crying. I offer her a cigarette and she takes it. I light it for her. She takes a pull and starts to calm down. Then she starts to speak to both of us. She can’t go home anymore. She’s had enough, she can’t take it anymore. Sarah is hugging her and looking at her sympathetically. She’s slowly rocking her back and forth.

I wish I could crawl in her lap and she could rock me too. I really miss my childhood best friend, but looking at them now, I realize that Sarah isn’t and won’t be my best friend anymore. Or probably ever again. It feels like she’s outgrown me. It’s okay though. I actually feel fine with it. I want to ask what happened, but I don’t. I don’t want to know.



Augie shows up and I give him a cigarette. He’s beaming and listens to Amy. He said his neighbors just moved out and he thinks there is an empty apartment that is open. We all look at each other and then walk over to his neighbor’s house. Sure enough, the door is unlocked. Amy smiles. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her really smile before. She says it will be perfect for a few nights. We head back to Augie’s party and I sip my drink.



I decide to have a cigarette now and sit outside. It’s almost midnight and then I have to head home. My mom said I had to be home right after midnight. I’m surprised she even let me go at all. I guess that’s the perk of being a third child.



Augie calls out that the ball is about to drop, and I head in and count down with everyone. Happy New Year! Beth and Kathy are kissing their boys. Elle has left to meet her boyfriend. Amy and Sarah peck each other on the cheeks and start giggling, while Augie and Tony are kissing on the stairs. I smile and drink the rest of my cup and leave. Happy New Year.


Keep Reading!

Moving Forward

It’s halfway through January.
Image result for moving forward free image"
I have been working on promoting my blog and book but I am running out of ideas. I made the first book free on Kindle Unlimited in hopes to get a few new readers, I got one so far in the last 2 weeks. If you are interested, please check out my Buy my books page. The Little Me, Big Wold Book is FREE right now on Kindle unlimited. It’s slow but I am still going. I am trying to figure out other places I can promote my books. Maybe ask some book bloggers for a review? I don’t know. I feel so lost in this sometimes.
Image result for how to find book bloggers free image"
I am waiting for my husband to scan my daughters book in so we can hopefully get that up and I can promote that a little too. It’s super cute and I want to donate a copy to her school library.
Image result for child author free image"
I registered my blog on a few free blog directories and I am hoping that this will bring more traffic. I don’t really understand the DA or SEO ratings or how that works. I think I am going to try to sit down this weekend and read through some of that. Does anyone have a great article you would recommend? Feel free to post the link in comments please!
Image result for Understand DA and SEO free image"
I am trying to figure out vacations this year. I wanted to go to an all inclusive and I reached out to a travel agent. She said Cancun would be a good option. It was $7900.00 for 6 of us to go and half of that is plane tickets. That’s a lot for me so unfortunately that will have to wait.
Image result for Cancun mexico Fiesta Americana free image"
Plus, talking to my coworker she said April is the time we should go, not June because it’s really hot . We want to bring my sister and niece so we need 2 rooms or a family suite and that’s where the price doubles. Plus the 2 extra plane tickets. I tried to figure out anything for a nice getaway. I looked at Canada, Key West, Iceland. The issue for me is the price practically doubling for 2 more people. Ugh.
Image result for cheap extended family getaway ideas free image"
I spoke to my husband last night and we decided to do a couple long weekends within a couple hours of where we live and then the one week with our friends in August. I am going to rent a house for a long weekend in Cape Cod for my birthday in September and my sister, niece and mom can at least come to that. I wish I had a bigger vacation budget.
Image result for wishing for bigger travel budget free image"
There are so many places I want to go still. Italy, Switzerland, Paris, everywhere. What’s a place you would love to visit?

