Rent The Runway- Week 3 and 4

This is a combined review because there was Thanksgiving and then my daughters birthday.

These 2 I received right before Thanksgiving:

3x1 - 3x1 x Jason Wu Denim Trousers

I LOVED these jeans. They were super comfortable and I got lots of compliments and I felt great in them. I might rent them again and possibly buy them.

Tanya Taylor - Floral Antia Top

This one had noticeable wear on it. It was nice and fit nice but one sleeve had a few pulls in the fabric and one of the strings that hangs off was missing the bottom. I wore it to work and received some compliments but come Thanksgiving I opted not to re wear it.

These are the 4 pieces I picked after sending my Thanksgiving picks back.

I wanted something different so first I picked this velvet vest.

Velvet Hana Vest by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni


I really liked this. My husband said I looked like a wrestler which I guess is a compliment? My coworkers at work who I barely talk to stopped to compliment me. Some touched me because it’s velvet and pretty. The girls at the front desk had lots of questions about what “rent the runway” was. I really did like this as something different and fun to wear. I felt good and confident in it too. And I loved the big pockets! The only downside was that the front flaps kept folding forward so I kept fixing it but that honestly wasn’t that terrible. The inside reminded me of a scuba suit but the outside was beautiful. I would have kept it to wear again but I now look forward to trying new things every week. So back it went.

Olive Blouson Sleeve Shirt by Fifteen Twenty

I wore this with black pants and boots. I liked it. It was comfortable and the poof in the sleeves had me feeling a little like a chef or an artist. I got a few compliments. The fabric was thicker which was nice because it’s chilly in these parts at the moment.


Tie Dye Hoodie by Proenza Schouler White Label

I rented these 2 pieces for my daughters birthday weekend. According to the website this sweatshirt retails for $325.00. I wanted to try it out to see what on earth could be so special about a sweatshirt to justify it being so expensive… Turns out, nothing. It was a hoodie and while it was comfortable, I didn’t think anything special about it. I actually prefer my husbands hoodies to this.


The Cropped Boot Cut Jeans by Current/Elliott

These pants had a really weird length. like right above my ankle. So they weren’t quite capris but not exactly what I consider regular jean length, which would be to the top of my shoe at least. I spent a lot of time pulling these down but then I felt like I had a baggy butt. I wanted to love them but I didn’t. Back they go with the way overpriced sweatshirt.

Image result for waiting on rent the runway free image

I can’t wait for my next shipment! Honestly, I really want to hate this service but I can’t. I am having a lot of fun trying new things and I feel like my closet is never ending now.

If you are interested in trying, please use my link. You get $100.00 off your first month and I get $100.00 off a month for me too (which is a huge help!)!



Weekend Update. My baby is 8!

What a weekend! It’s official. My baby is 8. And what a weekend! Saturday I ran all over the place getting birthday supplies and then we had her school friends party at Muse Paintbar. They painted Sloths and we had pizza and cake.
Then we went home and packed and went to Doubletree hotel and rented a king suite. It was HUGE. I was so surprised honestly. There was a long table when you walked in and we set up the drinks and left over pizza from the first party and then there was a dining table with 4 chairs and a pull out coach and 2 other chairs. We put bowls of snacks everywhere and set up the decorations from party 1. Then there was a whole other room with a kings size bed in it and another long table where I put the cake and treats.
Image result for doubletree norwalk king suite
We had maybe 20 people, family friends and kids, come and there was so much space it didn’t even feel crowded at all. We brought the kids to the pool 2 times, once while people were on the way and then once after we ate lomo and sang happy birthday again.
Image result for lomo carne free image
Then I ordered the Addams family movie and we pulled out the sofa bed and the kids kind of just chilled out. We had one friend sleepover. My husband went home to be with the dogs overnight and I stayed with the kids in the hotel. The next morning I took them to the pool again and then we had breakfast and checked out.
Related image
After we dropped off my daughters friend we headed to the Bronx to pick up Mema and Pepa and went to lunch at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. By the time that was over I was done. Exhausted. When we got home I parked my butt on the couch and watched 2 movies and then went to bed. haha.
Image result for dinosaur bbq harlem free image
Today is my daughters actual birthday. She had her scavenger hunt this morning and then my sister and niece are coming over tonight for dinner and cake and we’ll call Grandma Moo to help us sing happy birthday. And then that’s it for the birthday festivities. Then it’s time to switch over to Christmas mode. I can’t believe how fast everything is moving.
Related image
Next weekend is looking like it’s going to be just as busy too. We have to go chop our tree down, we don’t even have it yet. Then we have another birthday party and then another sleep over and we’ll set the tree up and decorate… Then Sunday my girlfriends and I are going to see Mariah Carey Christmas spectacular at MSG.
Image result for mariah carey christmas spectacular free image
I can not wait for this. Busy, busy but Tis the season I guess.
Image result for tis the season free image
I think I am almost done with the shopping and I ordered practically everything online so it will be delivered to my house.
Related image
How are you? How’s your December going?

