Sea Quest Review – Trumbull, CT

I’ll start by saying my 8 year old daughter had a blast. My friend bought my daughter and her son a sloth experience through Groupon for my daughters birthday because she is obsessed with Sloths.
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My review:
The rodents had poop on them. The birds ate every 5 minutes. The guy at this exhibit actually closed it for a half hour because he said they were going for a couple hours already and the birds needed a break.
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The marine animals seemed to be the best off, at least they had space. The pigs were made to run in circles. The kangaroo was fed by a steady stream of children. The bunnies were trying to hide. The poor chickens were walking on so much food from people trying to feed them.
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They sell you tokens for food. $10 for 4 and $20 for 14. That’s just wrong. Just feed them on a fucking schedule. I felt like a horrible human for buying tokens and when we tried to sell them back, they wouldn’t let us.
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The sloth experience was actually alright. The kids got to feed the sloth. Not over feed it. They got to pet it and look at his ear. We asked about a lot of things and the guy answered everything. My daughter loved every minute of the encounter.
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We did ask if there were people that protested when they opened and apparently there were, they hung out outside with signs.
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I would not go back here again. In my opinion, this is not a great place for animals. Even though the people working there said the animals were treated well.

Rent The Runway- Week 7!

These next few weeks I am off most of the week. I am only working on Thursday and Friday so I decided to get more clothes for just hanging out.


Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Tuxedo Stripe Sweatpants

I picked these sweatpants for Christmas. They retail for $395.00 and Rent the Runway says I can buy them for $158.00. I can not justify spending that much right now on a pair of sweatpants. However, these are very comfortable. I wore them all day for Christmas and then last night and I will probably wear them every night until I send them back Monday. They are super comfortable and not like a regular sweat pant material, they’re more like a sweater. They haven’t stretched out and they are loose and nice. I might have to try more expensive sweatpants in the future! These will go back though.

MSGM - Maglia Rose Cardigan

I am renting this for going out on the weekend. Its retails for $668.00 and has really good reviews. I am hoping to love it as well.

I do like this, the only thing I don’t like is there are no pockets in it. But I wore this out to dinner and to run errands and it had a good length and good weight and warmth so I didn’t need a jacket at all. I can buy it for the low price of $600.75. No, thank you! But I did love the colors and I did enjoy wearing it.

VINCE. - Wool Tie Front Tunic

This sweater retails for $425.00 and I like the look of it. I hope it fits nice.

It fits alright. I plan on wearing it out either today or tomorrow or maybe not at all. The strings on this are really long and I have no idea how to style them. I can wrap them around my waist 3 times and still the string hangs almost to my knee. I might wear it to run a few errands today. It’s a really soft and warm material and I bet once I figure out the strings it would look good. Maybe?  I can buy it for $382.50. Nope.

MOTHER - The Springy Ankle Jeans

These jeans retail for $258.00. I am honestly just looking for some funky, different jeans. I hope they fit well.

Okay. I wanted to love these jeans. I just wanted to try something a little different and I am glad I did. I like these jeans. I sized up per other peoples reviews and I probably could have just picked me actual size because they are loose jeans. The waist is stretchy making these jeans comfortable to walk and sit and just move easily. I can buy them for $232.20… No.

After a while of wearing these I felt more and more like a mom. Mom jeans. Maybe because the brand of these jeans is Mother? I don’t know. I just started to really understand what people mean when they say “mom jeans”. Loved the huge pockets in the front, there are no pockets in the back. I might wear these one more time to confirm my mom jean feelings but these are definitely going back.


These reviews of this service and clothes are mine. I pay for my monthly unlimited service. If you are interested in trying rent the runway, please use my link. You get $100.00 off and so do I, win win for everyone.


Happy New Year 2020!!!