Apple Posture Trainer – My review

My husband gave this to me for Christmas. It was what I asked for because I don’t want to be hunched over when I am older and I notice that I slouch… A lot. I also have scoliosis (it’s not really noticeable) so I think about my posture sometimes.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
The first day I got it I had him stick it to my back and it buzzed immediately. I honestly loved it. It made me notice and correct myself. I kept it on trainer mood for a while but then turned it off when I started to cook. If you are not straight up, it buzzes. It got annoying when I was mincing and prepping food.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
It has two modes, trainer and tracking. The tracking is just that. It monitors your posture and will send your phone a notification when you have been slouching for 15 minutes. The trainer mode will buzz you every time you slouch.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
I forgot about this for a couple days after the first one because I had an issue plugging it in and it didn’t charge.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
Week One:
I have been wearing now for a couple days straight. I like it but it’s also annoying cause it’s like this thing stuck on my back. I don’t really notice it but I feel like people could probably see it if I am wearing a tighter sweater. I have no idea how this will work in the summer. I honestly probably will not wear it that much in the summer.
So far, I like it. I had to take it off trainer at work because it just constantly buzzes. I sit at a desk and I look down at papers a lot. Every single time I get buzzed. So according to the stats I slouch 75% of my day. That’s crazy. and I don’t think I am really slouching, sometimes I am just leaning forward but my back is straight. Is that slouching?
Also, if you lay down, you are slouching. I just take it off when I get home most of the time because I cook dinner = slouching,  and then pick up and every time I lean over I am slouching. I actually asked my husband if we could return it because I am really not sure it was worth it, we can’t. It’s been more than 30 days… Oh well, I guess I’ll keep wearing it.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
Week Two:
I think I may have been wearing it to low. I have to look it up. I did move it up a little bit this week and I am not being buzzed as much as last week. Maybe I am sitting more upright over all?? I have no idea. We also had to change the sticky on it because the last sticky lost it’s stick. I am going to keep wearing it for a while because even if I have no idea where it goes or what I’m doing, it does make me more aware of my posture even when I am not wearing it.
Image result for good posture free image"
Overall Rating so far out of 5 stars… 3. I think they could make it a little smaller. I really like the idea of it. It’s pretty easy to forget about it once it’s on but I don’t know if I would wear it in the hotter months when it might show through my clothes a little easier. I will keep wearing and review again in a month.
Image result for good posture free image"
Do you have a posture trainer? Would you use one?

Rent the Runway Week 8

Happy New Year!!! 2020!!

This week I’ll be getting back to a couple work clothes and a couple weekend clothes. I sent 2 pieces back on Monday and got the go ahead to pick two more Tuesday morning. Since tomorrow is New Years day I won’t be receiving this shipment till Thursday. Once I get that I’ll mail back the 2 things I kept and pick 2 more.

As much as I want to hate this and the price of it, I am having such a blast trying things that I would never normally try. I mean, I would never even try on a sweater that has a price tag over $60.00 just because I have to shop for everyone in my family so I try to get good deals on everything. Spending so much on one piece of clothing seems crazy to me but spending $130.00 a month and getting to try all these things (while still expensive in my mind) is really fun right now.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

First I picked this:

KAUFMANFRANCO - Carbon Knit Cardigan

This Carbon Knit Cardigan by KaufmanFranco retails for $1195.00… I don’t think I have Ever worn anything that expensive before. It’s got 4 out of 5 for reviews and I am hoping to love it. Also, it has pockets and that matters a lot to me for some reason. I can buy it for $358.50.

I love this sweater. It’s super comfortable. I feel awesome in it. I plan on wearing it all weekend. I’m not buying it, but I will wear it until it’s time to send back Monday for the next shipment.

I actually did wear this all weekend on my errands and I am wearing it again to work on Monday. Is that gross? I don’t know but I really love it. I will be a little sad to send this back.

Midheaven Denim - Augustine High Rise Skinny Jeans

I picked these jeans because they look long and have alright reviews. A lot of the jeans seem to be ankle length and I feel like it’s too short a lot of the time. I am hoping these are not too long. I’m 5’6 and a lot of the positive reviews are from people 5’7 and taller. These are by Midheaven Denim and retail for $288.00. We’ll see. I can buy it for $259.20.

These are long and really high waist. I didn’t mind the length too much, I thought it was alright. What I minded was the buttons up to above my belly button. There wasn’t much give in these jeans either and I didn’t think it was worth being uncomfortable at all when I can just send them back and pick a new pair. So back they go with the two sweaters from last week.


Next I picked:

Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Geo Print Pullover

I liked this sweater, it has good reviews so I figured why not. It says it retails for $395.00. I can buy it for $158.00.

