Personal Update – Week 14

Week 14 of the staying at home. I am totally fine with working from home now. In fact, I love it. They’re saying we won’t be back in the office until maybe September, and I am totally fine with that. I would be totally fine if I only had to go in once a month after that. That’s all I really need to print. But we’ll see. No one really knows anything yet.
Best Happy Summer Clipart #20061 -
The kids are done with school. We have summer rules set up.
1.) No video games before noon. Then a 2 hour limit per play and at least an hour break with no screens in between.
2.) Must get outside for at least an hour when it’s not raining. Go for a walk, ride a bike, just sit on the deck… Anything, but get outside.
3.) Reading, science, math, history, pick a subject and study for an hour every week day.
4.) Wake up, brush your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, change your underwear. ( Yes, we need to make this a rule because they “forget” and then “It’s our fault for not reminding them.”…)
That’s it. Hopefully, this will be a good summer for all of us. I am excited.
Coronavirus Recovery: Phase 2 of reopening plan set for Wednesday ...
They are opening a few more things tomorrow in CT. It’s our second phase of reopening. Gym’s, indoor dining up to 50% capacity, and a few other places. We are going to wait a bit before indoor dining anywhere. I’m just still really nervous. We are planning on going to a friends house this weekend. It’s the family we are going on vacation with in August. We go on vacation with them every year and this year we were worried we would have to cancel but so far we are good to go and I can’t wait. But this weekend we are going to their house to sit outside and BBQ. I am so happy. If we only have them, my sister and niece and me ma and pe pa, I think I’ll be alright.
Patio & Garden | Double hammock, Affordable outdoor furniture ...
We did order the Hammock for the backyard. We ordered a basketball hoop for the garage. We painted the side of the garage and let the kids spray paint it for an art project. I really like it so far. I think they did a great job and I can’t wait to see what else they add. My flowers are looking pretty good except for one pot and one rose bush in the front yard. I am really hoping to nurse those back to life. I’ve never been a gardening person, but I kind of like it. It makes everything more colorful and pretty. The deck looks good, the grass is growing in, I can’t wait to turn the backyard into summer fun. We bought a blow up pool and a badminton set too.
Juneteenth day hands say no to racism | Premium Vector
My job sent out a really cool email yesterday. We are no longer observing columbus day in October. Instead, we now have Juneteenth day on June 19th as a permanent holiday. We are celebrating the end of slavery. I really think this is a great idea.
How are you doing?

One of those days – Guest Post!

couple, kiss, and cry image | Black couple art, Black love art ...
Dear Ja’Darius
It’s one of those days again, actually one of those weeks if I’m honest. One where all I want to do is cry. I miss you sooo much. Not a day goes by that you aren’t on my mind and I often find myself asking god why?? Why you?? Why me?? Why he couldn’t write our story different?? Why couldn’t my high school crush come back and find me?? I still have the Smurf you gave me at the Christmas party back in 2010, I’m gonna unpack him so I could sleep with him. I remember that day like it was yesterday, how there were literally about 200 of the same smurfs but you had to get a specific one for me, one that had an even amount of stuffing throughout his whole body, how you literally started pushing any and everybody out of your way because you were so eager to find the perfect one so Michelle stepped in to help you. How when I asked why’d you do all that pushing and shoving just for a smurf?? Your exact words were “because I love you.” I miss you sooo much especially when I’m hungry but I can’t reach the ingredients in the cabinet because I’m so short. I miss asking you to say something to me in Spanish even though I knew you didn’t know not one word. I miss how much you hated your curls but let them grow just so I could play in them. They say it gets easier but for me it hasn’t. They say I shouldn’t cry because you wouldn’t want me too but sometimes it’s all I want to do. My mom asks me a lot of questions about you…she says if she would’ve met you she would’ve loved you too. Since learning of your passing I haven’t allowed myself to get close to anyone. I don’t know how. I’m scared. Scared that if I let someone new in the same thing will happen all over again.
Sincerely: High School Sweetheart??
Click here to read letter 1