Wow! 2020 seems so far in the Future to me. I was born in 1981. I’m old but 38 isn’t really old, old. Still, it feels like things have changed a lot since I was a kid. I’ve traded my beeper for a cell phone. Actually I’ve traded a lot of things for my cell phone… A portable computer, calculator, encyclopedia, etc…
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I prefer email over snail mail, is that even a thing anymore? I actually prefer email over talking to people, except with certain people who I know read every email as if the person writing is is being a snarky bitch. I mean sometimes people are, but most of the time I don’t think so. It’s just really hard to understand tone in a email or a text.
I love reading and I love that I can have a library in my pocket. I don’t love that I rely on a phone so much, but I do. I wonder in the future how they are going to make things smaller and more accessible. It already feels like there is almost to much information sometimes.
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Anyway, this blog is supposed to be fun so I’ll save the other stuff for the new year!
New Years Plans!
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We are cleaning this weekend and ice skating. On New years Eve we are bringing my daughter to meet a sloth. It was a birthday present and she can’t wait. For New Years Eve my sister comes over to watch the ball drop and then she heads home and we go to bed. New years day is going to be relaxing, maybe taking the Christmas stuff down and boxing it back up. That’s pretty much it.
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I don’t usually stick to any resolutions so I am just planning what I would like to accomplish. This year I want to continue with my blog, writing and growing. I want to write my 7th grade book and my 8th grade book and publish those. Then I think I might stop that series unless it really starts to pick up. So far I have sold like 4 copies of the first book and nothing of the second book. I need to learn how to promote these.
For my family, we are planning a couple vacations. One to Pennsylvania in August so far and then I want to plan another one in June. I have no idea where yet.
I would love it if we could just plan on moving to San Diego this year too. That’s where we really want to be but a lot of things really need to fall into place. Like money, jobs… everything. We’re working on it.
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How about you? What are your plans for the New Year? Do you make resolutions?
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I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year celebration. Here’s to the future! Happy New Year!

Rent the Runway week 6

The next few weeks I will be picking more things to hang out in. I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off for the next 2 weeks. Happy holidays!

I sent back some of last weeks stuff Monday morning and Tuesday they received it. I picked new clothes Tuesday morning and I got the confirmation that they will be delivered Wednesday. (Update, due to the weather the delivery was delayed to Thursday morning. Booo) Once this comes I will send back the jeans I kept and try something else. they have an entire section of leisure outfits but I’m not really sure I want to use one of the spots for sweatpants? I kind of want to try $150.00 sweatpants. Are they the softest ever? I don’t get how sweatpants or a sweat shirt can cost so much. I am tempted to try. Ehh, maybe next week.

Anyway, let’s get started!


Diane von Furstenberg - Striped Knit Pullover

I picked this sweater to wear to work Thursday or Friday.

I am wearing it and it’s Friday. With the ice storm that hit and the snow squalls, my clothes didn’t arrive until Thursday after I had already left for work.

I really like this sweater. It fits well, I received a few compliments. I might wear it again this weekend if we go out. I can buy it for $82.00, I don’t like it that much.



Elk - Meldal Cardi Sweater

I have wanted to try a duster for a while. I looove pockets. I picked this because I never really wear orange and I figure it would be nice to add more color.

First impression is I love the color and it’s soft and warm. It fits well, hits a little past my knees and pockets! I can’t wait to wear it this weekend with jeans. Website says I can buy it for $318.60… … … This will be going back next week.

rag & bone JEAN - Super High Rise Cargo Jeans

These jeans I picked to try something new. I like the pockets and I hope they fit well. On other people they looked nice and relaxed which is what I am going for.

These did not fit well. There were very high waist. The reviews said true to size but I think I should have sized up. I still have the Jeans from last week that I loved but won’t spend $169.20 on, so I kept those and the two sweaters and sent these back. I did like the leg fit, they were loose. I might try to size up but I also think I might try something else. Oh well!

I can’t wait to return and pick something new for next week.

