879.1 – Personal Update

Good Morning! I have been telling myself for the past few weeks that I really need to get to writing a blog update and then I get side tracked with work or laundry or cleaning. This morning I will write to you while having my coffee instead of in my journal.

What do speeches and coffee have in common? | by Elaine Bennett | The  Writing Cooperative

We have been talking about moving to San Diego for a few years and we have been trying to save to make that move happen. About a month and a half ago my husband and I had a chat about how much money we actually needed to be comfortable moving. We threw out numbers.
A week or so later the realtor that sold us our house called and said the market was crazy and houses were selling well above asking price and if we were interested she could do some research and let us know what the going price for a house like ours would be.

Moving to San Diego, CA - Cento Moving

The number she came back with exceeded what our moving budget would be for us to go…. By two. We slept on it and decided why not try and see what happens? The realtor came and gave us a short list on what to do to make the house listing ready and we got to work. The next weekend she came, took pictures and by Wednesday we were up and listed.

16 Avenue C, Norwalk, CT 06854, MLS #170392356 - Howard Hanna

We said that things needed to fall into place, we didn’t want to force anything right now. I reached out to a friend who lives in San Diego and she said the housing market there was beyond crazy. She recommended we check out he military base since my husband is a retired Marine. Then we could rent for a year and find a house once the real estate market settled down some. We reached out to the base and they had 2, 3 bedroom townhouses available for August.

San Diego Naval Base | Point Loma | Lincoln Military Housing | Military  Installations | Lincoln Military Housing

I was like, what is happening? It was really fast but sort of falling into place. Upon further research , we found out our big mushy dog would not be allowed. He’s a rottweiler pit bull mix. He is the mushiest 120 pound lap puppy and he is not an option. So we expanded our search to off base housing. For jobs, we both were thinking we could take our current jobs with us since we have been full remote already for a year, and then find something once we get out there and settled for a couple months.

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix - Breed Facts And Info - Animal Corner

Thursday , after listing the house, my husbands friend called about Director position at their company and they thought he would be a good fit for the position. The only issue is that this is not a fully remote position. Going into the office in Connecticut would be required a couple times a week. This would totally throw a wrench in moving across the country, but if we pushed the move another year or two then he would have Director experience. We could save more and I could go back to school and finally get my Bachelor Degree, I have an associates. With that I will have the degree and the work experience and it might be easier for me to get a job once we get out there.

Back to School for Adults! | Epworth United Methodist Church

We decided to put in his resume and host the open house once to see what would happen. We held one open house weekend and received 4 offers, all above asking price. Two families really wanted the house and we were between those two. Then my husband got the job offer. So we apologized to both families and pulled the house off the market. We are here one more year at least and I am going back to school.

Benefit of Remote Work #921: You Don't Have to Move for Your Dream Job |  Remote work, Dreaming of you, Moving

Besides that, I went on a girls weekend getaway to Woodstock for my friends 40th birthday. My mom came to visit for the first time in a year and a half. And now my brother is going to come for a night or two. Things are starting to get busy and back to normal. Of course, they aren’t yet. The kids are still remote. We’re going to keep them home for the rest of this school year. My husband is gearing up to start a new job soon. I am still full remote too.

The Top 9 Things to Do in Woodstock, New York | Woodstock new york, Woodstock  ny, Woodstock

My department has not discussed going back into the office, yet. But then the CDC just announced the new recommendations for wearing masks, so now who knows. The entire thing is really confusing. We are fully vaccinated but our children aren’t. Now that the vaccine has been approved for 12-15 year olds, we’ll probably be able to get our son the vaccine before school in the fall. First he has to turn 12.

CDC director defends widely criticized mask guidance: 'We are following the  science'

That’s kind of it for me right now. I will be back to writing more often now that things are starting to settle down a little more. And as long as everyone we love is vaccinated, we might be able to have our family BBQ this summer. I’m excited to see more of the people I love, finally! But today, I have to go get a steak to grill for when my brother gets here later.🙂

9 Basic Etiquette Rules to Follow When Visiting Family or Friends - Z Living

When we decided to stay another year, I pulled out the planters and we planted the flowers for the deck this year. I love it. I hope you are good too! Write again soon.🙂

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