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I am a Wife, Mother, daughter, Aunt and loyal friend. I have always dreamed of being an Author. I wrote a couple short books. 4 are mine, 1 is a story my daughter made up and another one I am about to publish is a story my son made up and illustrated. I am currently working on my next book. Check them out in the links. I am blogging because I love writing and it helps keep me sane. I have challenged myself to write one blog every day I have to work for a year. If you follow my blog, I will follow yours! Thank you for taking the time to check out my stuff. Feel free to send me an email if there is something you would like me to write about.

The Moms Are Outside

This past weekend some of my closest girlfriends and I rented a house in the Catskills and did a girls trip with all our daughters. It was amazing.

It turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, and sunny. The house we rented had a pool and hot tub and we hung out all day. The adults got a chance to relax, the kids got a chance to hang out. When they went downstairs to chill out, we got to hang out outside and I may have even smoked a couple cigarettes.

I know that is gross but I miss smoking. I miss the way it feels. I hate how I feel the next day but I love the feeling of it… Anyway. I don’t smoke normally anymore, only on occasion. This was an occasion. 

My friend and I got burnt just like when we were teens. Clearly we haven’t learned, but we did learn how to moisturize after. 

The funny part was listening to the girl children talk to the dads on Facetime and rat us out on what the mom’s were up to. Hence the “The mom’s are outside” That was the funniest thing. Like we were just hanging out and not paying them any mind. They had plenty of food, someone was always watching the pool and there was a game room, TV and surround sound music. I think the music was my favorite part. 

One of my most favorite moments was sitting by the river. I legit could have been there for hours. And seeing the stars. Out there you can see allll of them. It was something I haven’t seen in a while. 

Of course, hanging with my friends, the bond the girls are creating and our memories will last forever. We are already starting to look around for next year. I think we’re going to stick to the Catskills and try to stay closer to Woodstock. 

What about you? Do you have a group trip you take every year? Where do you go? 

Me and Jogging.

I have started jogging. I needed to do something. I am gaining weight and I want that to stop… I FEEL physically fine, but I don’t love how I feel in my clothes. So I decided to get my ass in gear and start jogging. 

I started at the beach. Doing a loop. half jogging, half walking. Then a loop walking. Then another loop half and half. I worked up over a couple weeks to a full loop, half walking and then another full loop. I got up to about 2.5 miles and was looking forward to pushing myself to jog the pier and other parts of the beach. 

Honestly, for me, the best part is breathing. The deep breathing that I don’t think I have done in a while. It just feels good. Also, I weirdly like the feeling of sweat when I am working out. I’m not sure if other people do, but I do. 

So last week my daughter tested positive for Covid. Our entire house is fully vaccinated but we got it anyway. She had a mild case but we had to quarantine. I still wanted to jog though. So I started taking my dog out. I thought I was going to hate it. Like he was going to cut me off, and stop to poop and smell the tree, but he doesn’t… He jogs with me. I love it! I look forward to our morning jogs right now. I am even mapping out new farther places that have sidewalks. 

My daughter actually came with me over the weekend too. She was feeling better and wanted some fresh air. She’s back at school now but we are going to try to keep the after dinner walks with the puppies for a while. Especially since it’s getting nicer out. 

This whole covid thing is so odd. My daughter had it, then my husband and then my son. I am still negative and testing every few days. Once I can start going back in the office I am going to have to figure out the morning jogs, but I want to try to keep them. I really want to see how far I can go and I really do feel physically better even if the scale hasn’t moved down. But it hasn’t moved up so I am happy about that! 

I thought I was going to be more self conscious about jogging around my house but it turns out that when I have my dog with me, I am more focused on how he’s doing and I really don’t care what I look like. I think I push myself harder because I want to see how far he can go. 

We’ll see what happens, all I can say is that I really enjoy it right now. Do you jog? How did you start? What helps to push you to keep going?  

