More Reading, Feb/March 2021

I decided to just put a hold on a ton of books off various must read lists. Suddenly, they were all available for pick up and since there is a hold list for a lot of them, I can’t renew. SO… My reading spree continues….
White ivy : a novel / Susie Yang. 

Book Review: White Ivy by Susie Yang - i've read this

I liked this book. I did not like the main character. In fact, I am pretty sure I didn’t like anyone in the book really… haha. Wait, I liked the street friend from when she was growing up. It was interesting to see how it all turns out and I am pretty sure everyone gets what they deserve. Except the street friend. Pick it up for a good weekend read.

Let me tell you what I mean [large print] / Joan Didion ; foreword by Hilton Als.
Review: Let Me Tell You What I Mean – Lit Lens

This is another one you should pick up if you have a chance. I liked how it was written. I liked that it was a bunch of different articles from over the years. So each chapter is a new article. I really enjoyed the last few articles. The one on Martha Stewart was very interesting to me. I also liked the chapter on Hemingway. I never really thought about how books are published posthumously, and how the writer no longer has any say in their work. This book gave me a few interesting conversations with my husband so I would really recommend reading it.

The kindest lie : a novel / Nancy Johnson.
Buy The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson (@NancyJAuthor) | Twitter

I think I saw this on a must read list. I did enjoy this book. There are so many secrets people and families keep. For me, this was an interesting read and I think that if you get a chance and have a weekend to hang around, I would suggest giving this book a read.

Tell no one : a novel / by Harlan Coben.

Tell No One by Harlan Coben

A friend recommended this book. This was fast and kept me turning the pages. I read it in a day. I would recommend adding to your reading list if you like these sorts of books. I did figure it out before the end of the book but there are definitely a lot of twists and turns.

Writers & lovers : a novel / Lily King.

Review: Writers & Lovers | ReadWithWine

This is another book I enjoyed reading. I really liked the writing. I liked the story. I liked that it was relatable to things that really go on in life when you are starting out. The stresses that pile on top of each other and the feelings of being lost and hopeless sometimes. What I didn’t like? The ending. For me it felt like it just wrapped everything up too perfectly and really fast. I was happy for the characters but I was also thinking that everything that was super relatable suddenly wasn’t. That’s my opinion though. I think it’s worth reading and I definitely recommend.

Your Quarantine Reading List: 75+ Books to Read During Isolation

This is what I have been doing with my free time lately. I have 2 more books here, 1 waiting for me at the library and 3 more I am holding for… So more book reviews are in our future.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Are there any books that you would recommend?


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