Personal Update and GoldBelly- A Review

I am taking a mini break from reading so much. I just slowed it down and I haven’t been requesting any new books until I catch up a little. We are planning on starting book club again in a couple weeks so I will have that new book and then probably request a couple more that I already have on my list. I can’t wait for book club. I miss hanging out! We’re going to meet in a park so we’ll be outside and apart from each other and everyone will bring thier own snacks and beverage. YAY for that! I do have a couple other book reviews coming next week.🙂

Also, I got the vaccine and then I got the second one this past week. I had some side effects from the second dose. Muscle aches and a headache. It took about a day to feel alright. My husband took the day of his next vaccine and the day after off from work already in anticipation. At first I thought he was slightly over reacting but after experiencing the side effects, I think he’s smart to take it off just in case.

Goldbelly - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

In the US there is a company called GoldBelly. The have really good foods from all over the country and you can order them and have them shipped right to your door. I was highly skeptical of this at first cause shipping perishable food across the country seems weird. Also, the prices looked a little steep. Like $80-$100.00 for 3-4 pizza sampler pack seems like a lot to me, even with free shipping. I discovered that you can usually find a pretty good promo code. I have been able to get at least 15% off each order. My husband and I LOVE pizza so we decided to take a US tour of pizza. Let’s get started!

Pizza in Old Irving/Six Corners, Chicago | Lou Malnati's

First stop: Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizzas . Chicago, IL

This is what started the pizza tour. I had a craving for Chicago Pizza and I rationalized this order with the thought that I probably won’t get to Chicago for quite some time so if I really wanted the pizza, I would have to order.

The review- To be honest, this pizza almost brought the pizza tour to a halt before it even really started! The shipment was a day late getting here, which is not the pizza places fault… UPS was having shipment “delays”… Which means, they gave up half way through the day due to a “snow emergency” and said they would deliver it the next day. (I use “” because we live in CT there is nothing emergency about 1-2 inches of snow. That’s like a Tuesday in the winter). The next day it took the ENTIRE day to get here. I was worried the pizza would be bad. It was defrosted but not bad yet, I think. We cooked it immediately and… In my mind, Chicago pizza should have lots of cheese and lots of sauce. Like in that picture up there. It needs to be consumed with a fork and knife and one slice is enough. The pizza we got had way less sauce and less cheese although the crust was really good. I ate it with a fork and knife even though I didn’t really need to.

I wouldn’t order from here again but we will be trying Chicago pizza again at some point. While this didn’t fulfill my wish, it wasn’t terrible. I personally wouldn’t recommend ordering this. If we ever get to Chicago, I would maybe stop by and try it fresh.

ROCKET INN, Indianola - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

Second Stop: Rocket Inn – Indianola, NE.

I have never even heard of Nebraska pizza but I saw this on Gold Belly and thought “Sauerkraut, on pizza?!? I think I need to try that.” And I am glad we did. It’s delicious. Kraut and hot sauce come on the side and you can add it when baking if you want. We made half the pizza baked with the Kraut and half plain and put cold kraut on. I dropped the hot sauce on too and that was really good. The only issue with this order is that we picked 3 different ones and we got 2 gameday pizzas and a rocket special. Honestly, they were both really good.

Gameday Pizza- a Beer Cheese base, pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese

The Special Pizza- featuring Hamburger, Sausage, Pepperoni, Onions and Mushrooms over their trademark Rocket pizza sauce

Would we order again? Probably not… but maybe? If we are ever in Indianola, NE, we will make it a point to stop and have this fresh, hot, kraut and all!

The “New Yorker” from Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco rivals the  majority of pies I've eaten in NY. The sausage and dollops of ricotta make  the perfect pie! : Pizza

Third: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, CA.

We ordered the Combo pack of 3 pizza’s. The cheese was forgettable.

The New Yorker with sliced mozzarella, tomato sauce, house-made fennel sausage, pepperoni, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, Romano, and ricotta…. Was really, really good.

As was the Cal-Italia Pizza- Asiago, fresh mozzarella, Italian gorgonzola, imported Parmigiano, thinly sliced imported prosciutto di parma and Croatian sweet fig preserve, drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

Would we order from here again? Maybe. I would swing by if we ever end up in San Francisco.

Cane Rosso - 1383 Photos & 1619 Reviews - Pizza - 2612 Commerce St, Deep  Ellum, Dallas, TX - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Menu - Yelp

Fourth: Cane Russo – Dallas, TX.

We ordered the Pizza Napoletana Sampler 4 pack. When this arrived we immediately made the Honey Bastard: A sweet and spicy powerful combination of creamy, housemade mozzarella cheese, spicy hot soppressata salami, and housemade bacon marmalade, with a drizzle of habanero pepper-infused honey at the end to finish with a kick. This pizza was delicious. That’s all I can say. Sweet heat and so good.

We had a couple friends over and we made the PRB for an appetizer: a meaty combo of smoked brisket, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, roasted onions, candied jalapenos, and BBQ sauce. The PBR has the smoke, the sweet, and the heat that make it the ultimate Texas-style pizza. Everyone agreed this was really good too.

We still have the other 2 pizza’s, A margherita and a pepperoni. I am really looking forward to these as well. Will we order from here again? Definitely. Even if we do a smaller pack and get the honey bastard and the PBR again.

Red Wagon Pizza Co.

Fifth: Red Wagon Pizza – Minneapolis, MN.

We ordered the wood fired pizza sampler and had the Olive Oyl Pizza – pesto and ricotta, artichokes, roasted mushrooms and green olives. My husband said he was pleasantly surprised and originally thought it would be really salty. I love salt and I was fine with all of it. Next time I would make it more well done in our oven.

We still have the other 3 pizza’s.

A Red Wagon: The ideal ratio of bacon to pork and garlic to onion with precise seasonings and our house-made fig balsamic.

Carl the Cuban: Chef Carl Ruiz was a dear friend and mentor to Red Wagon Pizza’s founder, Peter Campbell. Carl “The Cuban” was the inspiration behind the flavor profile of this beloved pizza, which is topped with 12 hour citrus cuban pork & shaved ham over house cheese, finished with dill pickles and mayo-mustard.

And a Pepperoni pie. I do look forward to trying these and will give an update on the next review! Will we order from here again? The verdict is still out. So far, I am happy with the products!

Detroit Style Pizza Company Pizzeria

Up next we have a delivery of Detroit Style Pizza Co coming in the beginning of April. This I originally ordered 2nd and didn’t notice the shipping date. If you do order from Gold Belly, make sure you check the shipping dates! After that, who knows were else we are ordering from.

The Top 40: The United States of Pizzafication

We have a favorite list and we have places picked in Wyoming, Georgia, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona… So much pizza. If you order, I would double check the weather to prevent any shipping delays, and make sure you look for a promo code, it’s worth it!

If you want to try it, and get $15.00 off your first order, please consider using my link:

I’ll get $15.00 off my next order too and that will help me get around the country faster. **This is my personal review on something I bought. I did use some discount promo codes I found online.


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