Can you control your face?

I honestly don’t think I can. I feel like I have the completely inappropriate reaction when someone tells me something horrible. And I truly feel bad but my face smiles. I just smile huge in whosoever face like “oh my god, that’s terrible!” And I’m smiling like an idiot. Or just a terrible person.
Image result for smiling when given  bad news free image
But I am not! I swear! I do feel bad. I don’t want to smile, I promise. Kind of like when people I love hurt themselves. Not like seriously but like they fall down and my initial reaction is to laugh hysterically. Eventually I will calm down and be able to ask if you are okay, but that is after I laugh for about 5 completely wrong minutes. I think I have a problem. Is that normal?
Image result for laughing when someone falls free image
I also have questions pop out of my mouth that really shouldn’t be asked yet. It’s like I never had a filter, how do you get one of those? I am seriously starting to think there might be a medical condition to explain this. Other than terrible.
Image result for asking inappropriate questions free image
I don’t know. What about you? Do you have any reactions that you just really can’t explain?

I’m Back and December Goals!

I’m back! Kind of. Haha. I hope everyone had a wonderful rest of November. It was nice to host Thanksgiving again and I still feel exhausted.
Related image
Thanksgiving went really well though. We made a good amount of food and there wasn’t that much left over so I am really happy about that. We did have a Turkey emergency and I had to run out and buy a new fresh turkey Thanksgiving morning.
Image result for turkey goes bad emergency free image
Ours just smelled off when we pulled it from the brine and we didn’t want to be responsible for getting the entire family sick. Overall though, everything worked out really well.
Image result for thanksgiving success free image
My mom ended up going home a day early because there is a slow moving snow storm. I have to give her a call tonight to see how it’s going up there. She is directly in the middle of New York state and they get feet of snow. So far we have only got a sloppy, wet inch of slush. It’s supposed to start up again soon though so they have cancelled all afters for school. At least I get to leave work early.
Related image
Ahh, December. I can’t believe it. My daughter is turning 8 in a week so this weekend we are throwing her party. She’ll be painting with school friends and then swimming with the family friends. Then we are going down to New York City to go out to lunch and celebrate Pe Paw and Bel’s birthday. Pa’s birthday is Thursday. We’ll be heading to Dinosaur BBQ. Then we’re 2.5 weeks till Christmas. It feels like time has accelerated…
Related image
This month my goals are to just try to post a few blogs a week and read and comment on others when I can. My husband just finished editing my next book. I found my cover picture and I will hopefully be getting that up and ready for sale this weekend! Then we still have to scan and create my daughters book. Hopefully, we can get that up this month too.
Image result for December MOnthly  Goals free image
This morning we ordered the big things for Christmas and this afternoon we will finish up the rest of it. Then it’s the small things and the gifts for the teachers, coworkers and crossing guard. It will all be on my doorstep by this weekend… Hopefully. Then we have to decorate the house.
Image result for vacation planning next year free image
I’m super happy because my BFF booked our next vacation this past weekend. We will be headed to the mountains in Pennsylvania next year. Water parks, hiking, whitewater rafting, zip lining, outlets. I’m pretty excited about it. Next I have to figure out the family vacation but honestly I am not trying to think about that till January. I kind of want to go to the west coast again or a resort somewhere with clear water. Or Hawaii but Hawaii would need to be at least 2 weeks from what I hear. I need to get our passports done. And the to do list keeps growing…
Related image
Happy December though! I hope you are doing well and feeling good! How about you? What are your goals for December?

Holiday Mode.