If He’s Not at God’s Feet – GUEST BLOG

If he’s not at God’s feet. IF HE’S NOT AT GOD’S FEET…I. Don’t. Want. Him!! While this statement can come off as arrogant or maybe even stuck up to some, before you start assuming in your mind I think I’m better than you let me explain. Since the beginning of my walk with Christ back in 2017 I knew I’d have to make some changes, not only in the way I carried myself as a woman but also in the type of men I was attracted to. You see before accepting Christ I was attracted to Fuckboys. For those of you who don’t know what those are let me be the first to tell you. Stay away sis and I mean far away!! These men, I mean boys, sorry are beyond toxic. Many often confuse them with Bad boys. But believe me when I say there’s a difference. I’ll do separate post Explaining the difference between the two but for now the best example I can think of is “ A Christian man” vs A Man Of God” and before you jump down my throat with comments like how dare you compare Christian men to the world hear me out. 

So, as I was saying, when I accepted Christ I knew the F boy had to go. I knew the man I was looking for had to be Christian. I knew he had to love the Lord but what I didn’t understand was the difference between a man who says he loves the lord and a man that actually loves the lord, one who truly seeks Him for guidance, wisdom and instructions daily. I assumed if he said he was a Christian that automatically made him a Man of God. I didn’t understand that having a real relationship with God went way past knowing A few scriptures, singing worship songs and occasionally praying. I didn’t know that saying you’re a Christian was something you just said because it sounds good. This is not me judging anyone because for the first 3 years of my walk I accidentally fell into the deep whole of lukewarmness and couldn’t find my way out which caused me to backslide. So again, this isn’t me judging, I of all people know the struggle. But ladies be honest with yourself. When you think of the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with what’s he like?? 

• Does he truly love the lord?? And when I say truly love I mean, does this man eat sleep and breathe The word Of God??

• Does he understand the importance of being in the world and listening to the Holy Spirit?

• Does he hold you accountable?? I’m not just talking about in certain areas. I mean in every single Area of your life does he hold you accountable?? When you have a disagreement with your mom does he say do you know what babe, I know your mom is the one who started the fight but I really think you should go apologize and hash things out.

• Does he pray with you instead of just for you??

• Does he love the Father more than he loves you??

• Is Jesus literally his whole entire life or just a part of it? To be more specific is Jesus his lifestyle or just a Sunday morning fling?? And most importantly is he at our Father’s feet??🤔 👀 

If you have been following this blog for sometime now or maybe it’s your first time here And you have not yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior just say this prayer

Jesus come into my heart, forgive me of my sins, I believe you are the son of God, you died for me and rose again, fill me with the Holy Spirit and set me free in Jesus name”

“Dear Lord, 

If you need prayer or someone to talk to feel free to message me on IG:

Cancel culture- I guess.

Here. I am thinking about finding a new job. I hate that. You ever found people you like? I did.

But it’s changing. I am trying so hard to be relevant in my writing and I can’t. I literally don’t know what I can write that anyone would ever care to read that hasn’t been written already.

Ok. Kanye, should stop. But I get him. but someone needs to take his phone away. Pete and Kim are gonna be together. He brings her happiness. You fucked up Kanye. Your wife will not come back anymore. It will never be the same even if she did, you don’t want that. Treat your next one better. Your kids are watching.

Meghan Markel and Harry. Please leave these people alone. When they tell you what to focus on, donate. That’s literally it. They are legit trying to make a better world. They are amazing. What have they ever done that said otherwise? Show me an action and not hearsay. I literally love these humans. They are super just trying to serve and live and I think we all know that. I could picture them being this happy in Brooklyn at a non profit. Stop hating.

Chrissy Teigen, This woman was a bully. Me too. Not on her level (it wasn’t on social media) but in some sense. I grew up too. You’re fucking welcome for growing. She is human.

I can’t hate on people wanting to bring good energy to neglected things. That doesn’t make sense to me.

So while I can’t think of anything to write cause my stupid life is like dumb helping friends move, or having to go back into the office, or like maybe I want a job change…. I don’t know. Rent is so fucking high. I want to move but where I want to move is easily double the cost for my house…

I don’t know if I want to be here anymore. Honestly. It’s both. In life and in body. I hate me sometimes. I hate everything I am about. I hate how I live. I hate if I make people feel a certain way. I literally hate every thing about my life. Like I hate that I exist. The only thing that saves me sometimes, is that my children hate me too. But they also love me and I can’t leave them.

1073.1 – Personal update.

I can’t believe it’s January 20th already. Hawaii was amazing. We had a great time. I honestly loved Maui the most but the kids loved Oahu more. 

