Monday Update.

I stayed home from work today because the kids are out of school and my husband had to go into work to help people set up to work from home. He works in IT so he needed to be there.
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It was our first day of “homeschooling” and it started off a little wobbly. I checked in online with the teachers to mark the kids as present. We started with reading and writing and a melt down from the boy. He got caught in a lie he told me last week about reading his book in school and he did not. Then on to the maths. Every 3 minutes was a question. I could barely focus on my work. It was frustrating because it was not even hard questions, the questions were about things these children already know the answer too. Ugh… Seriously, how do these teachers do it with 20 kids?
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By that time I was receiving texts from my friends about Costco talking about closing. I was like oh my god, if that happens then I might be better off going shopping on my “lunch”. I was going to try to go late tonight, like right before closing hoping that there wouldn’t be too many people there. I got nervous that everyone else would do the same.
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My husband returned home just as I was receiving the news that my office is officially shutting down. I needed to jump on a conference call with my department to go over our jobs for the next few weeks as we all hunker down and try to wait this thing out. It wasn’t bad. Everyone is going to try to do as much work as possible from home. There will still be billing, there will still be payments. There will be morning call ins at 10:00 AM to go over what we are all working on that day. We will still be getting paid normal and not have to use any of our time. So, good news for the most part.
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After the call I took a quick run to the store to get some more yogurt and milk. There weren’t that many people there and I was really surprised to see the produce was mostly restocked. When I went there Friday, there was not a lot of anything. I got the few things I needed and then a few things I saw as I walked by. With everything I threw in my cart I questioned if I was being rational or if I was starting to hoard. The feeling to grab more was real.  I did buy two of a few things to cut down my future trips to the store this week. I know with all of us home and us cooking all meals, we will be going through a lot more than normal here.
By the time I got to the register I was starting to get nervous. There were a lot of people there, and only a cart length in between each other. I really believe in social distance without a pandemic going around and now it seems to be amplified a little bit.
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I got home, worked some more. For my kids “gym” from home I sent them to the backyard to play and then to help clean it up. 🙂 On the bright side of all this, I have a feeling that at the end of this quarantine I will have a really clean and organized house. I hope.
I am super happy that I quit drinking for a month 3 weeks ago too because I know if I was still drinking I would already be on my first glass of something. But no, I have one week left and I am feeling really good, I think I might push it another week… Or maybe another month. I like the sleep I am getting, I don’t feel so run down anymore (that took a while), I feel better. I am starting to look at how much money we save too just by not having a drink if we go out to eat. Also, not buying bottles of wine and rum for the weekend. So now I’m looking at it less like a temporary break and more of like when I quit smoking… Almost…  When I quit smoking it was because I was pregnant and I never started again because the prices went up so high. With smoking, I loved it, the smell, the taste, the feeling in my lungs ( I know that’s gross but I really do miss that feeling), and I still miss it, but the truth is I feel physically better without it. Maybe this break will be a little more permanent too.
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So that’s where we are at right now. All restaurants are closed for dine in. Only take out, pick up and delivery. The stores are changing some hours so that 65 and older can shop for a couple hours before normal hours for the rest of the public. I think that is smart too.
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All schools are closed. All movies, pubs/bars and gyms are closed until at least the end of this month.
I’ll probably have to make another couple grocery runs, but we should be good to wait this out for a while.
How about you? How is it going?

5 thoughts on “Monday Update.

  1. Great Post! Good luck with the babies staying home and I pray for y’alls safety! I am a momma of 4 and will be working out a homeschool routine as well! Also Congrats on not drinking! Keep up the good work and being an awesome mom through all this craziness!


  2. I live in Memphis. I am about to go into labor any day now. We have been at the grocery store trying to get a few things to last a week or two but its hard cause everything is empty. It is really hard when you are on a special, strict diet. We are making it though! My office has not shut down yet, but I know it’s coming. It’s already stressing me thinking about it. Glad you guys are hunkered down at home though! Enjoy the quality time!


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