Weekend Plans

Today is my son’s 11th birthday. I can’t believe it. I called him an eleventeen this morning and he said that was corny. Haha.
2020} Happy Birthday Son - Collection of Beautiful Birthday Wishes ...
We did the scavenger hunt this morning. I was really thinking that they would out grow it but it seems that they still love it, so we’ll keep it for a while.🙂
Birthday treasure hunt for my boyfriend's birthday! Some clues ...
Tonight we are having Me ma, Pe pa, Sister and niece over for a little cook out outside on the deck. My husband is comfortable with it and I am so excited. I just can’t wait to see other people and be able to have a conversation in person. We haven’t seen anyone really in 13 weeks. Except in passing. One of our family friends has brought us ribs whenever he smokes them and leaves them on our deck. At the beginning of all this, he bought a smoker to experiment with and we get the leftovers since we can’t be together. They are so good. My husband even pulled our smoker out of the garage so we can start again. I want to try to smoke some salmon. Oh, I am so hungry right now.
My view of my deck with the motor city vertical V6 smoker doing ...
Tonight we are grilling some thick (about 1.5-2 inch thick) rib eyes, a halibut steak, lobster tails and then if anyone wants a burger or hot dogs, I have those too. Then we have mac salad, potato salad, corn, kale and cabbage slaw, and then I am going to fry steak fries and plantains. I have a chocolate Ice cream cake for dessert.
Dq cakes...Dairy Queen. Happy Birthday for anyone. (With images ...
I don’t think I can express how happy I feel today. I feel like in Frozen when Elsa opens the gates and Anna is running around singing. Of course we will keep distance. I have disposable everything and we will try to minimize contact as much as possible. All the people coming have been in staying home. Hopefully, everything will be great and we can start having my sister over a little more often. I just miss everyone. I know everyone else does too. It would just be so nice to have a couple people we can see.
When quarantine is over : Frozen
So far our summer vacation is on in August. We rented a house in the Poconos. I am really looking forward to that. I am also looking for a house to rent in Cape Cod for a long weekend in September. I love September in Cape Cod. I haven’t been there any other time but I don’t think I have to. We’ll see about that though.
Cape Cod This Morning, September 22, 2017 | Cape Cod This Morning ...
Tomorrow is my deep clean Saturday. And Sunday so far nothing. I think we’ll probably keep it as nothing for now. I did buy passes to the Museum and Nature center last week so maybe if it’s nice we’ll go out for a hike. We’ll see.
Been There Done That Trips | Stamford Museum and Nature Center ...
What about you? What are your weekend plans? Have you been around other people since the shut down?

Green Mountains, Vermont – Virtual Family Trip.

This weeks Virtual Road trip is going to be Green Mountains, Vermont.
We’ve gone to Vermont a handful of times as a family before. My husbands old job used to pay for a weekend at Okemo so even though we don’t ski, we would go as a mini weekend getaway. There are fun things to do if you don’t ski. Okemo has snow tubing (which I got a concussion on when my tube flipped so we stopped doing that) ice skating, pools (indoor and outdoor) and a mountain coaster.  My husband left that job a couple years ago so we stopped going because a lot of those things we can do around here without driving 3.5 hours.
This past weekend the kids mentioned that they missed it. I said we should go back but during the spring/summer because there is probably a lot more to do for us at that time. That’s what my pick is for this week!
First, where to stay?
Killington, VT. Killington Grand Resort.
2 bedroom penthouse suite. Cause that’s how we roll when it’s virtual and we’re not actually paying.
Pool area - Picture of Killington Grand Resort Hotel - Tripadvisor
What to do?
pool side - Picture of Killington Grand Resort Hotel - Tripadvisor
Beast Mountain Coaster – This is a must. My kids loooove mountain coasters and this one looks awesome.
Beast Mountain Coaster, Killington, Vermont POV - YouTube
The Soaring Eagle:
Ok, this looks like I would be scared out of my mind, but also laughing.
soaring eagle ride - Picture of Killington Grand Resort Hotel ...
Skye Ropes Course: My son wants to try one and this one looks crazy.
Beast Mountain Coaster
Trampoline Jump: I think the kids would love this.
No need for a return visit - Review of Killington - Pico Adventure ...
Amaze’n Maze: Maybe this? If we had an hour to kill.
Amaze'n Maze
A Gondola Ride –
And that would complete our long weekend!
After looking at this resort for so long I think once things start to reopen, maybe we should take a trip up. It looks like it has a lot of fun things to do.