Road to Hana - Quick Summary | Maui Guidebook

Quick recap. Maui we swam, hiked, the kids went to the trampoline park. We went to the aquarium and saw a luau. We had a car so we drove places and explored. I loved that there was a view literally everywhere. Even the trees were gorgeous. Also, you could pull over and be on a beach or a path to walk practically anywhere. It was my favorite. We didn’t do the road to Hana. We did hop on and went to the first town, Paia, I think that was it. Super touristy, but the shops were really cute. The kids were just tired by the time we got there after walking that morning and wanted to go back to the hotel to swim and relax. So we did that. I think when we get back to Maui, I want to rent a house in Paia and use that as a base to explore more of the Island. 

19 Incredible Road to Hana Stops You Can't Miss - Local Adventurer

Next we hopped over to Oahu and that is a city. There we had a full day private tour. The tour guide Travis was amazing and really catered to what we said we were interested in. He brought us all around and it was very informative and so much fun. The next day we did the UTV tour at the Ranch there. That was super fun too. I didn’t realize when booking that the bus that brought us didn’t bring us back till later that day, so we ended up getting an Uber back to the hotel.

Oahu |

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in the Rainbow tower and the room was fine but I didn’t like how many people were there. It was near impossible to get a elevator in the morning or in the afternoon without having at least another family or two in there. The kids loved this place though. They loved that the ABC store was downstairs. That was my sons favorite store. They loved the lagoon. I did like that we could hear the luau here. I didn’t need to go to another one ( from what I heard, you only really need to see one) but I like the drums. We walked to the mall on the last day and ate at the food court. It was really good and the mall was HUGE. 

OAHU INSTAGRAM SPOTS - The Coastal Campaign

The thing I didn’t plan out the best was coming home. We got back to our house around 9:30 AM on Christmas eve and then I had to run to the grocery store because we had nothing fresh in the house. It was also my sisters birthday so I had to get the cake and wrap all of Christmas. It was a lot and we got through it but I think next time I would plan to be home at little bit before Christmas. The rest of the holidays were great! By the time school was starting up again I was more than ready to get back on a routine. Three weeks of no routine was kind of diving me crazy. Even today being a snow day in Connecticut is kind of throwing me off. I am just trying to get back on track for the month and hopefully, I will feel more at ease soon. 

Am I losing my mind? - Counselling Directory

With covid cases up, it has been getting closer and closer to us. Last week we were semi quarantined because we were exposed. I say semi because my husband and I worked from home and I ordered groceries to pick up so I wasn’t around anyone, the kids went to school. According to the schools since the kids are vaxxed, unless they have symptoms, they can go. It’s honestly confusing. We all have been testing negative still though so I think we are ok. Other than all that, I am really just trying to get my head back into work, school, working out and a routine. It’s not working. It’s also the middle of winter and I ALWAYS feel off when the weather is super shit. I have been trying to get myself up in the morning to work out and it’s kind of starting to get easier. The older I get the more I think that I really need to move from here. I just don’t like the dark and cold for January, February and March. 

Winter Blues or Depression?

I got a forth hole in both my ears. I think I might just want a couple more up top and then I might be good. I don’t know what made me want more earrings. I don’t know if it’s a fortieth mid life crisis where I am like “I need more piercing’s” or what but it makes me happy right now so that’s what I’m going to do. 

Types Of Ear Piercing: How Much They Hurt & Cost | Glamour UK

Other than that, that’s it for me. I am not going back to school this semester. They don’t have any classes that I can remote live into and I am not comfortable going into a classroom just yet. Maybe come Fall. I am just hoping they will have more remote live classes I can take that will transfer for the BA in the Fall. We’ll see. 

I hope you're doing good on We Heart It

I hope you all are good. I hope I can start to get back more into posting on my blog. I hope I can get back into just reading. Seriously, right now I am feeling sort of lost. I’ll figure it out. I hope everyone is happy and healthy! 

Happy Holiday’s 2021!

Hey everyone! I have been really slacking this year with updating my blog and I think my new years resolution is to get back on it. I know I have interesting things to write about I just got really side tracked with work and kids and school and life. I re enrolled in community college and I am looking to go back for the spring semester 2022. I will finally start working on my BA again, one course at a time to start. 

This Is the Date When New Year's Resolutions Crumble and Burn | The Active  Times

So, how are you all doing? I’m doing really good! Tomorrow we are setting off on a family vacation to Hawaii. My daughter just turned 10! Now both my kids are over 10. I can’t believe it. They’re still my little babies though.