I really like this Sweater. I love the fit and the weight. I have already received multiple compliments on it at work and it’s still morning. I will not buy it but I might wear it one more time before sending it back.

(nude) - Pink Pom Sleeve Sweater

I picked this sweater for the fun design and pop of color. Rent the Runway says it retails for $395.00. I can buy it for $158.00.

Wore this to work with black jeans and brown heel booties. It’s super cute, not tight and a good warmth. I am wearing a white tank underneath and the arms are a little scratchy. Not anything super annoying. I have received one compliment on it already. I like the way it hangs. I like the color. I like the way it looks. I feel really good today. I would consider buying this if there wasn’t a little hole in the sleeve. Ehh, I can always rent again. Back it will go.

Levi's - 501 Skinny Jeans

And because I am always on the hunt for jeans I picked these. Good old Levi’s. Pretty good reviews on this and it retails for $98.00. I am hoping I love them and these I might actually be able to afford at the RTR discount. We’ll see. I can buy these for $78.40.

I wore these out to dinner with my daughter and I really like them. I’m not going to buy them, but I will keep them till the next shipment and wear them. The only thing I think that’s really weird about them is the 6 or 7 buttons on the fly. I know they are high waist but it seems like an excessive amount of buttons. Maybe that’s just me and I really only need to unbutton like 3 or 4 to go to the bathroom so it’s not a huge deal.

I like the color, the fit is growing on me. The legs are a little tight for me but I think these might give a little as I wear them. I am going to keep wearing them for the weekend.


I really love this service. I feel more confident in my appearance and I am loving trying on new things. I have told about 10 people at work about it. Even some people I never spoke to before who just told me how much they liked something I was wearing. I really want to not like the service because of the monthly fee but I am having a lot of fun picking new things. Seriously, I get so excited when I see the email that they received my return and it’s time to pick something new. I wish I could add more slots so I can have more than 4 things at a time, but I won’t because it’s an extra $39.00 each. In another month my monthly fee with increase to $150.00.

I will keep the service for a while. So stay tuned for more reviews… Also, if you are interested in trying out this service, please consider using my referral code:



Personal Check In

I’m actually doing okay this week. I went to my psychiatrist last Friday and I’m really unsure about what I feel about him. I honestly almost didn’t go. Last time we talked a lot about my diet and cooking vegetables. I was not in the mood to talk about different ways to cook squash.
Image result for this is how you cook chef free image muppet"
I thought about cancelling. Then I decided to just get it out of the way because I am taking an anti depressant right now and I was nervous that he wouldn’t refill my prescription if I cancelled… Even though I have enough for a couple more weeks, but I didn’t want to push it and I kind of just wanted it out of the way. I was feeling kind of crappy last week and I mean, I didn’t really have an excuse not to go except I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes it feels just like an hour of weird, judgy silence in between me talking too much.
Image result for trying to find an excuse free image"
My car battery died that morning and I was like that’s the sign, I shouldn’t go. My husband jumped my car battery and I still made it to work on time. Seriously, I looked for anything that day. My boss took a while to get back to me about leaving early and I told my husband like “well, I guess I can’t go.”  Five minutes later my boss said fine and my car started, so I went.
Image result for whats your excuse free image"
When I got there a woman was sitting outside the office in the little hallway/waiting room (seriously, its a chair in a hallway) and I was like… Oh shit, maybe my time was wrong. I bet I was wrong, or he was wrong and then I don’t really have to come today. I even went back to my car and text my husband that I thought I was wrong and I should just leave and he told me that I should stay. So I did, but I told myself that I would use the 15 minute rule and I would leave if he didn’t come out for me in 15 minutes. Then the people left and I went in.
Image result for 15 minute rule free image"
I told him I was fine. I told him everything was cool and I felt good. Then I told him how I felt about work and being unappreciated and how I felt stuck but I was working on my books and blog and trying to figure out how to promote it better.  I said we are still planing on moving to San Diego as soon as we can.
Image result for insperational qouts free image"
I told him how I was finding it sometimes hard to balance work and family and trying to promote anything about my blog or books. He said I should consider taking one day off every month and doing strictly book promotion work. Go somewhere and get out there. See where I can promote my stuff and then actually go do it. Then he asked me what my book was about and I told him but I felt like I sounded so dumb and I just kept talking until I couldn’t stand myself and I finally just shut up.
Image result for you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great free image"
I realized how unconfident I am in myself and my work.
Image result for you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great free image"
This year I am going to work on myself more. I think I am going to take the day off every month and try to find places where I can promote myself. I am so uncomfortable being the center of anything and I need to make myself get out there a little bit more. I do love my stories and I do think they are good and I should be able to tell someone about them without feeling like an idiot.
Image result for learning to be confident quotes"
So that’s where I am at right now. Going to work on me. I bought a planner for 2020 a few weeks ago and I am using it. I feel like if I write stuff down I will get it done. Plus, I love me a good to do list.
Image result for insperational qouts free image"
What about you? Is there something you do to help motivate you? If someone asked you what your stuff was about, would you be nervous talking about it?