Anything is possible – Guest blog!

If you follow me on Instagram you may or may not know that I am in a wheelchair due to a hospital mistake, that’s a story for another time though. Because of this I’ve struggled with a shit load of insecurities because of the mean and hurtful things I was told growing up. Not anymore though 2020 is my year!! With that being said I’ve decided to start working out. This isn’t new to me when I was 12 I had a six pack but I was insecure because I am a girl. Stupid reason to be insecure right?? I know… Back then the whole gender stereotype was a thing. Comments like ” you’re a girl girls aren’t supposed to have muscles.” I’m a grown man and I don’t even have abs.” Were constantly said. It made me feel like it was wrong for a girl to be in shape. I didn’t intentionally let myself go but I have surgery and was is stuck in the bed for six weeks with a cast. My only priority then was recovering not my body prior. However now 25 years old I really miss how in shape I was. Over the years I found myself even slipping back into depression because of it. 

I’m taking my life back!! It’s been a month since I’ve embarked on this workout journey and if I am honest it’s harder than I thought!! My goal is to have my six pack back but I can’t even do push-ups at the moment. So for now I’m just doing some dumbbell exercises at home that are modified just a Little because of my disability. 

The Ultimate One-Dumbbell Workout - Oxygen Magazine

6 Rowing Variations for a Stronger Upper Back | Muscle & Fitness

Upper Body Workout For Women at the Gym | POPSUGAR Fitness

Arm Exercises For Women | POPSUGAR Fitness

Here are some of the exercises I do… disabled young old man or a woman you can do anything you put your mind to!!!

Dear white people – Guest Post!


Dear white people (NOT ALL)

I love you, why are you scared of me?? I bleed red just like you. I cry just like you. Why are you scared of me? In case you haven’t figured it out yet yes I’m black. A black woman who genuinely wants to know why are you scared of me?…why are you scared of us black daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandma, grandpas and even Hispanics/latinos and Latinas? What about us instills fear in your heart the second you encounter one of us to the point that you have to pull out a gun and not just shoot but kill? why can’t you see us as humans just like you?

I’m saddened by the fact that I even felt the need to write this but I’m tired and if I’m honest starting to get a little scared to go out because anything I do can be seen as a threat even something as simple as making sure I’m sitting up straight in my wheelchair!! However I do know that this is not  only a racist issue but a spiritual  one as well the devil wants us divided but we must come together especially as the body of Christ and tell him to F off!! Dear White people I know not all of you are  infected with the racist bug in fact I’m honored to know some of you but I’m asking that you use your voices and who knows maybe one conversation with you will change millions of hearts🙏🏽