30 Birthday Poems For Daughters – Happy Birthday Wishes – FunZumo

We hired house/dog/ bunny/ turtle sitters to stay here while we go. I am slightly nervous about it because we have never had other people just stay in our house, but it’ll be fine and I am sure once we are on our way I’ll get over it. 

8 Imperatives to Prepare for a Pet Sitter - Fetch! Pet Care

I have been planning Hawaii for a year and it’s so close now and I am so excited. We’re on Maui for 5 days and then Oahu for 5 days. I booked the luau and some island tours. I just can’t wait to go explore. I always wanted to go and we’re actually going. There will be a post coming after about all the awesome things we did and all the delicious food we ate while there.

Save, Spring, Splurge: A Guide to Maui, Hawaii | ShermansTravel

 I haven’t really been reading but I do have the Stephen King book ‘Billy Summers’ that I will start reading on the 11 hour plane ride. That’s our next book club book. 

Billy Summers': Stephen King proves to be a master of crime as well

I am still working from home and I really love it. I feel like I am so much more productive with my time. Instead of rushing to get to work on time, I can throw in a load of laundry and then get on the morning department meeting. While I am waiting for my reports to process, I can fold the laundry. I’m eating better because I can make my food in my kitchen. I do go into the office for a few hours a few times a month. It’s to go through my mail box, file, print and mail the month billing. I hope that when they do decide that they want people to come back in, we can switch to a couple days in the office and a couple days home. We’ll see what happens though. I want to work from home as long as possible. I also don’t miss getting dressed in business casual and wearing makeup every day. 

Fun Facts About Remote Work | FlexJobs

School had been going pretty well this year… The only thing is there had been an uptick in violent threats at school recently and I don’t like that at all. I’m still processing this in my brain but I hope after the holidays everything goes back to normal. I already have anxiety sending the kids to school with Covid cases increasing again. Speaking of covid, we are all finally fully Vaxxed. It makes me feel better knowing that we have some sort of defense. The thing I don’t like is that every little cough, sore throat or head ache has me thinking that we need to go get tested immediately. I guess that’s the way it’s going to be for a while. With the kids back in school there have been a few trips for covid testing just to make sure the cough is a cough and nothing else. 

CDC school guidelines and universal masking: A shopping guide

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. That was really nice. There were about 16 people all together and I was so happy. I got to see my nephew who is now in kindergarten and 6! I got to see my brother and sister in law and catch up. It was just really nice to laugh and eat and drink. It felt normal for a minute. I love hosting family and friends. I hope that come Easter, we can do it again!

Thanksgiving Traditions: Family, Friends, Food and Fun | Quicken Loans

Christmas is coming. We did all our shopping early because Hawaii. I think we are ready. The thing I didn’t plan too well was coming home from Hawaii. We land on 12/24. 12/24 is also my sisters birthday. When we get home, I need to run to the grocery store for Christmas dinner and we’ll have probably nothing in the house except the basics. So I need to do a small trip for that stuff too. Christmas dinner will be Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, garlic monkey bread biscuits and green bean casserole. I will make brownies for dessert and I am thinking about doing a small, small cheese board and shrimp cocktail to start. There will be 9 of us. My sister and niece and then our family friends who are pretty much our chosen/bonus family at this point.

The Best Christmas Dinner Ideas | POPSUGAR Food

Wish me luck because I also need to get my sister a cake and wrap everything. I know it’ll be fine and I am really not going to stress over it. I made my lists already. All of them. I am a firm believer in making all the lists and checking one thing off at a time. 

The Life Changing Magic of Making a To-Do List - Unsinkable

Yesterday we had a friend over and we ate and drank and I ended up falling asleep around 6 pm while watching a movie. So of course I woke up at 2 am this morning and I’m still awake. It’s 4:52 am. Everyone is sleeping except me and at this point I am trying to decide if I should make coffee or try to go back to bed. I think I’ll try bed first. 

200 Best Happy New Year Wishes, Messages, & Quotes for 2022

If I don’t get a chance to post again before the New Year, I hope you all have a very happy holiday and a happy new year. Thank you so much for reading me and I promise to start writing more often. 

Christian Tiktok- Guest Post!