Christmas 2019

Hi Everyone!
This year feels like it flew by for me. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. We JUST put the tree up this past Sunday. I didn’t even get a chance to decorate the front yard this year because it was just back to back Thanksgiving and then birthday’s and parties and I think I finally get to really rest this weekend. I have 5 days off and I am looking forward to every single one of them.
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We did basically all of our shopping online this year and I think everything has been delivered except one gift for my husband. It should be coming the 27th but maybe by some miracle it will arrive earlier.
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I did decorate in the inside of the house and put the wreath on the front door. I was going to at least put lights on the tree in the front yard but then we had this ice storm and everything is frozen. It looks beautiful but I’m not going to hang lights on the frozen branches.  But we’ll see, maybe this weekend I’ll get extra energy…
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My sisters birthday is Christmas Eve so I try to keep it as birthday celebration as possible. We take her out to dinner and have cake and give actual birthday presents wrapped in actual birthday wrapping paper. She always got slightly cheated on the entire birthday celebration when we were growing up, even though I think she should celebrate a half birthday in June so she can have a real birthday party. She said I was crazy, I thought it was a pretty genius idea! Haha.
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For Christmas we keep it low key. Easter and Thanksgiving are my hosting holiday’s. This year we’ll wake up, open gifts, my sister and niece will come over after they do their morning things. I am going to make a prime rib this year, I never made that before so I am hoping it comes out amazing. I am making mashed potatoes, garlic butter mushrooms and garlic bread on the side. I will probably make rice too because my children won’t eat any of the sides I am planning. That’s it. I have to work Thursday and Friday.
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I wish you a very Merry Christmas!
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What are you’re plans?  Do you have any special traditions?

Mariah Carey Christmas Spectacular -Review

I went with 4 of my girlfriends to see her Holiday concert at MSG this past Sunday. We were so happy! We have all grown up listening to her and there are a number of her songs that just remind us all of good times. We bought the tickets fast because we all have kids and we knew if we thought about it, something would come up an we would make excuses as to why we couldn’t go. We decided to drive in instead of taking the train and the Subway. It was already going to be a late night and we didn’t need to make it later.
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We left Connecticut at 5:00 and drove to the MSG area to find a lot. I ended up parking right across the street because even though it was $60.00 and I probably could have parked a few blocks over and saved $20.00, it was worth it for me to be closer to the car. We went to Penn Station and got Krispy Kreme donuts and then we went back to the car to drop them off. Then we got some street hot dogs and got in line for the concert!
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We stopped on the way to our seats and bought a couple drinks. I got a tequila and pineapple and a wine and it was $33.00, not cheap. Then we found our seats and they were AMAZING! Seriously I think we had the best seats. The stage was directly in front of us and we had monitors too.
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Mariah Carey sounded amazing. I loved how she was so divatastic. Her kids came out on hover boards and sang “Rudolph the red nose reindeer.” Seriously, they are so cute. Even though it was a Christmas concert she sang a few of her hits towards the end and my friends and I all lost it. It was awesome. I want to go see her again!
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Afterwards we drove to Rockefeller center to see the tree and we actually found parking  right across the street. We checked out the lights and windows at Saks. They have this entire Frozen theme this year and they have lights and music, it was awesome. We all want to take another trip there with the kids so they can experience it too.
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We ended up getting back to CT around 1 AM but hung out till almost 2. I made it home at 2:30 and I barely remember getting in to bed. I was exhausted. But it was a really wonderful night. I am so happy that we ended up going.
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Rent the Runway Week 5!

Got hit with the $126.56 monthly fee. And that’s the rate for the first 4 months… Then it goes up $40.00 more per month. Honestly, it’s still worth it to me right now. I am having a blast trying new things and I am feeling good. I have been getting compliments from people I know and people I don’t know. It’s really nice. Picking things out and returning them is really easy, there is a UPS on the way to my husbands job so he usually drops it off in the morning and the next day it is back in Jersey and I get to pick out something new.

I wish I could have 3 bags though. So I could cycle everything a little faster. I tried to do that last week by only ordering one thing and it wouldn’t let me. I guess maybe it’s the shipping fees for them? I don’t know. Maybe I can try to request an extra bag to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

These are the 4 pieces I picked next and the review:

Parker - Grey Maxwell Sweater

I LOVE this sweater. I wore it to work with guess…. Yes, black pants and my boots. I’m still a little predictable. I feel amazing in it and it feels amazing on. It snowed here last night and the weight of this piece is really nice and warm. I got a compliment from someone in my department and then a compliment from someone I don’t even know in the kitchen. I almost didn’t know what to say cause it’s really new to me. I have given other people compliments but I don’t usually receive them for my clothes. I am honestly considering buying this sweater but I noticed on the website there is another one in different colors from the same designer… So I think I might rent that when I can. I actually kept this for the weekend too and wore it again to a birthday party  got compliments and felt amazing. There is another one that is different colors. I am planning on renting that one soon. But I don’t think I love this enough to fork over almost $100.00 for a sweater.

