2020 Family Vacations

I love going away and I love planning our vacations.
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This year I really wanted to go to an all inclusive resort with my husband, kids, sister and niece. I priced it out though and it was a lot. The air fare was expensive and since there are 6 of us, either we would need a bigger room or 2 rooms, which doubles the price. So, we’ll have to wait on that. Instead we found a couple places that aren’t super expensive and I am going to start planning these vacations.
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In May there is a gaming event my husband wants to go to in Chicago. I have never been there before, so why not do a long weekend? He wants to go to the ComboBreaker, which looks really fun.
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I think there is something there for all of us that would be interesting. And I want to eat Chicago pizza and hot dogs.
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In June I have always wanted to visit the Science Museum in Jersey City.
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I heard a lot of really good things about it. I figure we can spend the night and also go to the American Dream Mall. There is a Nickelodeon theme park in it so maybe we can swing by there for a day. I think that might be fun.
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In July I think I might rent a cabin at Bear Creek camp ground right next to Lake Compounce.
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We can spend a day at Lake Compounce and a day on the campground. I really like the cabins here. Last time we stayed Friday night and Saturday night after spending Saturday in the park.
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We all agreed that we should stay one extra night next time so we can spend some more time at the camp site.
In August our family friends and us have rented a house in the Pocono mountains.
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I love going on vacations with these people. We always have fun. We’re staying in a condo community so there is a pool and a beach at the lake. There is a tennis court, playground and arcade. Plus, there are places around to do fun things like zip lining and white water rafting. I think we’re going to have a blast.
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In September I am planning on renting a house on the beach in Cape Cod. It’s my birthday trip. Last year I rented two rooms at a hotel and I realized that for the price of 2 hotel rooms I could rent a house. That way my sister, niece, mom and us could be all together and hang out and not in separate rooms. Plus, we can cook to save some money on breakfast and lunch.
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That’s my plan for 2020 Family Vacations! Have you planned any vacations yet?

Weekend plans and February Goals

Happy Weekend! What are you’re plans?
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My daughter wanted to have a sleep over with a couple girlfriends so I suggested we use some of my hotel points and get a room so they can swim and we can order food and rent a movie and we’d sleep over there. My daughter loved that idea and so now we are having a small party with some school friends.
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I’m going to take Bel tomorrow to get snacks for the room and check in is at 3. I think there are going to be about 12-15 people but only the 3 girls and me will be sleeping over. It should be fun.
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Sunday is the super bowl. It doesn’t start until 6:30 though and I will probably be sleeping by the end of it. During the day we are going to a friends house to hang out and then home to get ready for the work and school week. I really wish we had 3 day weekends. I feel like the weekends FLY. I can’t believe that it’s the end of January already!
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Happy February!!
January was a pretty chill month. I promoted some. I was really trying to push my books and I still have no idea what to do and where to go. I just feel like time is flying by.
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For February my goals are pretty much the same. I want to keep consistent on my blog. Post 2-3 times per week. I will continue reading and supporting other bloggers.
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At this point it’s been over a year of blogging and I am really happy with my progress. I am not making any money off it and that’s okay. I like doing my reviews and writing about what I want to write about. It makes me happy.
How about you?? What are your goals for February?

Yesterday – Let it slide or speak up?

