Sonic The Hedgehog – A Family Review

I don’t know much about this except for the whole teeth drama when it was first supposed to come out. I don’t know the plot or anything so I am pretty open to anything.
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I thought: I really liked it. I had no idea what it would be about but it was really good. I did play sonic a lot growing up. I liked the back story of the rings. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this movie.
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My son (10 year old): 30 out of 10 and 10 extra points for tails. I liked the song. My fav character is a hard one cause I like Dr. Robotnik when he was dancing. I also like the police officer and sonic. And now I really want a tails movie.
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My daughter (8 year old): I’m tired. (she did like it but she did fall asleep.)
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Husband:I liked it a lot. I think it was the best video game movie ever made. Jim Carey was great. He did great and had a lot of fun.  Sonic had a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. I would definitely go see it in the movie theater. It was well written and face paced and cheesy when you wanted it to be. And the jokes were pretty good. They could have been really bad but they were well done. Also, the mushroom planet, I think they were making fun of the mushroom kingdom.
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 Would we recommend you see it? Yes! Would we recommend you see it in the theaters? Yes. Would we go see a Sonic and Tails 2? Absolutely.
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I don’t like me today.

That’s how I feel right now. Just mad and like I hate everything and everyone. I hate when I feel like this. It just makes me want to go home and sleep until tomorrow so I don’t say or do something that’s dumb.
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I had a dream last night about an ex-boyfriend and he told me I was worthless and I woke up in the middle of the night so sad. I thought about getting up to write it down, but I didn’t and now I don’t really remember what happen, but I do remember the sadness that I felt.
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Also it’s Tuesday and back to work and school after a long weekend. So it feels like a Monday even though it’s not.
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The weekend was really good. Saturday we went out to dinner with friends and then Sunday I had book club brunch. The next book is ‘Ask Again, Yes’ By Mary Beth Keane.
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Yesterday we had friends over and I fried everything. We went for a walk and hung out. My daughter has been into scary movies lately so we watched Friday the 13th. I remember when that was so scary to me and now it feels not that scary at all. What scary movies did you watch growing up?
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I don’t know. I think I am just having a day. I just don’t feel like I like me today.
Do you have days like this? Is there anything you do that makes you feel better?

President’s day

I’m not really sure what President’s day is or why it’s a holiday, but I’ll take it.
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Today is the last day of the kids February break from school. I love when they have time off but I also feel like they start to go a little stir crazy on the last day. Or maybe it’s me? Probably both.
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Today we’re having some friends over and we’re going to drink good bourbon and I am going to fry a lot of things.
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First I am making some wings. One batch of Epic Dry Rub wings, I got the recipe from here.
This recipe is good. I actually use the dry rub on a lot of things but wings and pork chops are my fav.
I am also going to make a batch of just plain fried chicken wings for the kids. I’m going to try out this recipe:
It sounds good and I like the addition of corn starch to fried chicken recipes. I think it makes it crunchier.
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My friends husband makes a really good spicy BBQ sauce so I’m going to ask him to make a batch (After I give him some bourbon.)
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Yes, I ask my guests to cook sometimes. Especially if they have delicious recipes.
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I also have raviolis out to fry. We dunk them in eggs and coat them with bread crumbs and then deep fried. I am also making fried dough.
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I let the kids top those with whatever they want. I put out powdered sugar and tomato sauce and shredded parm and let people top anyway they want. I personally like a lot of sauce, a little parm AND a little powdered sugar. Yum…
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I also have a greek salad and Tzatziki with pita.
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My friend and I will go for a walk and my daughter wants to ride her bike a little. Then it’s time to get ready for school and work tomorrow.
And that’s our president’s day. What are your plans for the day?

What’s your managing style?

This was a question thrown at me on a recent interview and I was stumped because I haven’t really managed anyone in over 5 years now.
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I was like, Wow. Well, my goal as a manager is developing a team who will work well together and also I want to help my employees develop themselves. I have no idea if this was a good answer or not but that is the way I see myself when I have been a manager.
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I always believed in cross training and I always met with my employees to see how they were doing, how the work flow was, if they needed help, if they could help someone else out, if they were interested in learning something new from someone else and who. That way when it’s crunch time, we can all work together to accomplish our task.
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I think as a manager, it’s really important to listen to your employees and make sure they feel supported and appreciated. I want people to grow and be happy and learn, and I want to help you get there! That’s what I would want from my manager.
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I don’t know… What type of manager would you be?

Applying for a new job.