Slate & Willow - Navy Plaid Trousers

Ok. I am wearing these today with boots and a black sweater. These are awesome. I love them. I love the fit. There is an elastic in the back so they actually form and fit and the pockets don’t stick out! They go to 2 inches above my ankle. The fabric is stretchy and just fits my body well. I really like these. The only issue is that the fabric is also on the thinner side and it’s below freezing here right now. I think I might rent these again in the spring. I did get a couple compliments on these pants but the best part of all of this is that I feel better.

I have never been one who was into fashion at all. I love a great pair of jeans and a crispy white shirt and some sneakers. That’s my outfit all day everyday but this whole experiment has really made me realize how much fun fashion can be. Just trying new things and feeling great in your clothes.

For the weekend I ordered Jeans and a sweatshirt. We’re going to a Mariah Carey concert on Sunday so I plan on wearing this, as long as it fits. I wanted to be a little more festive because Mariah Carey Christmas is Festive  but I couldn’t find the red sweater I had in mind.

Citizens Of Humanity - Emannuelle Slim Bootcut Jeans

I ordered these honestly because they were the only jeans that looked long enough to cover my ankles. I don’t get why jeans are so short now. Hello, it’s winter! These fit and fit well and I love them but not enough to fork over $170.00 to own them. Do people really spend that much money on a pair of jeans now? I mean maybe I am doing it wrong. My most comfy jeans I own are either bargain banana, gap or Walmart. I did buy expensive jeans once before kids but even then they were like $100.00  not almost $200! Damn. Any way I am wearing these everyday till I send them back this week.

Side note : I wore these and some man followed me around the art supply store calling me Monica even though I informed him my name was definitely not Monica. In my head, Monica never called him back after a bad date.

Joie - Macrina Sweatshirt

I like this sweatshirt. I read a couple good reviews on it. And it fit nice. The only issue for me is it’s kind of cropped so I have to tuck in my tank top. I usually don’t tuck in my shirt. But that doesn’t matter to much because the jeans fit like a glove. I feel good in this. I’m not tempted to buy it for $79.00 though. Even at that discount, it’s a sweatshirt.

I sent everything back but the Jeans. Next week is going to be a little more relaxed because Christmas!

Excerpt from LMBW- Sixth Grade

This is a story loosely based on my experiences growing up in the early 90’s. This is the follow up to my first Book “Little Me Big World” which is also available on Amazon.

I am self published so it would help me out a lot if you would buy one, review it and tell someone about it if you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!


LMBW: 6th Grade (Little Me Big World Book 2) by [Acosta, J.]

Chapter 9: Party


Christmas has come and gone, and I did get my new hoop. I can’t wait till the snow melts so we can put it up. I’m able to buy presents on my own for the first time ever. I get my sister a box of penny candies. I actually ate all hers and I’m replacing the ones I ate. Whoops. I get my mom a heart shaped crystal dish. It’s beautiful, like her. I get my dad some tools because I really have no idea what else he would want. I get my brother a Guns and Roses tape. He already has it he says but now he has 2.


Augie’s New Year’s Eve party is coming up and I buy myself a new white T-shirt. I can’t wait. Kathy has already invited me over to get ready. She’s going to do my hair and makeup but since her sister will be home, we can’t borrow her clothes.



The day of the party I show up to Kathy’s house and Beth is there. I sit there and let Kathy do my makeup and listen to them talk about all the boys in their grade that they like. Kathy leans over to put eye shadow on me and her boobs are in my face. I look down and realize I haven’t grown any at all. I’m still as flat as I was in fifth grade, I just have a sports bra for show, but it’s not supporting anything.



Beth and Kathy continue talking about who’s going to be at this party and who they want to dance with. Dance?!?!?!?! Oh my god! No one said there would be dancing. I can’t dance. Like, in front of people. While I panic, Sarah and Amy show up to get ready too.



Sarah gives me a hug and says I look nice, Amy says “hi” and sits next to Beth on the bed. I am surprised she’s talking to me at all. I guess since we’re going to the same party, I’m ok for the night. Amy and Sarah are both wearing black miniskirts and tank tops with a sweater over. They match on purpose cause they are best friends.



Beth turns up the music while we sing and finish getting ready. I let her put mascara on me for the first time and I like my look. I might have to ask Augie to grab me one of these on his next trip to Woolworth. I make money now, but mascara is expensive.