Guest Post! Dear Ja’Darius,

Dear Ja’Darius:

It’s one of those days again, actually one of those weeks if I’m honest. One where all I want to do is cry. I miss you sooo much. Not a day goes by that you aren’t on my mind and I often find myself asking god why?? Why you?? Why me?? Why he couldn’t write our story different?? Why couldn’t my high school crush come back and find me?? I still have the Smurf you gave me at the Christmas party back in 2010, I’m gonna unpack him so I could sleep with him. I remember that day like it was yesterday, how there were literally about 200 of the same smurfs but you had to get a specific one for me, one that had an even amount of stuffing throughout his whole body, how you literally started pushing any and everybody out of your way because you were so eager to find the perfect one so Michelle stepped in to help you. How when I asked why’d you do all that pushing and shoving just for a smurf?? Your exact words were “because I love you.” I miss you sooo much especially when I’m hungry but I can’t reach the ingredients in the cabinet because I’m so short. I miss asking you to say something to me in Spanish even though I knew you didn’t know not one word.

I miss how much you hated your curls but let them grow just so I could play in them. They say it gets easier but for me it hasn’t. They say I cry because you wouldn’t want me too but sometimes it’s all I want to do. My mom asks me a lot of questions about you…she says if she would’ve met you she would’ve loved you too. Since learning of your passing I haven’t allowed myself to get close to anyone. I don’t know how. I’m scared. Scared that if I let someone new in the same thing will happen all over again.


Instagram: @conqueringall

New Year and Me 2020

I started this year pissed off. I can’t figure out why. I don’t know why I am being so touchy about everything. It’s just like I want to do things and I have an idea about what I want to happen and then it doesn’t work out or it’s the complete opposite of what I was thinking and I start again.
Related image
I can’t tell if it’s me overreacting yet or if it’s me really feeling pissed off and frustrated. Probably both, but it did get me thinking about this year and what I would like to do with my blog. I read all these sites like make some money here and in 6 months you can make this amount and in a year you can replace your day job and it’s been a year and I have written 100 or more blogs and 3 books and made a grand total of $20.00. And I still have no idea how to do anything to improve my blog stats or get book sales.
Related image
It is picking up a little and I will keep writing because I love it. I just feel like there is so much to learn and I don’t have a lot of extra time. I work full time, I have 2 kids and a husband, and 3 dogs. I am planning on writing at least 2 more books this year in my LMBW series. I’m going to keep up with the blog but I still have no idea what or where to promote to get more views.
Related image
My boss’s boss took us to a holiday lunch a couple weeks ago and they were talking about this woman that’s covering for a lady on maternity leave in our department and they were like “She has a website, isn’t that amazing? I mean does anyone else here have a website?” And I was like “Well yeah, I have a blog.” And they said “What is it about?” and I said “It’s kind of like a family blog, reviews of things we do together or things I am up to.” And the CTO says “Who would want to read that?” And laughed at me. I was just like “I don’t know, maybe the 500 people that subscribe to it.” And then it was over. But still. How fucking rude.
Related image
This sent me into a kind of tug of war in my head though. Like wouldn’t it be easier if I wrote about things that people are really interested in? That would be much easier to promote. Cause really, who does care about me? I’m not that interesting at all.
Image result for feeling unappreciated at work in general
Also, I  currently feel really unappreciated at my job. But the good evens the bad for me right now.  I was really hoping that the books could take off and I would be able to write full time for a while. I would absolutely love that. I’ll just keep writing. I am just in a bit of a funk right now and I know it will work out eventually. But ugh, it’s shitty feeling shitty.
Image result for make it happen free image
I guess this feeling is just frustration trying to figure out where to go next and what to do.
So I am starting a new promotion on my first book in the series. It is currently FREE until 3/30/2019 on Kindle unlimited. If you could please check it out it and leave a review, it would really mean a lot to me.
What’s next? I will start my next book. And I will keep writing on my blog and promoting as much as possible.
Related image