Hi Everyone!!! Thanksgiving is here. I will be hosting it like I usually do. My mom, brother, sister, niece, mother, father, sister, brother in law’s will all be coming with my adorable nephew. My Best Friend and her Hubby and son, who is basically a cousin at this point since we all go on family vacations every year, are coming. Then whoever else ends up at our house, our door is always open.
Image result for thanksgiving free images
I say all that to say I am Very Thankful for all of them.  Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday because everyone comes over and we eat and drink and catch up. Christmas everyone kind of does their own things and then we really don’t get all together again until Easter.
Related image
I will be taking this weekend to spend with family and will not be on social media too much. I will be promoting my blog occasionally but I will not be adding anything new until Dec. 2nd.
Image result for thanksgiving free images
To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back to reading blogs and writing on my own next week.
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Frozen 2- A Family Review

We were lucky enough to grab or discount tickets early and get good seats. My daughter and I watched Frozen again on Disney Plus this past weekend to prepare for the new one. I haven’t really heard much about this film, really just that it was coming out in November. So let’s get started!
*** Might be a few small spoilers***
Image result for frozen 2 free images
Son (10): I have no words because it was so good. My favorite guy was the spirit of fire. He was cute. Image result for frozen 2 characters free images
Daughter (7): I loved it. My favorite character was Sven and Olaf. Olaf was really funny. I would recommend you see the movie. I hope they make another one.
Image result for frozen 2 free images
Neice (14): Elsa was my least favorite part, her character was OK closer to the end. Anna and Olaf were the best parts of the movie. Even if I were to think about it as “Elsa comes out,” that doesn’t keep her from being unimpressive. I was just kinda disappointed by the movie, thought it was gonna be better, but it wasn’t bad. The music was good, but not as catchy as the last movie, which idk if that’s a good thing or not. Animation looked nice, everything was really pretty to look at. It’s best to wait so you can see it at home to avoid the experience of sitting in a theater full of people/little kids (Could just be that theaters annoy tf out of me, though.)
Image result for frozen 2 free images
Sister (34): I liked it. I liked the whole theme and then how Elsa realized that she’s an element and not a ruler so she gave it to Anna. So that’s why Anna deserves to be queen. I like the outfit. The new ones. I love Olaf. Kristoffs song was hilarious. I loved the little Fire guy. I want him and I am sure Disney will sell him soon.
Image result for frozen 2 characters free images
Husband (38):So I really, really enjoyed the movie. I really enjoyed the first one, but Frozen 2 was even better. The story was more cohesive. The characters actually had some growth that made sense from the first movie. Anna was more of a worry wart. Elsa was more concerned with finding out who she is after spending the entire first movie just deciding it was OK to be herself. Christoff? He was in the movie.
The first movie turned the depiction of true love on its head by making it about the sisters instead of the male love interest. So while Christoff is here, he’s obviously not the focus; get gets a subplot that grants him one of the most ridiculous power ballads ever. I mean this thing is 80’s hair rock, and 90’s boy band with all the cuts. Then they decided that after ‘Let It Go’, Idina Menzel would get two power ballads as Elsa. Into the Unknown you may have heard already. If you haven’t seen the movie, please find ‘Show Yourself’. It’s an amazing song.
The only real issue I have with the movie is it feels “Disney Rushed”, and I’m giving Jess credit for that saying, because I completely agree with what she said about a longer story getting crammed in, cut out, and then hey figure it out audience. That was a way too long sentence. Spoiler alert for fans of #GiveElsaAGirlfiend; it doesn’t happen. We don’t get the first openly gay Disney Princess (or Queen? seems more fitting). But what we do get is even more Big Gay Energy from Elsa, and rightfully so. I don’t have a problem with her not getting into a relationship. She’s in the middle of a LOT of stuff. But do yourself a favor, go watch it in theaters. It’s a big experience with a bunch of big musical moments and Josh Gad quietly (not really quietly) stealing scenes away and getting more of his own musical numbers as Olaf. Deffo 5/5 movie for me.
Image result for frozen 2 characters free images
Me (38): I really liked the movie. I thought it was really fun and funny. I liked the story a lot. I thought that it developed the characters well. The two leads are strong females and the supporting silly characters are the boys. I loved Olaf. I just love him. He’s such a naive little child, or very aware teenager? Just listen to his song in the woods and laugh. My kids looked at me like, Really? I’ll get it?  He’s like their little brother and I love that. Kristoff was good and I love him and his easy relationship with everyone and how he supported them all no matter what. That being said, they do make him seem kind of goofy for that, in my opinion. His song is seriously hysterical. I like how Elsa is finding herself and I like how Ana is learning to not be so dependent on Elsa and letting her go in a way and growing. My only complaint would be I feel like they glossed over a really long story. To me, it all felt slightly rushed or explained just enough so you could get it and then a character would piece it together and explain it. But it was very entertaining. I did enjoy this movie and I do recommend seeing it in the theaters.
Image result for frozen 2 characters free images
So. What are you waiting for? Did you see it yet and what did you think?