I don’t know if I was in a mood or if I was just over letting people treat me any sort of way they wanted, but I made some phone calls yesterday and made some complaints that I normally would have just let go.
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It stayed with me for the night and even into today and I still am not sure about my actions. So I’m going to write a blog about it.
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When I got to work yesterday morning there was someone parked in my usual spot so I parked next to them and made sure to leave space so they could get in their car. I was crowding my drivers side line a little but there were lots of spaces left in the lot so I figured it was fine, plus I had to get into work.
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Some time in the morning I looked out the window and saw a black suburban parked really close next to me. They were crowding my drivers side line too and had plenty of space on their drivers side, plus an entire empty space next to that. Point is, there was really no reason to park so close to my car.
I thought maybe I wasn’t seeing it right since I was looking down from the 4th floor. Also, I thought that it was probably a Limo company car from the office downstairs and that maybe they were about to leave so it wouldn’t be there when I left for lunch, I went back to work.
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Lunch time my coworker said she was going out to pick up so if I called in and paid she would grab mine too. I thought that was really nice of her and I called and placed my order and paid with my card over the phone.
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I went outside and saw that the suburban was actually really close to my car. I could barely fit between the cars and I definitely couldn’t get in my drivers side door. I could have gone in the passenger side and climbed over but I was really annoyed. I would never park so close to someones car that they can’t get in and then just leave it there. So I took a picture and called the limo company.
Image result for to close parking"
(*not my car or the limo car)
A man answered and I asked him if the Suburban was theirs, he said yes. I said it was blocking my drivers side door, I couldn’t get into my car.
He’s said “From what I see, it looks like it’s parked appropriately.”
I told him that it was in the lines but it was really close to my car. My car was also in the lines and I couldn’t get into my drivers side. He said, it’s looks appropriate to me. I was like listen, there is a completely empty spot next to your car, there was no need to park so close to my car and then leave it like that. It’s really rude to do that to someone. Plus, I have kids and what if I needed to leave to go get them? You don’t do that to people.
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He kept saying that even though it was parked appropriate, he would move it. I told him that I had parked appropriate too and I also managed to not block someone from being able to open their door. He said he would move it, but it was parked fine. I was like, just move it and don’t be a jerk.
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I hung up and watched him move it from the window and I just kept thinking that I wonder if he would have been so rude if my husband had been the one that called. Probably not.
I guess that since I was on a roll I decided to make another call.
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My coworker came back with my lunch and I looked at my receipt and noticed that they added a tip to my credit card without asking. I waited a couple hours and then I called the place.
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I asked the girl on the phone if there was a charge for ordering over the phone with a credit card, she said no. I asked if they normally add a tip to peoples credit cards without asking. She said no.
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I asked why they added a tip to my card then because I wasn’t asked. I said that it was only a couple dollars and had they asked I would have probably said sure, but no one asked. She said that the lady added it by accident and that they would refund the tip. I was like okay, but if you guys had made a mistake you should have called me, not waited for me to call you. She said that next time they would give me a free lunch. I was like that’s not the point. I didn’t really care about the tip to much or getting a free lunch, it’s not cool to take money from people.
Image result for being over charged and speaking to manaher"
Then I asked to speak to a manager because I have been to this store a lot and I know it asks you if you want to add a tip or not when you use a card. You have to press yes and then how much you want to tip. It’s a multi step process.  She said the manager was in a meeting and I left my number for the manager to call me back, they didn’t yet.
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I went home and was just thinking like if I went to far on some of these things. If I should have just let it go. But stealing money isn’t cool and neither is blocking someone from getting in their car. Both those things are decisions that someone else made and they didn’t give a shit what I felt. That’s what I feel like today.
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I haven’t heard from the manager and I am going to monitor my card. If the tip goes through I will be calling them back, otherwise I think I will let it go. I also don’t think I am going back there for lunch again.
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I don’t know, what do you guys think? Did I over react? Not act enough? What would you have done?

Drag Queen Story time – Review

Yesterday my friends and I brought our kids to the 2nd Drag Queen Story Time at our local library.
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When we arrived there were actual protesters outside. I have never really walked through anything like that. It was so weird. I don’t understand why anyone would stand outside the library to protest something for families. In my opinion, the people protesting could have learned a little something if they came up for story time.
The people who helped organize this event were outside too with their own signs and welcomed everyone into the library.
Once inside we went to the auditorium and there were treats and activities for the kids to do while we waited. Coloring stations and temporary tattoos. There were chairs set up but so many people showed up they needed to add more chairs and kids were sitting on the floor. The place was packed.
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The hosts started and the mayor and a senator welcomed everyone. Then the King and Queen came in and read two books. The first was:
My daughter loved this book and I honestly thought it was super cool too.
The next book they read was:
I just thought this book was super cute too. I didn’t honestly hear all of it, but the parts I did hear were adorable.
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After reading the books they sang “When you believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and it was really fun.
Image result for drag queen story hour norwalk ct"
I felt the overall theme of love, acceptance, understanding and kindness was very positive. 
We honestly had a blast and we are already really looking forward to the next one.
Afterwards, my daughter and I picked out a new book to read and went home.

