Cancel culture- I guess.

Here. I am thinking about finding a new job. I hate that. You ever found people you like? I did.

But it’s changing. I am trying so hard to be relevant in my writing and I can’t. I literally don’t know what I can write that anyone would ever care to read that hasn’t been written already.

Ok. Kanye, should stop. But I get him. but someone needs to take his phone away. Pete and Kim are gonna be together. He brings her happiness. You fucked up Kanye. Your wife will not come back anymore. It will never be the same even if she did, you don’t want that. Treat your next one better. Your kids are watching.

Meghan Markel and Harry. Please leave these people alone. When they tell you what to focus on, donate. That’s literally it. They are legit trying to make a better world. They are amazing. What have they ever done that said otherwise? Show me an action and not hearsay. I literally love these humans. They are super just trying to serve and live and I think we all know that. I could picture them being this happy in Brooklyn at a non profit. Stop hating.

Chrissy Teigen, This woman was a bully. Me too. Not on her level (it wasn’t on social media) but in some sense. I grew up too. You’re fucking welcome for growing. She is human.

I can’t hate on people wanting to bring good energy to neglected things. That doesn’t make sense to me.

So while I can’t think of anything to write cause my stupid life is like dumb helping friends move, or having to go back into the office, or like maybe I want a job change…. I don’t know. Rent is so fucking high. I want to move but where I want to move is easily double the cost for my house…

I don’t know if I want to be here anymore. Honestly. It’s both. In life and in body. I hate me sometimes. I hate everything I am about. I hate how I live. I hate if I make people feel a certain way. I literally hate every thing about my life. Like I hate that I exist. The only thing that saves me sometimes, is that my children hate me too. But they also love me and I can’t leave them.


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