Rent the Runway- Week Two

Okay, I was so happy with my last selections, I let my husband pick out the next 4 pieces as well. I sent the first 4 back Saturday and I got the email this morning (Tuesday) That they received them and I can pick my next 4 pieces. Here we go!

I love that you can heart pieces so they are there when you are ready to pick your next shipment. I don’t love that they may not have your size available. I get that it might be rented already, but I wish that they just didn’t show it if it’s not available.

Image result for rent the runway on doorstep free image

I ordered these Tuesday (11/19) Morning and they were out to be delivered to my front door (11/20). Pretty cool, right? I can’t wait to get home. I think I am going to wear the dress tomorrow then the pants and then send those two things back so I can pick something pretty for Thanksgiving!

First the Dress:

Donna Morgan - Green Knit Ruched Dress

I never have warn a dress to work before. Ever. I have worn a long skirt on a summer Friday, but never have I worn a dress. So right off the bat I feel uncomfortable and I haven’t even put it on yet. Plus, I have to find shoes tonight. Probably my closed toed black or cream heels. That’s provided the dress fits and looks alright.


Unfortunately, I will be returning this dress. I love it. It felt great on and it was really comfortable and forgiving in the belly area. The problem was it was really sparkly. I can’t wear this to work, it’s more of a holiday party dress, in my opinion. My husband loved it too so I told him to find a place to take me out and I will definitely rent it again.

Next the Pants:

Equipment - Green Bergen Pants

I’m planning on wearing these Friday. I have to see this in person to pick my shoe or rest of my outfit.


I have to return these. The fabric is really thin, there is like a pouch between the waist and where the legs start on me. It’s just not flattering on me. I was a little disappointed because these looked super cute on the pictures online. Oh well, back they go!

I am returning these two pieces and I hope to pick 2 new ones for next week.


Turtleneck Sweater:

Thakoon Collective - Camel Cross Front Turtleneck

I am not a huge Turtle neck fan so this was an interesting pick. I plan on wearing this Monday.


I wore this Thursday in place of the dress. I like it. It fits well and feels like my normal type of outfit, so I am comfortable in it. The sweater is soft and not too heavy. It feels like I have a warm blanket on over my black jeans and black tank top.


Sweater #2:

A.L.C. - Helena Sweater

I love the look of this one. I hope it fits as good as it looks. I plan on wearing this Tuesday next week and possible for Thanksgiving if I love it. Although I will be cooking and probably hot so we’ll see.


I am wearing this one today. I like it. I got a couple compliments on it so far. It’s heavy and warm. It’s a little bit short for me, I like my sweaters a little longer but I feel good in it. It’s a little scratchy around the collar but not terrible. I will be returning this tomorrow and ordering something new for next week.

3x1 - 3x1 x Jason Wu Denim Trousers

I have two pieces on my doorstep right now that I plan on wearing for Thanksgiving. I hope they fit well. It’s a pair of jeans and a blouse.

Tanya Taylor - Floral Antia Top

My weird ass dream – Take 3

I had another weird dream last night. I was laying in bed this morning and I actually remembered my weirdo dream.
Image result for weird dreams image
I was living with my husband in a haunted house next door to where I lived once for a while. But only the basement in our house was haunted and that’s where the laundry was so I was scared to get the clothes out of the dryer.
Image result for haunted basement free image
Ray (my husband) went to go get them and when he came back he said that Boys 2 Men was coming over. I went outside to wait for them to tell them where to park and I noticed there were people sitting on the porch of where I used to live so I asked them if I could take a  peek at what it looks like now and they said sure!
Related image
When I walked in it was like the middle of the floors where all taken away so if you stood in the middle of the floor you could see every level and into every room. It was weird. The people said they were renting it for a while but they agreed it was a weird design.
I said thank you and went back to my house and Boys 2 Men showed up and walked past me.
Related image
I was like “Hi! My name is Jess and I’m Rays wife. Welcome to our house. Make yourself at home I have to go walk Prince Harry.”
Image result for prince harry in a suit free image
And I went in our house and the actual Prince Harry was sitting at my table wearing a tux. He said he hadn’t washed his pants in a year. I said he didn’t wear those ones everyday so that was okay. Then I took his hand and we left for a walk.
Image result for waking up from a weird dream free image
Then I woke up like what that fuck did I just dream?? I don’t think any of that had any meaning. Haha. Maybe because I was reading a lot about Meghan and Harry and I truly feel for them, but I don’t get anything else.
How about you? Any weird dreams lately?