Weekend Plans

Happy Friday! This week felt really weird to me. It just flew by. We were off Monday. I was jammed a work Tuesday.
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Wednesday the school nurse called because my son was in complaining of a sore throat. I ended up leaving work early to bring him to the walk in to get tested and make sure it wasn’t strep or flu. I figured it wasn’t anything serious because he hasn’t had any fever at all, but I don’t want to be that parent who sends their kid to school sick and contaminates the rest of the class…
Image result for too sick for school"
It was post nasal drip the doctor said causing his throat to be irritated a little. Nothing to really worry about. I brought him out for some Ramen and the broth seemed to help sooth his throat a little bit.
Image result for mecha ramen plain noodle"
Thursday work was bumpin again since I missed basically 2 days this week. Now it’s Friday. Work then grocery shopping and laundry will be in my future tonight.
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Saturday is my deep cleaning day for the house and then chilling and probably watching movies or whatever. My daughter has a birthday party to go to in the afternoon, I may ask my husband to please take her because I really don’t like going to those. I read it’s supposed to rain and be kind of crummy out so I hope and plan on staying in.
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Sunday, we don’t have a plan. I have a book club book to finish. We are reading “Mostly Dead Things” By Kristen Arnett. It’s different from what we have read in the past. I think everyone is branching out a little in their book choices and I love it.
Image result for weekend plans"
I like to log into the library and just pick random books from whatever is available. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it’s not but it let’s me read a range of things and I enjoy it. How do you pick your books?
Image result for have a nice weekend"
Sunday I think I will finish my book and then give my copy to my sister and when she’s done, she’ll pass it on if someone still hasn’t picked up a copy. I might make some Stewed chicken Sunday. I haven’t made that in a while. And then I’ll probably take my daughter out to window shop at a few places or walk around the mall. It really depends on the weather. I can’t stay home for more then a full day without getting super antsy though so we’ll need to get out for a little bit.
That’s pretty much it. How about you? Any plans for the weekend?

13 things that make me feel old

I just saw a Volkswagon Jetta with classic car plates this morning. That car is a classic?
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Already?? That was the big car when I was younger. Seeing that got me thinking about all the things that I do or say that really make me feel much older than I think I am.
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So I made a list because I have always loved a good list!
Image result for things that make me feel old"
Things that make me feel old:
1.)Seeing a popular car from when I was younger with a Classic license plate.
Image result for classic license plate"
2.)Listening to old school songs and knowing that those songs are sampled from even older songs, that I also know.
Image result for listening to old school music and knowing the older school"
3) Learning the year my favorite songs came out.
Image result for r& B sampled from older r & B"
4.) Classic rock station plays rock the we listened to in middle and high school.
Image result for classic rock in 2020"
5.) Snow days are called the night before sometimes. Every single time I think “This would have never happened back in the day.”
Image result for snow days back in the day"
6.) Saying “Back in the day”
Image result for saying back in the day"
7.) Realizing that times have changed so much and I can’t tell my kids to just go outside and play and be home by dark. That’s not allowed anymore. The way we played verse the way they play is so weird to me sometimes.
Image result for it's 10 pm do you know where your children are"
8.) Stretching in the morning and cracking. A lot.
Image result for getting old and stretching cracking"
9.) Being excited about a vacuum for Christmas. And a Neck massager. That thing is amazing.
Image result for excited to get a vacuum"
10.) Fashion. Hearing “The 80’s are back… The 90’s are back…” And remembering when I wore it in the 80’s and 90’s.
Image result for 80's and 90's fashion"
11.) When my kids says “What’s a beeper?” Or a cassette tape, or a CD. And remembering when I got a boombox for Christmas and was so happy. (Also, these are considered “Vintage” now?? Since when!?!?)
Image result for boom box 90's"
12.) Saying “I’ll google it.” And thinking about encyclopedias and wondering if people still have these in their houses?
Image result for google vs encyclopedia"
13.) Having to scroll down to find my year when entering my birth date. Or picking my age range bracket when taking a survey.
Image result for things that make me feel old"
How about you? What are something you see, do or say that make you feel old?