A black daughter 

instagram  justask_kiki


How Writing a Book Helped Me Get to Know Myself - Writing and Wellness

Top Ten things I learned from 1 1/2 years of blogging

1.) Really enjoy it. For me, it’s a hobby. Would I love to make a full time salary off it and be able to do it full time? Of course! Will that happen for me? Probably not. In a year and a half I made a grand total of $8.00 off ads on my blog and $20.00 in book sales. I write because I love to and I found that since it is a favorite hobby, I want to keep in enjoyable.
Blogging, the things I have learned after 1 year ...
2.) Don’t test products unless you really want to promote them.
I did a review of a product and I had to promote it for 2 weeks. I loved getting the stuff and trying it out, I didn’t like promoting it so much all over. That’s just me though and probably why I haven’t looked for other things. Would I love to get free stuff?? Yeah! But I only would want to promote the stuff I really, really wanted to tell my readers about. In my case I signed a contract and then I was mad at myself.
Want to be a PRbyMeghan Product Tester? | prbymeghan
3.) Do not agree to guest blog on someone else’s blog UNLESS you REALLY want to.
A long time ago I was asked to participate in a travel blog collection. Someone was doing an all 50 states and where should you go type of collection. I thought it sounded really cool and I figured it would link back to my blog, so more traffic. I was asked to do my state and I wrote about all the places that we loved to visit, where to eat and all the fun things we liked to do.
Writing it wasn’t a problem, what sort of made me upset was I was asked to add a bunch of stuff and then I never really saw it promoted by the person once they posted it on their blog.
I ended up posting it to my blog after a couple months because I worked really hard on it. Probably harder than I worked on a lot of my previous blogs at that point. I was proud of it. It inspired me to write about a lot of our family vacations and where we go and what we do… I just started a virtual trip weekly since I can’t plan real vacations right now.
How to do Guest Blogging? – The Ultimate Guide
4.) Support other blogs and you will see it returned. Even if you don’t get supported back, support other blogs anyway. I love finding good people to follow and even though I don’t read every single week, I try to stop by at least once a month to see what they are up too. Like, follow, comment, participate.
11 Fantastic Ways to Help and Support Bloggers You Love
5.) Set goals but don’t beat yourself up about not hitting them.
In the beginning I was all about views. All about it. I counted them and loved seeing the daily and monthly views grow. And then they didn’t for a while. They just stayed around the same and I really got discouraged. I promised myself I would give it a good year and I did. Some months are better, some months are not that great. Any views are better than no views.
Best Goal-Setting Journals | POPSUGAR Fitness
6.) Take a break if you need too.
I really burned out last summer. My initial goal was to post one blog every day that I went to my real job. Like it wouldn’t be hard. I was such a fool. I found myself repeating myself throughout the blog posts because I was burning out.
It started to feel like a job some days just to come up with something new to write. I stopped forcing it. I now write a couple times a week, I promote each post for a few hours across twitter, pintrest and facebook and then I let it go.
I want to build content and I want it to be interesting.
Take a Break – Lionel Sneed Ministries
7.) Do not compare yourself to other people and their blogs.
There was one person who started around the same time as me and she was making money within months. I honestly felt like I wasn’t doing enough, like I should be doing more and like I was failing. When I asked, she said she would help me, if I took her course. I declined.
I am not a sales person, I have never been a good one. If you ask me what I think, I’ll tell you the truth. Do you need this? Probably not. Why?  Because if you asked my advice I would give it to you for free. I wouldn’t think of putting a course together and selling it. Because then I would have to sell it, and I am not a good sales person. But that’s how she’s making money. Great for her, not what I want to do.
I personally don’t have a lot of money to invest in this. I realized this is something I enjoy doing on the side of my work and family and that’s just the way it is for me, for now. The point is, don’t compare yourself to other people. Just do you.
Don't compare yourself to others - LJ Nissen's blog
8.) There is so much to learn and so much that goes into blogging. Writing is just the tip of it. Promoting, marketing and growing takes a lot of time. I joined other blogging sites, I cross post to a lot of places and I have finally given up on even looking at instagram. How to people blog on instagram?
I haven’t even scratched the surface of SEO, I don’t even really know what that means. But I try to pick good key words and pray for the best. If you’re in this to win, there is a lot to know.
Are blogs still relevant? A 2020 strategy for measuring blog ...
9.) Write what works for you. Write what you know. It’s easier.
I read a lot about how you need to pick a niche to be successful in blogging. That wasn’t for me. I’m not a niche writer. One day I feel like traveling and the next I want to review a movie. The next day I’m feeling kind of shitty and want to talk about that. I write what I want and that’s what works for me.
24 Blogging Stats You Need To Know - Constant Content
10.) Don’t give up! Keep writing. Keep doing it because you love it. Be proud of yourself and be proud of your work. You got this!
Don't Give Up on Your Writing - Dianne Jacob, Will Write For Food
After one and a half years, I will keep going. Lately, I have slowed down. Mostly because we aren’t going anywhere. I actually felt slightly depressed Monday about not having a BBQ and not being around my friends. It’s been almost 3 months now. So I didn’t even post a blog that day. I’m okay with that. After one and a half years I have sort of found my groove and I like my groove. It doesn’t make me money, but it does make me happy.
Happy Blogiversary!!!! – Mrs. Accountabilitee
What about you? What is something blogging really taught you? Why do you blog? Any advice for other bloggers?
Here’s to another year!