TikTok, tiktok, tiktok…sigh where do I began??

TikTok Founder And CEO Steps Down To 'Think About Possibilities'

Ever since Tiktok emerged I’ve tried my hardest to stay away from it. Nothing against it, I just didn’t want another app on my phone, in my mind this is just like vine and would be dead pretty soon like almost all the other apps that were once popular. But about 2months ago still in full lockdown I decided to give in. I was board out of my mind and needed a good laugh. I’m not gonna lie, since joining I’ve really been enjoying myself. There are so many gifted people on there, from singing, dancing, laughing until my stomach hurts and even helping in strengthening my walk with Christ. Which brings me here. 

Christian Tiktok

Although Tiktok is filled with lots of laughter and joy, it’s also filled with the same amount of deception when it comes to christianity. It’s heartbreaking if you ask me. You have people on the with hundreds/thousands of followers telling people things like Jesus himself told them to tell their followers that being Gay is not a sin. In no way am I homophobic but we all know Jesus said no such thing. What he does say is “Come as you are.” Meaning we as humans no matter if we’re gay, straight, drug addicts, liars, thief’s, murderers etc. can have a relationship with him if we desire to. He won’t deny his love for us just because of our sin. In fact he’ll do the exact opposite, he’ll love on us so hard that we have no choice but to change. Not because he’s forcing us to but because we actually want to. It’s like being in a relationship. Have you ever had someone love you so good that you literally want to do everything you can for them, even on the days they upset you?? That’s the kind of love Jesus has for us and it is honestly The most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Something I truly want everyone to experience one day. You have others telling people that Jesus isn’t God and the scariest one I’ve seen so far is a man who thinks he actually is Jesus.�� This man really sits there telling people he’s Jesus and if they don’t follow him they’ll die. He tells them if they deny him himself as the true and living God they’re dumb and they will burn in hell forever. The Bible warns us that things like this are going to happen before his actual return but…wow it’s scary. To see everything unfold right before your eyes is just. It’s like a movie except ITS NOT A MOVIE! I’m speaking out on this because, as a new believer myself I know how hard it is. You don’t know what to believe, who to trust or what do, it can be so discouraging at times but I encourage you to read the word yourself and not just listen to what people say. A good translation for beginners is CSB. It has modern day language. If you want more of a Kjv feel but don’t fully understand it yet try the amplified Version. People rave about N. I.V as well. I personally don’t use it because certain scriptures or taken out or tampered with. But pray and ask the lord what’s best for you. Eternal life is nothing to play with. Please don’t let this app deceive you. 

Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!! God can and will use people from all walks of life to help each other��


Twitter: @RollingWithKiki

Nutrisystem – My Honest Review – Week 1

We’re going to Hawaii in December. The flight is about 13 hours and I really want to lose weight so I will be more comfortable on a flight that long. My husband and I both need to lose about 20 pounds each. We have been on Weight Watchers for 3 months and basically we’re just maintaining where we are at currently. It’s not weight watchers fault, it’s us. We make excuses to go out to lunch once or twice a week. Or order pizza for dinner when we feel lazy. We have a rough day and have a drink or two and a rather large dinner. I started looking for diet plans that take all the guess work out. All the decision making. Any thought at all. 

Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig: Differences, Benefits, and Cost

I was between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem and I eventually sided with Nutrisystem. Jenny Craig has more support but it also costs more. Nutrisystem has a partner plan and my husband and I will be each others support through this. 

Nutrisystem | Save 50% Weight Loss Meal Delivery Plans

It works out to $342.09 every other week for both of us. So $684.18 for the month. It sounds like a lot BUT I am only buying us veggies and fruit at the grocery store and we aren’t ordering out or going out to lunch once or twice a week. Really, it’s about the same or even less than what we were spending in a month. We put our first order in, got a box of non perishables and then two days later the box of frozen food. I have no idea about what the food tastes like so we picked the chef choice. 