Rent the Runway – Week 9!

This week I think I might change it up a little but first:

Ramy Brook - Alston Pants

Weekend comfy pants. Retails for $345, I can buy for $207.00. That’s not going to happen but I can wear them all weekend. I am going to mail back these pants, the jeans and at least one sweater Monday and pick some new things for next week.

I didn’t end up wearing these much. The elastic waist was really tight and I didn’t like that it cut in. It wasn’t uncomfortable but I felt like it made me look fatter. Like a muffin top but I’m wearing stretchy pants? I don’t think that’s a good look for me. I liked the material and I liked the big pockets. I wore them around the house a bit but when it was time to go out, I switched to the jeans.


Prabal Gurung Collective - Grey Embellished Sweater


I picked this for the end of the work week. It retails for $240.00 and I can buy it for $168.00. It has good reviews so I hope I love it.

I do love it. I am wearing it today and I already got 3 compliments. It’s a good weight, warm and I like the little embellishments. I can’t wait to pick out my next shipment.

Tory Burch - Colorblock Madeline Cardigan

I picked this for the end of the work week as well. Retails for $248.00 I can buy for $173.60. Nope. I sized up according to the reviews and hope it fits well.

This does fit well. I am wore it last Thursday and I liked it a lot. I will probably not wear it twice but I felt good in it. I got a few compliments at work. I like the orange on this. It gives it a pop of color.

Citizens Of Humanity - Charlotte Straight Jeans

These jeans retail for $258.00. How could jeans be so expensive? They’re Jeans. I mean really. I can buy them for $103.20… These didn’t fit at all. No stretch at all. I couldn’t wear these.

MONROW - Cheetah Print Zip Up Hoodie

This hoodie retails for $176.00. It’s a hoodie. I am looking forward to this. I have been wanting to try a cheetah print anything for a while but I don’t want to invest in it.

I can buy it for $158.40. No. First of all it’s short, like cropped. Is that the style now? I did wear this to book club and I got a couple compliments. But I am returning after 1 wear. It’s just big, like wide big and I kept tugging it down because it’s short. It was a fun wear for one day but it’s going back today.


I think I am going to cut the Rent the Runway updates down to every other week. It’s been 2 months now and I am still loving this service and trying new things. I want to start branching out too and trying some of the accessories as well. I haven’t posted anything about that because I haven’t tried any. I’ve been loving the clothes so far. I also need to branch out and try a dress or two. The whole point of this was for me to try new things and a sweater with pants is not really a new look on me at all. Baby steps though.

Excerpt- LMBW- 6th Grade

9 Party






Christmas has come and gone, and I did get my new hoop. I can’t wait till the snow melts so we can put it up. I’m able to buy presents on my own for the first time ever. I get my sister a box of penny candies. I actually ate all hers and I’m replacing the ones I ate. Whoops. I get my mom a heart shaped crystal dish. It’s beautiful, like her. I get my dad some tools because I really have no idea what else he would want. I get my brother a Guns and Roses tape. He already has it he says but now he has 2.


Augie’s New Year’s Eve party is coming up and I buy myself a new white T-shirt. I can’t wait. Kathy has already invited me over to get ready. She’s going to do my hair and makeup but since her sister will be home, we can’t borrow her clothes.



The day of the party I show up to Kathy’s house and Beth is there. I sit there and let Kathy do my makeup and listen to them talk about all the boys in their grade that they like. Kathy leans over to put eye shadow on me and her boobs are in my face. I look down and realize I haven’t grown any at all. I’m still as flat as I was in fifth grade, I just have a sports bra for show, but it’s not supporting anything.



Beth and Kathy continue talking about who’s going to be at this party and who they want to dance with. Dance?!?!?!?! Oh my god! No one said there would be dancing. I can’t dance. Like, in front of people. While I panic, Sarah and Amy show up to get ready too.



Sarah gives me a hug and says I look nice, Amy says “hi” and sits next to Beth on the bed. I am surprised she’s talking to me at all. I guess since we’re going to the same party, I’m ok for the night. Amy and Sarah are both wearing black miniskirts and tank tops with a sweater over. They match on purpose cause they are best friends.