SCOOB!- A Family Review

 We love going to the movies and if all this weren’t going on right now, we would have gone to see this in the theater. Instead, we rented it, had a drink made some snacks and settled in with pillows and covers and puppies.
Scoob Movie Review - Scoody Doo 2 Review - Guide 4 Moms
First up, snacks! My son loves only 2 kinds of popcorn, Act 2 Extreme butter from the microwave and movie theater popcorn. So he made his own bag of popcorn and chocolate milk.
My daughter is all about the snack trays when we watch movies at home. She usually throws a soft pretzel on there and some kind of fruit, usually strawberries.
I made stove top popcorn for my husband, daughter and me. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of kernels once the oil is hot. Cover and let it pop. We drizzle melted butter and salt on ours. Delish.
And now for the Reviews! SCOOB! (DVD + Digital Code): Nglish, E., Cervone, Tony ...
My son: Yes. It was really good. Except for the part where he died. I liked the super caveman guy. I would recommend everyone see this. I liked that we watched it at home but I would have seen it in the theaters if we could have.
Scooby-Doo and Shaggy get a lovable origin story in the first ...
My daughter: I liked it. I liked Scooby and Shaggy. I thought it was funny and fun. I would recommend for you to see it.
When SHAGGY Met SCOOBY in SCOOB! First Trailer
Me: I liked it. There were some cheesy parts but it’s a kids movie. I thought it was fun. I would watch it again. I thought it was worth the $20.00 fee and liked that we were home and comfy. Even though I really do miss going to the theaters, I think this was a good home rental.
Movie review: 'Scoob!' a treat for old, new fans of Scooby-Doo ...

