41 (almost) and New Hobbies

I’ll be turning 41 soon. I can’t believe it. I am totally fine with the aging if I don’t have to ever get sick or old. I’m joking… Honestly, I don’t mind getting old. I am scared of getting sick though. It’s just so freaking expensive to get sick and I want to be able to do things. It’s so messed up, but that’s another blog. 

I’m starting to notice things more now because my body is changing. Like I feel bloated after eating certain foods I have always eaten. It’s very hard to lose any weight and super easy to put it on. I’m drinking a lot more but it’s also summer so that happens. I am starting to notice how much things seem to revolve around drinking and I am starting to think I need to cut back for a while. Boozy brunches and book clubs. Winery with the girls. Beer gardens and porch ‘wine and whine’. Bowling and beer pitchers. I don’t know. I definitely like to drink. I just think as I am getting older, my body is changing and it’s just probably time to find some fun activities that don’t include a drink. 

I want to start training to take the police test in a couple months. So I think I really need to get some new hobbies. Besides reading. I plan on going back to school. Walking and jogging more. Yoga. Blogging more often. Strength training. 

Just overall, not being a lazy sack and laying on the couch playing nonsense app games. 


Finally, I think I am going to start planning more vacations to outside the US. We just got our passports renewed and I think it’s time these kids, my husband and I do a little traveling. There are plenty of places I want to go to in the US and go back too but I want to go explore a little more now that the kids are a fun travel age. Girl wants to travel to Switzerland and Boy wants to go to Japan. I want to go wherever they want to go because I have never been anywhere besides the Caribbean. 

I can’t wait to start planning! 


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