Beth turns up the music while we sing and finish getting ready. I let her put mascara on me for the first time and I like my look. I might have to ask Augie to grab me one of these on his next trip to Woolworth. I make money now, but mascara is expensive.



We start to walk over to Augie’s, and I pull out a pack of cigarettes I just bought. In one of my neighborhood excursions I found out that the Howard Johnsons down the street has a cigarette machine on the second floor and I buy myself a pack of Marlboro Lights with my babysitting money. I tried one on my own, but I decide that I will only smoke at Augie’s.



Amy’s eyes light up and she asks to bum one. I say sure. I also give one to everyone else and we show up to Augie’s smoking and dressed up. I feel like one of the girls for once. Augie lets us in, and he has the downstairs decorated with the music on already.



He walks us over to the bar and asks what we want. I get whatever everyone else has. Vodka and juice. It’s strong but I sip it slowly and look around. There are a couple other people there. Tony and Elle are laughing on the couch. I walk over and sit with them. They’re telling stories of some Social Studies teacher I might have in the future and how lame he is. I start cracking up.



Augie comes over and asks if we want to dance. Elle and I say not yet but Tony gets up and they start dancing. I look at Elle and she’s just looking at them and smiling. I shrug my shoulders and look around the room. Beth and Kathy are by a group of guys that I didn’t even notice showed up. They’re all laughing, and Kathy sits on one of the boys’ laps.



Elle rolls her eyes and tells me that all those boys are lame. She says they only go for the girly, skinny girls or the ones they can kiss easy. Then she starts to tell me about her gang boyfriend and how much cooler he is. She’s going to meet him later after this party.


She asks if I want another drink and I realize that I barely drank any yet. I say no thank you and she gets up for another glass. I sip my drink and see Amy and Sarah walk out the back door. I could use some air and now there are a number of people dancing and I’ve lost sight of Tony and Augie.



I make my way out the door and I don’t see Amy or Sarah. I do hear crying, so I follow it. It’s Amy. She’s sitting next to Sarah and sobbing. She sees me but she just keeps crying. I offer her a cigarette and she takes it. I light it for her. She takes a pull and starts to calm down. Then she starts to speak to both of us. She can’t go home anymore. She’s had enough, she can’t take it anymore. Sarah is hugging her and looking at her sympathetically. She’s slowly rocking her back and forth.

I wish I could crawl in her lap and she could rock me too. I really miss my childhood best friend, but looking at them now, I realize that Sarah isn’t and won’t be my best friend anymore. Or probably ever again. It feels like she’s outgrown me. It’s okay though. I actually feel fine with it. I want to ask what happened, but I don’t. I don’t want to know.



Augie shows up and I give him a cigarette. He’s beaming and listens to Amy. He said his neighbors just moved out and he thinks there is an empty apartment that is open. We all look at each other and then walk over to his neighbor’s house. Sure enough, the door is unlocked. Amy smiles. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her really smile before. She says it will be perfect for a few nights. We head back to Augie’s party and I sip my drink.



I decide to have a cigarette now and sit outside. It’s almost midnight and then I have to head home. My mom said I had to be home right after midnight. I’m surprised she even let me go at all. I guess that’s the perk of being a third child.



Augie calls out that the ball is about to drop, and I head in and count down with everyone. Happy New Year! Beth and Kathy are kissing their boys. Elle has left to meet her boyfriend. Amy and Sarah peck each other on the cheeks and start giggling, while Augie and Tony are kissing on the stairs. I smile and drink the rest of my cup and leave. Happy New Year.


Keep Reading!