I really enjoyed the movie. I didn’t know much about it going in. I didn’t even really know who was in it until I saw the opening cast credits.
Spoiler-free review: I really enjoyed the movie (repetitive, I know). It did a good job exploring the relationship between Shaggy and Scooby. I’d have liked a bit more of the rest of the Mystery Inc team for more of the movie, but the movie is named Scoob and it’s REALLY focused hardcore on Shaggy and Scooby. The rest of the cast is great though, and the vast majority of the jokes are hilarious. I thought a few of the reference jokes are going to age poorly and really date the film; but overall we had a real laugh out loud experience and a lot of fun.
Scoob! to arrive on VOD and digital in May
Now for the spoiler-laden review: Last chance to cut out.
The introduction of Scooby and Shaggy was really cute. Simon Cowell showing up was a funny surprise. The team making fun of pop culture references actually got funnier as the movie went on. Especially when Velma delivered a joke about Shaggy’s characterization. At least I think it was Velma. The movie needs a rewatch. It was funny enough that it deserves a rewatch.
New Scoob! Movie Trailer Reveals How Shaggy Gave Scooby-Doo His ...
So there’s a lot of callbacks to older Hanna Barbera cartoons. They’re not really blink and you’ll miss them. Captain Caveman features for part of the movie and Tracy Morgan has a really good time playing him. Early on you get DinoMutt and Mark Wahlberg as Blue Falcon Jr. Mark Wahlberg is absolutely hilarious. DinoMutt and DeeDee (yes, one of the Teen Angels) are clearly the competent members of the team, and they absolutely suffer for their competence the entire movie. Which means Mark Wahlberg is having a blast, and so we were while watching it.
Here's Where You Can Watch and Rent Scoob! - IGN
But why is Blue Falcon Jr here anyway? Why are the usually kinda, sorta fairly-grounded Scooby Team involved with BF in this adventure? Now full-stop. I say kinda grounded because in the original series, the hijinks were always a result of the villain using some sort of smoke and mirrors. You don’t get supernatural elements until you venture outside of the original series, especially in the standalone movies and the absolutely fantastic Mystery Incorporated series. But here? The team starts by dealing with rather mundane smoke and mirrors type stuff. And here’s the actual spoiler: Dick Dastardly is hunting down Scooby because he’s the last remaining descendant of Alexander the Great’s dog and the key to unlocking the gate to the Underworld where he kept his treasure.
Scoob!' And 'Capone' Were Last Weekend's Top New Movies
So the movie jumps the shark fairly early, then the Mystery Inc team become background players while Shaggy and Scooby gallivant around with BF and his team (mind you, this is actually properly setup in the plot). Scoob and Shaggy’s relationship starts to have issues because Scoob is absolutely integral to the villain’s scheme and Shaggy is told he’s nobody. DeeDee and DinoMutt continue to try to teach BF Jr. how to be a hero, but it turns out that besides being incompetent, he’s scared of the role.
TV and Movie News Scoob! Voice Cast & Character Guide | Screen ...
The resolution for that situation which ends in BF becoming a hero? Satisfying. The resolution for Scoob and Shaggy’s flagging relationship? Absolutely falls flat. Much like the climax of the third act. Now the reunion of everyone on the way there, the b plots with the team escaping Dick Dastardly, Dick Dastardly being a master of disguise, and even Muttley’s appearance are all excellent. It’s just that the ending builds up to this real “one must sacrifice everything” situation that seems really stupid. I get that it’s now a Hanna Barbera Shared Universe. But you’ve already established a bunch of stuff. Cerebrus, the Underworld, Supernatural elements, the rest of the Laff-A-Lympics crew existing to some degree in the same world. The last swerve at the end of a kids movie being one of the heroes having to sacrifice themselves to forever lock the gate to the Underworld is not only ham-fisted, you know they’re going to reverse it.
Dick Dastardly (Scoob!) | Villains Wiki | Fandom
The payoff of the plot is my real issue with the movie. Everything else was very enjoyable, downright hilarious, great casting for the most part, lots of nostalgic callbacks, and very, very well executed.
Kids Movies: 'Scoob!' Coming to Premium Video On Demand | Toy Insider
Would I see it in theaters? Well thanks to COVID-19 our house is now the theater so yeah, I’d upgrade what we have to rewatch it. It was honestly a really good movie.
Did you see this movie yet? What did you think?

Virtual Road Trip – Philly, PA

This week I am (virtual) traveling to Philly (Philadelphia, PA) . I always wanted to go here for a Philly Cheese steak, climb the “Rocky” Steps and just to visit.Pictures USA Philadelphia Bridges Rivers Evening 1600x1200
First, Where are we staying?
I picked
AKA- University City the 2 bedroom penthouse suite… Because we’re fancy and this is a pretend weekend. 🙂

Hotel AKA University City, Philadelphia, PA - Booking.comFirst thing first, the Philly food tour. I am all about food tours after our trip to San Diego. I love spending a day walking around and trying different places.

This tour sounds good and the reviews are pretty positive. Plus, we get to explore little and get to do a little local shopping after.