Sea Quest Review – Trumbull, CT

I’ll start by saying my 8 year old daughter had a blast. My friend bought my daughter and her son a sloth experience through Groupon for my daughters birthday because she is obsessed with Sloths.
Image result for seaquest trumbull free image
My review:
The rodents had poop on them. The birds ate every 5 minutes. The guy at this exhibit actually closed it for a half hour because he said they were going for a couple hours already and the birds needed a break.
Related image
The marine animals seemed to be the best off, at least they had space. The pigs were made to run in circles. The kangaroo was fed by a steady stream of children. The bunnies were trying to hide. The poor chickens were walking on so much food from people trying to feed them.
Related image
They sell you tokens for food. $10 for 4 and $20 for 14. That’s just wrong. Just feed them on a fucking schedule. I felt like a horrible human for buying tokens and when we tried to sell them back, they wouldn’t let us.
Image result for seaquest trumbull free image food tokens
The sloth experience was actually alright. The kids got to feed the sloth. Not over feed it. They got to pet it and look at his ear. We asked about a lot of things and the guy answered everything. My daughter loved every minute of the encounter.
Image result for seaquest trumbull free image
We did ask if there were people that protested when they opened and apparently there were, they hung out outside with signs.
Image result for seaquest trumbull free image food tokens
I would not go back here again. In my opinion, this is not a great place for animals. Even though the people working there said the animals were treated well.

Rent The Runway- Week 7!

These next few weeks I am off most of the week. I am only working on Thursday and Friday so I decided to get more clothes for just hanging out.


Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Tuxedo Stripe Sweatpants

I picked these sweatpants for Christmas. They retail for $395.00 and Rent the Runway says I can buy them for $158.00. I can not justify spending that much right now on a pair of sweatpants. However, these are very comfortable. I wore them all day for Christmas and then last night and I will probably wear them every night until I send them back Monday. They are super comfortable and not like a regular sweat pant material, they’re more like a sweater. They haven’t stretched out and they are loose and nice. I might have to try more expensive sweatpants in the future! These will go back though.

MSGM - Maglia Rose Cardigan

I am renting this for going out on the weekend. Its retails for $668.00 and has really good reviews. I am hoping to love it as well.

I do like this, the only thing I don’t like is there are no pockets in it. But I wore this out to dinner and to run errands and it had a good length and good weight and warmth so I didn’t need a jacket at all. I can buy it for the low price of $600.75. No, thank you! But I did love the colors and I did enjoy wearing it.

VINCE. - Wool Tie Front Tunic

This sweater retails for $425.00 and I like the look of it. I hope it fits nice.

It fits alright. I plan on wearing it out either today or tomorrow or maybe not at all. The strings on this are really long and I have no idea how to style them. I can wrap them around my waist 3 times and still the string hangs almost to my knee. I might wear it to run a few errands today. It’s a really soft and warm material and I bet once I figure out the strings it would look good. Maybe?  I can buy it for $382.50. Nope.

MOTHER - The Springy Ankle Jeans

These jeans retail for $258.00. I am honestly just looking for some funky, different jeans. I hope they fit well.

Okay. I wanted to love these jeans. I just wanted to try something a little different and I am glad I did. I like these jeans. I sized up per other peoples reviews and I probably could have just picked me actual size because they are loose jeans. The waist is stretchy making these jeans comfortable to walk and sit and just move easily. I can buy them for $232.20… No.

After a while of wearing these I felt more and more like a mom. Mom jeans. Maybe because the brand of these jeans is Mother? I don’t know. I just started to really understand what people mean when they say “mom jeans”. Loved the huge pockets in the front, there are no pockets in the back. I might wear these one more time to confirm my mom jean feelings but these are definitely going back.


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