What are your thoughts on joining a company that is restructuring?
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Recently I was minding my business on my lunch hour and I got a email from a recruiter. I am on linked in twice. One is an author page and one is my actual paying job at the moment (Insurance and Billing Admin). There was a job opportunity that paid a little more and has bonus and it’s not that much farther away.
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My current job. I get awesome holiday’s, time off, and vacation. I’m 5 years in, fully vested and get a 2% match to my 401K … That’s pretty cool. This recruiter reached out to me with this opportunity and I thought, why not just send in my resume? The job sounded exactly like what I am doing right now but it’s in marketing and that’s sort of where I am failing as an author right now. It’s so hard to promote yourself when you have zero money to invest in advertising. Maybe working there, I would learn a thing or two about that.
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The only issue with my current job is that it’s a non profit. We operate on a skeleton crew 100% of the time. There is zero room for growth because you are already doing 10 people’s jobs. That’s just the way it is. On the flip side of that, we get summer Fridays and lots of vacation, holiday’s and sick time. The work/ life balance is there. When I leave work, I don’t take it home with me.
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So I went on an interview yesterday. They are restructuring and are offering like 5k more and a 8% bonus (as opposed to a maybe bonus at my current job). They are about to be bought and the HR director seemed a little sad when I asked about the direction of the company. I am not even sure a move would make any sense at all.
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I will go to the follow up interview because I feel like this is just something I should see though because it fell in my lap… but.. but… My thought is no. I don’t think it would be worth it to jump at the moment. I will go to the other interview next week if they call, but seriously, there would have to be some amazing sign on package to make me consider it. Who knows though, maybe there is?
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What would you do?

When the husband’s away.

It feels so weird.
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My husband has never had a job where he had to travel until this one. Last year he was in California for a trade show and it sucked. The kids were miserable and crying because they missed him so much and the time difference made it really hard to face time. When we we leaving for school and work, it was 5 AM over there.
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When I was getting them ready for bed, my husband was just getting off the trade show floor. It just sucked. The only good thing that came from it was that I decided we should all go to California and I booked a trip to San Diego for the 4 of us and it was amazing.
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This year the trade show was in Orlando.
At least it was in the same time zone so talking in the morning, or after work, or before bed was much easier. But we were all still missing him like crazy and we just function better when he’s here.
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The kids were fine for me. Actually, they were better than fine. Besides the occasional crying because they missed their dad, they didn’t give me a hard time about anything I asked them to do or help me with.
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I talked to a few of my coworkers and some of the kids friends parents at school and I was surprised to get a lot of positive reactions when I told them that my husband was away for a few days.
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Like “Yea! You get to chill.” Or “So relaxing! Enjoy it! ” Or “I love when my husband goes away for work because I can watch whatever I want.”
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None of that really makes any sense to me. I’m not chilling or relaxing, I am picking up all his chores on top of mine and I don’t find it relaxing when my child is crying in my arms because they want to hug their dad goodnight.
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In fact, it’s really hard for me to relax unless we are all together. I always tend to think of worst case scenario and I don’t feel at ease unless we are in the same area. Is there something wrong with me? As for the TV watching, I don’t watch much TV as it is.
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He’s on his way home now so I am feeling much better today but I won’t feel normal until we’re all in the house together later.
What about you? How do you feel when a spouse is traveling?

Family Games!

This past weekend I took my children to this new toy store in our local mall called CAMP. I love this store.
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I think it’s so cool how they have all these things for kids to do and play with there. It makes it a fun trip. I needed to get out of the house yesterday so I told the kids we should go check it out and they could each get something.
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Sam picked out a rock’em sock’em game.
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Isabel picked out a arts and crafts bin.
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And I picked out Scattergories. I LOOOOVE this game. I loved it growing up and I still love it. I was so excited to get it home and teach my kids how to play.
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We set up Sam’s game and played a few rounds. I found the sweet spot that with make the other guys head pop up in one punch. Then I told the kids about it so they could try. We laughed and played for a bit.
My daughter and I made a craft.
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Then we got to play Scattergories. We had such a blast playing it. We laughed and came up with stupid answers and it was awesome. I think we played 3 games in a row. Tonight we plan on playing again over dinner.
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Now I want to refresh our family games. What are some games you and your family love to play?

One time in New York City…

I was 19. Walking in the city. I think I thought I looked good that day. I may have tried on clothes in some place on fifth ave. I worked in Greenwich, CT as a waitress/ shift manager. I had my first day off in like a month. My bff and I went to New York to explore and be city girls that day. And we were.
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We had just left a store. I think it was Armani Exchange. I fit in their medium. I was living my life.
Image result for new york armani exchange
I was walking down the street and this man walked up in front of me and just stood there. And I stopped. We stared at each other… And I looked at him wondering what to say. My friend came back and grabbed my hand and pulled me away. It’s a weird thing to do to someone. Just stand in front of them.  So this story still pops up in my mind occasionally.
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I’m not sure what it meant. Maybe I am amazing and beautiful and that guy needed to meet me. Or my friend saved me from getting kidnapped or attacked by a crazy man.
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Another time I was in New York and my boyfriend/ future husband was on a job interview so I walked across the street to the out door market and poked around. While I was walking I made eye contact with some guy and I smiled and kept walking.
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I was really surprised when someone tapped me on my shoulder while I was looking at some apples. I turned around and it was the guy I smiled at.
Image result for new york city girl smiling at guy
I was like “Hi!” He said “Why did you smile at me?” I said “We made eye contact. I don’t know. I am happy.” He said “you should be careful who you smile at and you shouldn’t just smile at random people.” And he walked away.
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I thought, weird…. and then I went to get a manicure. I think about this encounter too. usually when I smile at people. What a weird thing to say to someone. Why not smile at people when you’re happy?
Do you have any stories of strange encounters?