We start to walk over to Augie’s, and I pull out a pack of cigarettes I just bought. In one of my neighborhood excursions I found out that the Howard Johnsons down the street has a cigarette machine on the second floor and I buy myself a pack of Marlboro Lights with my babysitting money. I tried one on my own, but I decide that I will only smoke at Augie’s.



Amy’s eyes light up and she asks to bum one. I say sure. I also give one to everyone else and we show up to Augie’s smoking and dressed up. I feel like one of the girls for once. Augie lets us in, and he has the downstairs decorated with the music on already.



He walks us over to the bar and asks what we want. I get whatever everyone else has. Vodka and juice. It’s strong but I sip it slowly and look around. There are a couple other people there. Tony and Elle are laughing on the couch. I walk over and sit with them. They’re telling stories of some Social Studies teacher I might have in the future and how lame he is. I start cracking up.



Augie comes over and asks if we want to dance. Elle and I say not yet but Tony gets up and they start dancing. I look at Elle and she’s just looking at them and smiling. I shrug my shoulders and look around the room. Beth and Kathy are by a group of guys that I didn’t even notice showed up. They’re all laughing, and Kathy sits on one of the boys’ laps.



Elle rolls her eyes and tells me that all those boys are lame. She says they only go for the girly, skinny girls or the ones they can kiss easy. Then she starts to tell me about her gang boyfriend and how much cooler he is. She’s going to meet him later after this party.


She asks if I want another drink and I realize that I barely drank any yet. I say no thank you and she gets up for another glass. I sip my drink and see Amy and Sarah walk out the back door. I could use some air and now there are a number of people dancing and I’ve lost sight of Tony and Augie.



I make my way out the door and I don’t see Amy or Sarah. I do hear crying, so I follow it. It’s Amy. She’s sitting next to Sarah and sobbing. She sees me but she just keeps crying. I offer her a cigarette and she takes it. I light it for her. She takes a pull and starts to calm down. Then she starts to speak to both of us. She can’t go home anymore. She’s had enough, she can’t take it anymore. Sarah is hugging her and looking at her sympathetically. She’s slowly rocking her back and forth.

I wish I could crawl in her lap and she could rock me too. I really miss my childhood best friend, but looking at them now, I realize that Sarah isn’t and won’t be my best friend anymore. Or probably ever again. It feels like she’s outgrown me. It’s okay though. I actually feel fine with it. I want to ask what happened, but I don’t. I don’t want to know.



Augie shows up and I give him a cigarette. He’s beaming and listens to Amy. He said his neighbors just moved out and he thinks there is an empty apartment that is open. We all look at each other and then walk over to his neighbor’s house. Sure enough, the door is unlocked. Amy smiles. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her really smile before. She says it will be perfect for a few nights. We head back to Augie’s party and I sip my drink.



I decide to have a cigarette now and sit outside. It’s almost midnight and then I have to head home. My mom said I had to be home right after midnight. I’m surprised she even let me go at all. I guess that’s the perk of being a third child.



Augie calls out that the ball is about to drop, and I head in and count down with everyone. Happy New Year! Beth and Kathy are kissing their boys. Elle has left to meet her boyfriend. Amy and Sarah peck each other on the cheeks and start giggling, while Augie and Tony are kissing on the stairs. I smile and drink the rest of my cup and leave. Happy New Year…..


Want to keep reading??? Please head over to Amazon and pick up your copy today!

Rent The Runway- Week 3 and 4

This is a combined review because there was Thanksgiving and then my daughters birthday.

These 2 I received right before Thanksgiving:

3x1 - 3x1 x Jason Wu Denim Trousers

I LOVED these jeans. They were super comfortable and I got lots of compliments and I felt great in them. I might rent them again and possibly buy them.

Tanya Taylor - Floral Antia Top

This one had noticeable wear on it. It was nice and fit nice but one sleeve had a few pulls in the fabric and one of the strings that hangs off was missing the bottom. I wore it to work and received some compliments but come Thanksgiving I opted not to re wear it.

These are the 4 pieces I picked after sending my Thanksgiving picks back.

I wanted something different so first I picked this velvet vest.