Rent The Runway – Review

*This is my personal opinion. I paid for the first rental and my monthly membership. *
My sister in law told me about Rent the Runway. She rents dresses and she always looks so pretty so I figured I would give it a shot.
I rented a dress for a wedding and I absolutely loved it. I felt amazing and pretty and wonderful. So I thought, why not feel like this all the god damn time?
This is the dress below, isn’t it gorgeous?
Floral Overlay Dress by ML Monique Lhuillier
I talked to my husband and signed up for the monthly membership. $160 after 3 months, $120 for the first 3. It seems steep to me but  you get 4 pieces at a time. And you can switch them all month. They have to get it back before sending the next shipment. It could be one or all four. Depending on if you want to keep any for a bit.
My first shipment is 2 pants and 2 shirts.  I came home to them sitting neatly packaged on my porch. I was so excited. I tried them on immediately. Everything but one shirt felt great. One shirt was a little short for my liking. I will wear it but I already have a feeling I will be tugging it down all day.  The other sweater felt big but it’s a sweater so I’m going wear it with the green pants and see how that feels.
Related image
I’ve been in a huge funk lately with clothes. I have 3 pairs of pants I love so I rotate them all week with 5 sweaters and a tank top under. I’m looking to refresh my look. So. Here we go.
Nuccia Crop Pants by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni
Day one:
Today I am wearing the green pants and the stripped sweater. I felt good after getting dressed, asked my husband how I looked, he said “Great.” I walked out the door to bring my kids to school.
Ribbed Long Sleeve Top by Becken
The pants are pull-ons and they feel comfortable, like sweatpants without the sweat pant insides. The sweater is heavier than I thought but I like it. They both feel like polyester. Thick polyester. Which is fine now because it’s one of the coldest days of the year today. But might not be fine on a warmer spring or fall day. I am not really sure what the fabric was, I didn’t look. Whoops.
We got to school and my kids said “you should get those pants again for St. Patrick’s Day.” And so began my doubt in this outfit. I got to work and my coworker loved the sweater. She said it looked great on me. She said she probably would have choose black pants and wore the green pants with a black shirt. I went to the bathroom to look at my combination again and to tell myself I looked okay. Which I do. I decided I wanted tea at some point and walked halfway down the hall and I heard people in the kitchen so I turned around and ran back to my desk. This has more to do with me being terrible at small talk and a little to do with me wearing something that I know a lot of people have never seen me wear. I need to be more confident. That’s what this experiment is all about. Overall though, I really like both pieces. The pants do feel a little loose and the pockets are really shallow and towards the end of the day the stretch gave a little and I felt like I had to keep pulling them up. Not a deal breaker. I just have to hold my phone. I would order these pants again maybe in a size smaller and a different color.
Gemini Printed Pants by Veronica Beard
Day Two:
Wearing the Black and white pants, white tank top, and a black cardigan. I feel great! Pants fit great, the fabric is a little thin so I am cold because it’s freezing outside, but I like these pants a lot. I think maybe I went to bold on my first time out with colors. My husband assures me I looked great but I felt a little insecure. But today I am in my primary colors. Black and white and I am way more comfortable and confident today. I still didn’t make into the kitchen to get my hot water for my tea, but that’s mostly because I hate small talk. I really do and I really need to work on that.
Carla Top by A.L.C.
Day Three:
Today I am wearing the Floral top. I originally tried this on and thought “Nope.” Not that I didn’t like the shirt I just didn’t like it on me. I felt like I was going to be tugging it down all day.  I put it on this morning with my black gap jeans, black tank top and brown boots and I actually love my outfit today. I have to get a little use to the top but I like it a lot. Getting in an out of it is new because I have never worn a wrap shirt before. And I have to agree with the other people that it’s very open, I need to wear a tank top underneath. But I really like it. My coworker said it was really pretty and my husband said I looked really cute this morning before I ran out the door. I did make it into the kitchen for tea today. Go me!
Image result for UPS return label rent the runway free image
If you would like to try it, please use my link. You’ll get $30.00 off and so will I so we’ll both win! Thank you!
I was thinking the other day that I was feeling kind of bad about the cost of renting per month. Even at the reduced rate it seems like a lot to me. I was thinking of just doing it for a month because I already paid and then ending it but now I am thinking that I feel really good. I am looking forward to returning these items tomorrow and picking out 4 new ones next week. I will continue posting my Rent the Runway adventures over the next few weeks.
Related image
The return is very simple too. They provide a return label in the bag so you just put everything you are returning in the bag, zip it up, replace the UPS label on the front with the return label and drop it off at a UPS. I am already looking forward to my next 4 pieces!
Image result for UPS return label rent the runway free image
Have you ever tried this service or something like it? What did you think?