Moving Forward

It’s halfway through January.
Image result for moving forward free image"
I have been working on promoting my blog and book but I am running out of ideas. I made the first book free on Kindle Unlimited in hopes to get a few new readers, I got one so far in the last 2 weeks. If you are interested, please check out my Buy my books page. The Little Me, Big Wold Book is FREE right now on Kindle unlimited. It’s slow but I am still going. I am trying to figure out other places I can promote my books. Maybe ask some book bloggers for a review? I don’t know. I feel so lost in this sometimes.
Image result for how to find book bloggers free image"
I am waiting for my husband to scan my daughters book in so we can hopefully get that up and I can promote that a little too. It’s super cute and I want to donate a copy to her school library.
Image result for child author free image"
I registered my blog on a few free blog directories and I am hoping that this will bring more traffic. I don’t really understand the DA or SEO ratings or how that works. I think I am going to try to sit down this weekend and read through some of that. Does anyone have a great article you would recommend? Feel free to post the link in comments please!
Image result for Understand DA and SEO free image"
I am trying to figure out vacations this year. I wanted to go to an all inclusive and I reached out to a travel agent. She said Cancun would be a good option. It was $7900.00 for 6 of us to go and half of that is plane tickets. That’s a lot for me so unfortunately that will have to wait.
Image result for Cancun mexico Fiesta Americana free image"
Plus, talking to my coworker she said April is the time we should go, not June because it’s really hot . We want to bring my sister and niece so we need 2 rooms or a family suite and that’s where the price doubles. Plus the 2 extra plane tickets. I tried to figure out anything for a nice getaway. I looked at Canada, Key West, Iceland. The issue for me is the price practically doubling for 2 more people. Ugh.
Image result for cheap extended family getaway ideas free image"
I spoke to my husband last night and we decided to do a couple long weekends within a couple hours of where we live and then the one week with our friends in August. I am going to rent a house for a long weekend in Cape Cod for my birthday in September and my sister, niece and mom can at least come to that. I wish I had a bigger vacation budget.
Image result for wishing for bigger travel budget free image"
There are so many places I want to go still. Italy, Switzerland, Paris, everywhere. What’s a place you would love to visit?

Apple Posture Trainer – My review

My husband gave this to me for Christmas. It was what I asked for because I don’t want to be hunched over when I am older and I notice that I slouch… A lot. I also have scoliosis (it’s not really noticeable) so I think about my posture sometimes.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
The first day I got it I had him stick it to my back and it buzzed immediately. I honestly loved it. It made me notice and correct myself. I kept it on trainer mood for a while but then turned it off when I started to cook. If you are not straight up, it buzzes. It got annoying when I was mincing and prepping food.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
It has two modes, trainer and tracking. The tracking is just that. It monitors your posture and will send your phone a notification when you have been slouching for 15 minutes. The trainer mode will buzz you every time you slouch.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
I forgot about this for a couple days after the first one because I had an issue plugging it in and it didn’t charge.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
Week One:
I have been wearing now for a couple days straight. I like it but it’s also annoying cause it’s like this thing stuck on my back. I don’t really notice it but I feel like people could probably see it if I am wearing a tighter sweater. I have no idea how this will work in the summer. I honestly probably will not wear it that much in the summer.
So far, I like it. I had to take it off trainer at work because it just constantly buzzes. I sit at a desk and I look down at papers a lot. Every single time I get buzzed. So according to the stats I slouch 75% of my day. That’s crazy. and I don’t think I am really slouching, sometimes I am just leaning forward but my back is straight. Is that slouching?
Also, if you lay down, you are slouching. I just take it off when I get home most of the time because I cook dinner = slouching,  and then pick up and every time I lean over I am slouching. I actually asked my husband if we could return it because I am really not sure it was worth it, we can’t. It’s been more than 30 days… Oh well, I guess I’ll keep wearing it.
Image result for apple posture trainer free image"
Week Two:
I think I may have been wearing it to low. I have to look it up. I did move it up a little bit this week and I am not being buzzed as much as last week. Maybe I am sitting more upright over all?? I have no idea. We also had to change the sticky on it because the last sticky lost it’s stick. I am going to keep wearing it for a while because even if I have no idea where it goes or what I’m doing, it does make me more aware of my posture even when I am not wearing it.
Image result for good posture free image"
Overall Rating so far out of 5 stars… 3. I think they could make it a little smaller. I really like the idea of it. It’s pretty easy to forget about it once it’s on but I don’t know if I would wear it in the hotter months when it might show through my clothes a little easier. I will keep wearing and review again in a month.
Image result for good posture free image"
Do you have a posture trainer? Would you use one?