Velvet Hana Vest by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni


I really liked this. My husband said I looked like a wrestler which I guess is a compliment? My coworkers at work who I barely talk to stopped to compliment me. Some touched me because it’s velvet and pretty. The girls at the front desk had lots of questions about what “rent the runway” was. I really did like this as something different and fun to wear. I felt good and confident in it too. And I loved the big pockets! The only downside was that the front flaps kept folding forward so I kept fixing it but that honestly wasn’t that terrible. The inside reminded me of a scuba suit but the outside was beautiful. I would have kept it to wear again but I now look forward to trying new things every week. So back it went.

Olive Blouson Sleeve Shirt by Fifteen Twenty

I wore this with black pants and boots. I liked it. It was comfortable and the poof in the sleeves had me feeling a little like a chef or an artist. I got a few compliments. The fabric was thicker which was nice because it’s chilly in these parts at the moment.


Tie Dye Hoodie by Proenza Schouler White Label

I rented these 2 pieces for my daughters birthday weekend. According to the website this sweatshirt retails for $325.00. I wanted to try it out to see what on earth could be so special about a sweatshirt to justify it being so expensive… Turns out, nothing. It was a hoodie and while it was comfortable, I didn’t think anything special about it. I actually prefer my husbands hoodies to this.


The Cropped Boot Cut Jeans by Current/Elliott

These pants had a really weird length. like right above my ankle. So they weren’t quite capris but not exactly what I consider regular jean length, which would be to the top of my shoe at least. I spent a lot of time pulling these down but then I felt like I had a baggy butt. I wanted to love them but I didn’t. Back they go with the way overpriced sweatshirt.

Image result for waiting on rent the runway free image

I can’t wait for my next shipment! Honestly, I really want to hate this service but I can’t. I am having a lot of fun trying new things and I feel like my closet is never ending now.

If you are interested in trying, please use my link. You get $100.00 off your first month and I get $100.00 off a month for me too (which is a huge help!)!


Weekend Update. My baby is 8!

What a weekend! It’s official. My baby is 8. And what a weekend! Saturday I ran all over the place getting birthday supplies and then we had her school friends party at Muse Paintbar. They painted Sloths and we had pizza and cake.
Then we went home and packed and went to Doubletree hotel and rented a king suite. It was HUGE. I was so surprised honestly. There was a long table when you walked in and we set up the drinks and left over pizza from the first party and then there was a dining table with 4 chairs and a pull out coach and 2 other chairs. We put bowls of snacks everywhere and set up the decorations from party 1. Then there was a whole other room with a kings size bed in it and another long table where I put the cake and treats.
Image result for doubletree norwalk king suite
We had maybe 20 people, family friends and kids, come and there was so much space it didn’t even feel crowded at all. We brought the kids to the pool 2 times, once while people were on the way and then once after we ate lomo and sang happy birthday again.
Image result for lomo carne free image
Then I ordered the Addams family movie and we pulled out the sofa bed and the kids kind of just chilled out. We had one friend sleepover. My husband went home to be with the dogs overnight and I stayed with the kids in the hotel. The next morning I took them to the pool again and then we had breakfast and checked out.
Related image
After we dropped off my daughters friend we headed to the Bronx to pick up Mema and Pepa and went to lunch at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. By the time that was over I was done. Exhausted. When we got home I parked my butt on the couch and watched 2 movies and then went to bed. haha.
Image result for dinosaur bbq harlem free image
Today is my daughters actual birthday. She had her scavenger hunt this morning and then my sister and niece are coming over tonight for dinner and cake and we’ll call Grandma Moo to help us sing happy birthday. And then that’s it for the birthday festivities. Then it’s time to switch over to Christmas mode. I can’t believe how fast everything is moving.
Related image
Next weekend is looking like it’s going to be just as busy too. We have to go chop our tree down, we don’t even have it yet. Then we have another birthday party and then another sleep over and we’ll set the tree up and decorate… Then Sunday my girlfriends and I are going to see Mariah Carey Christmas spectacular at MSG.
Image result for mariah carey christmas spectacular free image
I can not wait for this. Busy, busy but Tis the season I guess.
Image result for tis the season free image
I think I am almost done with the shopping and I ordered practically everything online so it will be delivered to my house.
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How are you? How’s your December going?