CoronaVirus and Weekend plans

Surprise, there are no weekend plans for us.
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We will be home and hanging out all weekend. We may take a hike and I will be cleaning and doing laundry like always.
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The Coronavirus is spreading all around us. We are in Connecticut, USA and there are 7 confirmed cases in the state so far. And they are all in the towns surrounding my family right now.
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Schools have shut down for weeks including my kids school. They are currently there getting packets of homework to do at home for the next 2 weeks. Then the school board will re-access the situation. I’m not 100% panicked yet, I am concerned though. We will be practicing social distancing, hand washing and staying home and trying not to go out too much. Also, following the news.
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I do need to go to the grocery stores today though. I really wish people would stop panic buying everything. Other people need to eat, clean, wipe their butts too… You know? Greedy asses. It’s more annoying than anything else. My coworker told me that Costco currently has 700 people rushing in their doors per hour. That’s insane. Just get what you need and go home.
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Husbands job is okay with people working from home. My job would prefer you come in and will only let you work from home if you’ve been exposed and you know it, or if you need to because of a school closure or something, but it’s a day to day basis for that. It’s so dumb. At this point, how do you know if you’ve been exposed or not?
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One town even said that they know of at least 20 people who have been exposed and they can’t track where they have been, or who they have been in contact with. I think the best thing to do right now would be to have everyone go home, work from home to at least minimize the exposure as much as possible so that they have time to figure out a cure, or make more tests to be more prepared. This waiting makes no sense. And the half closing and half not closing isn’t helping much either, in my opinion.
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So, that’s what’s going on around here for now.
How about around you? What is being done? Anything? Nothing?

13 thoughts on “CoronaVirus and Weekend plans

  1. It is getting a little ridiculous. I understand why. But the whole panic buying is a little much. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I can’t find any of my just normal weekly needs, because all the stores are wiped clean. I live in Memphis, TN. They have shut mostly everything down.


  2. I am in Cheshire, UK, and people are beginning to panic buy which is very frustrating. I need to do a regular monthly shop for cupboard supplies and I’m struggling to find my usual items, and I’m too busy to trek out to different supermarkets. My children’s school is open as usual, and all planned trips are going ahead. I think for the UK it’s a case of “keep calm and carry on,” apart from sports fixtures being cancelled for the next 3 weeks.


  3. My family and are staying at home except for going out to exercise (walks around the lake) and we won’t be meeting with any friends or family members. We’re not panicking but what’s the point of spreading it around? For all of us with older relatives it’s important to keep them safe. I already work from home so I’m glad school will be out for a while, that means a little bit of extra sleep!


  4. The panic is insane, I got a cold yesterday and I can’t leave the house cause I know I will scare people off.. Great update though xx


  5. We’re staying home. It’s storming badly anyway. I actually work longer hours in the coming weeks because a lot of parents are staying home with their kids (I don’t blame them no school or childcare available.) so, I’m covering shifts. I need the money anyway.


  6. People are freaking out. Was out shopping yesterday. Crowds of people, panic buying. Toilet paper though, why is that the hot commodity? The aisles were emptied of it when I first arrived. When the store went to restock the shelves with more paper, people swarmed the employees. I saw people grabbing armfuls of Charmin like this alone could protect them from a viral outbreak. Did I miss something in science class?


  7. The panic buying has been worse than any blizzard or hurricane I can remember. And I’ve been wondering how much of the milk etc is going down the drain spoiled in a week. Hopefully things calm down soon as people realize they have enough TP to mummify a small country. (Or take care of a whole town on mischief night?)

    We’re in Texas, both working from home by company policy and young kids out of school. Had some errands this weekend, couple small social events, but lying a lot lower than normal.


  8. Sorry about your job! Hang in there! In my area, we’re being very cautious and went on shut-down. Since my city is mostly IT-industry, many companies have declared working from home. This takes about 80% active working population off the streets, and that’s HUGE. We’re trying our best 🙂 I explained more on my latest post, if you’re interested.


  9. I’m London based. We were sent to work from home on Thursday, and they’re setting us up to do it for the long haul, so I figure we’ll be here a while. I’m dreading being locked in the house, but to keep myself and others safe, I’m very willing to do it. The worst thing is the damn hoarding, the shelves here are empty and its just INSANE.


  10. Panic buying is driving me insane!!!!! Can’t even get nappies or baby milk anymore round here!! We’re upto almost 700 tested positive cases and over 10 deaths yet all schools/works ect are still running as normal!! This really is a crazy time.. stay safe xx


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