Surf and Turf Pasta

Last night my sister was coming over and the kids decided they wanted spaghetti. My daughter wanted meatballs and my son wanted shrimp and my sister didn’t care either way.
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So I made a lb of spaghetti in a pot.
Image result for boiling pasta
I made a pot of sauce.
Image result for pasta sauce in a pot
Then I took the shrimps and sauteed them with salt, pepper, butter, garlic and lemon.
Image result for sauteed shrimp with garlic and butter
I baked some meatballs.
Image result for baked meatballs.
Then I let everyone make their own bowls. I had Parmesan on the side for whoever too.
Image result for pasta station at home
I was going to make garlic bread but I must have used the box I had in the freezer and forgot to replace it. No worries, everyone made their own bowls and all were happy.
My daughter had spaghetti with sauce and a bowl with a meatball and sauce on the side.
My son had spaghetti with sauce and a bowl with shrimps on the side.
My husband, Sister and I all had a bowl with everything kind of thrown in together. It was actually good. So it got me thinking this morning about if I ever read a recipe for a surf and turf pasta? Is that a thing?
Image result for shrimp pasta with sauce
I don’t know about making it this way a lot but I did like the build your own pasta type of dinner. Everyone ate and everyone was happy.
How do you like your pasta?
*** Upon further research ( a google search) I have discovered that surf and turf pasta is in fact a thing that I just never looked up before. I might have to try some recipes in the future although I like the pasta bar because everyone likes their pasta different ways in my house.  ***

Rent the Runway Weeks 10 & 11 – Review

So much fun stuff these past few weeks for me. Lets get Started:

Trina Turk - Lila Sweater Top

$178 Retail. $53.40 to buy. I liked this so much I wore it twice. I won’t buy it but I loved the color and I felt good in it. I wore this with navy pants and then with black jeans and boots. Both times I felt really good and comfortable.

Cinq à Sept - Side Stripe Lana Pants

$345.00 Retail $145.70 to buy. Um, no. But they do have a fun pink detail down the side. It’s missing the clasp on top but I plan on wearing a sweater over it, so it should be okay. I enjoyed wearing these. They were fun and I felt good. I wore them once to work before sending them back. My coworker liked these too.

Equipment - Amrit Sweater

$325.00 and $97.50 to buy. I wore this twice. Once with the pink pants above and once with black jeans. One coworker said I looked like a Ref at a kids soccer game. I like it. I liked the length of the sleeves. Even though the sweater was kind of heavy, it has holes in it, so I was still a little cold. I’m sending it back.


Threads of PRVLG - Splatter Paint Hoodie

Retail $197.00. I can buy for $165.35. This I ordered for last weekend and didn’t get it till Monday so I am wearing it this weekend. It’s nice. It’s like a sweater and not a sweatshirt. I will be sending this back Monday but I plan on wearing it all weekend with jeans and white Reebok’s.

I actually love this sweater. I have been wearing it all day and I am comfortable and warm. I am going to wear it all night too… And tomorrow. I will not buy it for that price but I will wear it for as long as I can until my next shipment comes Monday and I have to send it back so I can get something else.

Joie - Chasa Sweater

Retail for $348.00. I can buy for $208.80. I rented this for work and I actually love it. You can’t really see in this picture but it has braids down the front and sleeves. I plan on wearing it again one more time before I send it back next week. First,  I wore it with light green work pants and boots. Next, I wore with black checked pants. Both times I felt great.

kate spade new york - Silk Point Collar Blouse

Retail $368.00. I can buy for $202.40. I am wearing this on a Monday. It’s comfortable and I feel good in it. I feel bloated from the snacks and booze over the weekend and this shirt is loose enough where I feel like I look put together but also I can breath. So that’s good. I don’t think I am going to wear it more than once though.

Parker - Maxwell Sweater

Retail $328.00. I can buy for $131.20 . I rented this because a month or so ago I rented a different color of this same sweater and I loved it. I am really excited that this was finally available in my size. This came and it seems much smaller than the one I had before I even went back to check the size that I previously ordered. Same size, same sweater, same designer, different color. I am wearing it right now with white pants. I have received lots of compliments and I am happy I wore it even though it is smaller than the other one that I loved. I won’t buy it but I will wear this at least one more time!

I am really loving this service. I am going to keep it for a while even though my rate is going up this month. I wish I could afford more spots but I think I am getting the hang of it and the timing of if I order on this day, I should get a shipment this day. Or if I send it back this day, I can order however many the next day. I do wish they had more jeans that weren’t skinny or high rise.

If you are interested in trying this service out, please consider using my referral link. You get $100.00 off and I might get an extra spot for a month.