Guide to Philadelphia Food Halls and Public Markets — Visit ...
Next up, we’re taking a BYOB trolly ride. I get to see lots of sights AND enjoy wine on the way? Sign me up!

This one has 4 stops and it drives by a ton of places.Tripadvisor | BYOB Historically Hilarious Trolley Tour of ...
On the day we’re leaving I want to swing by the Franklin Institute. It looks like fun.The Philadelphia Science Festival 2014 Photo Gallery

And stopping by Pat’s to try the Philly Cheesesteak. Whiz wit. Cheese and onions…Yes, please.'s King of Steaks Now Delivers Cheesesteaks Nationwide - Eater ...
That’s our weekend trip to Philadelphia, PA. Have you been? Where would you go? Where would you recommend?

Personal Check in – Week 9

Hey Everyone! I haven’t been able to really come up with anything good to write lately. I have a few idea for later in the week. It just feels like everyday is the same. We have zero outdoor plans besides house and yard work, and I’ve already written about that.
10 Ways to Make Yard Work Fun For Kids – Miss Frugal Mommy
The kids are home schooling and have 4 weeks left. My husband and I are both lucky enough to be able to work from home. Both our jobs are in no rush to get people back in the office because we actually are able to operate just fine with everyone working from home. We’re settling in and have a little routine going now. I have started to learn better balance and am now not answering work emails outside of a normal work day. That was a little overwhelming for me at first. Also, taking breaks helps too.
6 Big Challenges for Working Parents | FlexJobs
We have decided that we are not sending the kids to camp this year. One, they cancelled the town camp. Two, I heard the camp that we usually send them to is already filled since they lowered the amount of kids they can take. Three, and my main reason is, there is a new terrible thing happening to some kids that get Covid-19 and we are just not comfortable sending them if we don’t have to. We don’t have to. IF our jobs start cycling people into the office over the summer, they still need to maintain the 6 foot rule and it’s really not possible in either of our jobs to have everyone in at the same time. So we’ll just figure it out when we get to that bridge.
bigstock-Children-pulling-a-rope-in-tug-169481348 - CUInsight
I haven’t heard anything about school next year. A few things floating around about less hours, smaller classes, really just ideas people are throwing out at the moment and nothing decided on yet. I don’t expect to hear anything really until August.
Students In China Wear Homemade Social Distancing Hats As They ...
The state is going to start opening a few things on 5/20/2020. Like the beaches, a couple parks and a few businesses. Half capacity they say, I hope people listen. I would love to start walking at the beach this year. My daughter and I have started walking at the cemetery my Dad is buried in. It’s really a beautiful cemetery, but also a little weird when my daughter is reading all the headstones as we pass. There are usually a couple other people walking there too, but far enough away.
Here Are The CT Reopening Rules For Restaurants, Retail, Salons ...
I’m still getting Instacart delivered once a week from the grocery store but I did go shopping at Stew Leonard’s for the first time in a month and a half today. My friend was joking about PTSD after that woman fainted in front of me, but that is really why I don’t want to go back yet. I am still nervous to go back to Shoprite. Plus, honestly everything still feels so weird. The lines, the masks and gloves and sanitizer. I get it and I’ll follow the rules, but it’s just so unnatural to me still. I’ll get used to it, baby steps. So I’ll continue the Instacart deliveries from there for a little while longer.
Food Container Safety and COVID-19 | Everyday Health
This morning was alright. I choose to start here because this store is basically a one way store already and it feels like the layout isn’t that much different. People were for the most part keeping distance and waiting. Except a few people who just walked back and forth and got really close to other people. Some people really are assholes and only seem to think of themselves. I felt comfortable enough that I will go back next week.
COVID-19 Response: Staying Connected During Social Distancing ...
And that’s pretty much it for us. The weather is getting nicer, the trees are filing in, it’s spring in Connecticut. I hope you are safe and well and I am really looking forward to summer.
Connecticut Gardens, public gardens, rose gardens, garden shows
How about you? How are you doing?