Nutrisystem Fresh Start Day 7

To start, Nutrisystem has a jump start 7 day plan, all meals and snacks are provided. Then it’s 5 days of meals and snacks and you get flex days… We haven’t gotten to those yet. Straight away, some of these food options, I would never choose for myself. Lots of breakfast bars, lunch bars, sweet snacks. I like salt. Lots of salt. Give me all the savory. And the portions are tiny but you can have all the veggies you want so you don’t starve to death. But if you want a salad, you’re looking at vinegar and salt and pepper as your dressing. Lucky for me, I like apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper, so usually I add a salad on the side. My husband has roasted veggies and sautéed veggies to have as his sides. Nutrisystem® On-The-Go Breakfast Bundle, 16 ct, Variety Pack of  Breakfast Options for Weight Loss : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Our first week was a breakfast, I usually picked a bar since I don’t usually have breakfast but I have updated our next order to include a couple more breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. Then you get a snack, which for me was a chocolate shake. I think the shake is ok, my husband disagrees. He said it’s pretty thick and not that great. He switched to one of the other snacks in the morning. 

Nutrisystem for Pandemic Weight Loss |

Then there is lunch. Which is small. My favorite so far was a ramen. To us, the food isn’t bad but it’s small. You can add veggies to at least feel not hungry. Afternoon snacks are popcorn, pretzels, bars, or cupcakes and other things Nutrisystem makes healthier. They’re all alright. Something to hold you over till dinner. 

What's In The Box??? Unboxing My First Nutrisystem Shipment #NSNation  #Sponsored | Stephany's Sweet Life

For dinner, My favorite thing so far was the meatloaf sandwich. I added LOTS of tomato and onion and mustard and to me that was the most filling meal I have had on this plan so far. The crazy thing about all this is when I plug the food into my weight watchers app, it’s actually over the amount of points I am supposed to have in a day. And way under what my husband is supposed to have. 

Nutrisystem at Walmart | 5-Day Weight Loss Kit (Good Deal?)

After a week, I am down 4 lbs. My husband is down about 7. We’re going to keep it up for the remainder of the month and then switch back to Weight Watchers to try to lose a little more before Hawaii and also help us maintain. Especially though Thanksgiving. 

Nutrisystem Reviews - New 2021 Menu, Meal Plans For Men and Promo Codes |  Discover Magazine

Depending how this run goes, we were thinking about possibly doing this in January again. January is a slow month and we could drop some weight and then relax a little for a few months. I read someone’s review that said she did the program every January to kind of reset and help her lose anything she gained from the prior year and I thought that was a really good idea. This is definitely teaching me that my portions are just way too much. I am feeling better over all, even after a week. 

Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers (WW): Which Is Best?

Would I recommend Nutrisystem at this point? Sure. I feel like it’s very direct and really takes a lot of the guess work out of everything. I like that it’s pre portioned. I like that I don’t have to think about what to make in advance. I just pick from the box or the freezer for the day and I am good to go. Not everything is delicious but it’s packaged food. I don’t think anything I have had has been terrible. After the first week there are 2 flex days. Those are designed to help up learn how to plan our own food for when we are no longer on the program. That’s why we are keeping weight watchers for now. 

Nutrisystem Diet Review

I’ll post another review at the end of this month. 
What are you’re thoughts? Have you done Nutrisystem? What did you think? 

Happy 40th to Me!!!

Whelp, It’s almost here. I am officially turning 40 in a week. I wasn’t going to do anything. Honestly. Just get seafood with my family and a napoleon pastry from my favorite place.  My friends have all done something so they said we needed to do at least something for me. One friend rented a house in the Catskills for a weekend. That was a blast. We danced and drank and did a fire pit and a hot tub. Another friend did an overnight spa trip. That was a lot of fun too! I was so relaxed, it was wonderful! 

Anjeza (aanje_za) - Profile | Pinterest

Usually my family and I take a long weekend and go up to Cape Cod. I love it at this time of year. The tourist season is almost over so the beaches and restaurants are not packed. We cancelled it last year because of Covid and then again this year because we have a long trip planned in December. My daughter is turning 10 and wanted to go to Hawaii… Honestly, I do too.. so we’ll be there for 10 days in December. Anyway, between Hawaii and Covid and School, we’re not going to the Cape this year. Instead I have picked a vineyard that a friend said was really pretty. We’re going to go Saturday and we are bringing food and buying wine there. It’ll be a day trip, outside, and I hope a lot of fun. 

Gouveia Vineyards: Panoramic Views Year-Round - Hartford Courant

One of my friends couldn’t make it so we are meeting for pizza and beers Wednesday. Then Sunday my family and sister and niece are going to try to go get seafood at this cute place on the sound. My actual birthday falls during the week next week and I think that’s when I’ll get my napoleon. 

