Big Box Delivery – Thoughts and reviews.

I have to say that I am really torn about ordering online. On one hand, I think everyone should be home. On the other hand, I want to be home and not running around to different stores trying to gather the things we need. There is no toilet paper or paper towels in the stores. My sister has been going to the stores looking for paper products and she’s had no luck. I keep telling her to stay home and let me order it. I have some and I will share but my supplies are starting to run low.
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So I have been waiting and watching online to see if I can at least have some delivered. I don’t want to hoard it but there are 4 of us working and schooling from home now… Plus, my sister and niece down the street.
Senior hour at the local Costco (Coronavirus Edition) —
I was going to try my local Costco but the line is around the corner. You have to get there super early and I heard from an employee that a manager from there just died last week from the corona virus. The employee also said that people are coming in sick and not being sent home. Anyway, I am choosing to stay away from there for a while.
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I have turned to online. I tried Amazon, Boxed, Jet and Walmart… Here are my reviews and results from different places.
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Amazon, I can never find anything on prime here. Since we pay for the year I don’t want to pay for delivery. Maybe I am just not checking often enough, although I am on here pretty often lately. For Amazon, I would say skip it for now for paper products.
Walmart Logo PNG Images, Transparent Walmart Logo Image Download ...
Walmart. The prices are good if you can find what you need and get to the checkout fast enough to get it. I was able to order a few things from here that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. But, I ordered on 4/1 and I won’t receive anything until the middle/end of next week.. If you don’t need it soon and you are fast enough, This place will work.
brandchannel: Chasing Amazon and Online Growth, Walmart Buys Jet ...
Jet. I was able to find a few things here. I ordered toilet paper and received it a few days later. I also ordered paper towels and they should be here early next week. I check here often and things tend to sell fast which is annoying because you need to hit $50.00 for free shipping. I wasn’t fast enough a couple times and I ended up getting  super frustrated. When it was available I just bought my stuff as fast as possible. So I don’t feel like I am really saving anything but this is the only place that has delivered so far. (I believe Jet is owned by Walmart.)
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Boxed. I heard a few good thing about this place a while ago but I never tried it. Then I kind of forgot about it. I just started searching for any places that delivered after a while and this place popped up. I was able to find paper towels and toilet paper here. Except they are on a delay with everything so I ordered on the 4th and I should be receiving it on the 10th. This is another one where you have to act fast. I didn’t hit the mark for free shipping here either.  This is an option. I might use it again on things I don’t need fast.
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I think I am good though for the next few weeks. I have to admit… I was panic shopping a bit and I actually ordered MORE paper towels today from Jet and then realized that I HAVE stuff coming already. So I cancelled that order. I don’t want to be greedy.
The winner for me these past 2 weeks has been Jet. They are the only place that I have actually found things and they have gotten to me with little delay.
(This is for paper products, I have not ordered anything else from here.)
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I read an article the other day about Ethics and using delivery right now and I honestly feel really torn. I want to go out and get my own stuff but there’s not much out there to get. I really don’t know what’s better at the moment.
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What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Big Box Delivery – Thoughts and reviews.

  1. I’ve tried delivery from the local grocery store. It was ok. The one problem I find now as you said is the waiting. The only way to avoid it is to order before you NEED it. I don’t really have enough foresight to do that when I still have. This is going to take some getting used to. 😁🏝


  2. It’s such a nightmare here. I have both physical and mental health issues that make shopping in store difficult right now, but it’s been taking weeks for my deliveries to get to me. I have a small garden, but nothing but herbs are producing right now. It’s such a scary and stressful time. I hope you and your sister hang in there!


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