Starting an Online Store

I picked Shopify to just play around with it. I have been thinking about trying to just start something for a while so I thought why not? I did a little research and went with this because it seemed the easiest way to set something up and I am not sure that I’m going to keep it. It’s just something I am playing with for now. I liked that it’s a 14 day free trial to set it up. Then there is a special right now for $1.00 a month for 3 months. Then it goes it to $30.00 a month. I guess it depends if I make any money, if I will keep going. 

I like that you can pick a supplier and that you can design your own things. There is no inventory, sales get sent to the supplier and they make it and send it out. That frees me up to market. I have no idea how to do that. 

I just started playing with it yesterday cause I figured why not? I am still in the setting up of the online store, but you can find me here!

I was hoping to attach my books from amazon and maybe my blog on this site too.

My husband and I started SIRJ Studio a while ago. We got all the stuff to start our own mini business. We were focused on You tube at that point. The kids wanted to make their own videos. They loved it until they had to actually do it. That was not that fun. We got science experiment kits for them to do, and they didn’t want to talk or just got bored when we were trying to get the shots of things. It was fail and a no for us. haha. We did try though.

So anyway, this is just something I am trying for a bit. Right now it’s kind of just fun to pick a phrase and put it on something. I am sure as I get more into it there will be designs and who really knows if it will work out or not, we’ll find out! 

Have you ever started a store? Did you use Shopify? What are your thoughts?  


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