1252.1- Personal Update

Oh goodness, the time is flying! I am not totally neglecting this blog, I promise! 

I started school, one class online at night to ease myself back into schooling and I wasn’t ready! Haha. I am taking Geography. In my mind, I was like easy peasy, right? Some reading, some map quizzes and maybe a mid term and final with multiple choice for the exams…. WRONG. It’s papers and more papers and reading and more reading. Discussions and then participation in said discussions. So much reading. So much writing. It is really interesting though. I have one exam left (which is a 12-15 page paper and this is the 3rd one!), one discussion and one assignment paper so I feel like I can breath a little again. 

I am looking into my next semester course and it’s either biology or math. Both are online and both will transfer for my BA when I am ready to make that leap. I just have to pick between UCONN or Bridgeport. I think Bridgeport might be easier because it’s online. I know UConn I will have to go to at least a couple classes on campus and I am not sure how that’s going to pan out with working full time. We’ll see.

I started a new job and it’s in office all day. I like it so far but it’s definitely not as cushy as my last job. Cushy meaning I was at the old job for a 8 years so I had a lot of sick time, and vacation time, I was able to work from home 3 days a week but I was miserable and aggravated a lot. I didn’t feel valued at all and the CFO was making decisions on my work flow without even knowing what my work flow was. There were meetings that I wasn’t invited to that directly impacted me being able to do my job. I just felt really over looked, unappreciated and totally disrespected and it wasn’t a good environment anymore. This new place is much more calm and I already feel more respected here. I am continuing to apply if anything interesting pops up, but this will do for a while. 

Speaking of my last job, I am sort of still working there. No one knew what I really did so when I left I offered to work at night for 10 hours a week to keep the billing running until they hired someone and trained them. I was thinking, extra money! In reality, it’s hard working full time and then working part time and then schooling. I am also working more than 10 hours because I have to train a coworker who will train my replacement. I am exhausted! Now with school winding down, it hopefully will feel a little more manageable. Also, they combined 2 jobs and hired someone so I am not sure how much longer I will really be needing to do the extra hours. I think at least another month, but who really knows. 

The new school semester will start at the end of January so as long as the extra hours wind down by then, I think next semester won’t feel so crazy. 

With everything going on, I have barely had time to think about holiday’s or anything. I JUST made my Thanksgiving menu list last weekend. If you know me, that is wayyyyy late. I usually already have the menu, times that things need to be cooked and everything done. This year, I am kind of winging it. It’ll be fine! My daughter’s birthday will be hibachi with some of her friends and a sleep over. Christmas will probably be small and quiet. 

I did plan a trip to Switzerland in July next year too! I can’t wait. 

As things settle down I will write more, I promise! But just in case, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Happy Holiday’s! 


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