Happy Birthday To Me Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and Twitter

I don’t know if it’s because I am older, because of the past year and a half, or a combo of both, but I am noticing that I am leaning more towards comfort in my clothing choices. I am loving sweaters with pockets lately. I just got this one and I am obsessed with it right now. Not enough to spend $275.00 on it, but I will be wearing it until it’s time to return it. 

I’m currently still doing Rent the Runway but I don’t like their new memberships. I am mad I am paying pretty close to what I was before and I am getting less than half of what I use to get. I used to have unlimited shipments. That was great because I could try new things, things I normally wouldn’t wear, and sometimes I discovered that I loved it… Sometimes it went right back. I am on the look out for a new clothes rental place that isn’t so pricy. My friend uses stitch fix, and she loves it… I am tempted to try but I kind of like the rental part. I don’t necessarily want to buy everything I get. I want to get new things, wear them a few times, and then send them back. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. For now I still have rent the runway, I just don’t love it as much as I used to and it’s because of the new membership programs they forced everyone to change to.  

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In other news… I have been following entertainment news lately to sort of give my brain a break from the news news. Can I just say how happy I am for J Lo and Ben, Britney and Sam, and Kourtney and Travis. I know I don’t know them. I just love seeing pictures of them smiling and it’s like that pure joy smile. It’s so cute. And it has been making me feel really happy to see people really happy. I really hope that everyone gets to feel that sort of joy. 

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That’s pretty much it for me right now. The kids are settling back into the school routine. As are my husband and I.  He’s back in the office 3 days a week and I’m in1 for now. I am sure we’re going to have to start going back in more. Right now they seem to not be pressuring everyone too much yet. I’ll take it. When I went in last week, I was so nervous and there were only a couple other people there. I guess I have to just keep going and hopefully I will not be so anxious after a while. 

How are you all doing? Any plans coming up?

Sept 2021 -Back to school and Back to work

I’m not ready. For anything. I have myself good and scared of everyone. I’m anxious and I trust no one. Haha. I don’t want the kids in after’s, I don’t want to go back to the office and I don’t trust anyone in either of those places to wear masks or respect my space. 

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In reality, I have to start going back into the office. I have to have the kids in school. I have to put myself in very uncomfortable situations, I guess. What else can I do? I can’t afford not to work and I learned by doing remote school last year that I am a terrible teacher. 

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I hope that my job is as flexible as they say they will be. I am supposed to start going back to the office next week for a few days a week. I am still figure out what days to go in and what days to work from home and then I have to figure out if the kids need to go to after’s. I just don’t know. I am completely uncomfortable with everything because I know a co worker who doesn’t wear a mask at her desk and my desk is maybe 3 feet away. I don’t want to be in the office with her. 

As Offices Reopen Amid Coronavirus, Workers Clash Over Masks, Cubicle  Barriers and Lysol - WSJ

This shit is still spreading and killing people and mutating. And then people are making it all political. It’s not political that I don’t want my family or myself to get sick. I don’t get it. Honestly, this post isn’t really about that anyway. I am nervous about sending my family out into the world when people are fighting over the stupidest shit. Like if it’s your right to not wear a mask in public then it should be my right that you stay very far the fuck away from me. Unless you really want me to say something to you because I will tell you to back up. 

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I’m just annoyed at everyone right now. Even going to the grocery store is stressful. People don’t pay attention. Even though masks are mandated right now, no store employee wants to tell the old mask less man hovering over people to put a mask on.  Seriously, why are you so close? Why can’t you wait your turn? One thing I have definitely learned during this whole thing is that people really just don’t care about other people. I’ll stand and wait my turn and then someone will come up behind me and reach around me and grab something. What about my personal space?  I don’t know what to do about it really besides be annoyed and complain about it and then try to get over it. 

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For September I am hoping to get back into the swing of things without getting to anxious about everything. I don’t know how it’s going to work. I talked to my bosses. I was assured that everything is flexible right now. I am really concerned about schools and quarantines and what’s going to happen then. But then I am also trying not to worry too much about it and telling myself to go with the flow because that’s really all I can do right now. 
For my blog, I am hoping to start writing again at least once a week. I need that outlet right now, I think. 

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What about you all? How are you doing?