Week 1 – Day 5

We made it a full work/ school week. The kids are doing their school work and the teachers are in constant contact to make sure they are there in case we have any questions. It’s cute to see my son help my daughter with her math homework.
I am 25 days zero alcohol and I feel pretty good about myself right now.
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I wanted to come up with something clever to write for my Friday blog and really, I have nothing today. There is nothing going on. Everyday they are closing more and more things around us. Which is fine. I get it. It’s a little weird that there is no end date, you know? I am just happy that we are okay so far.  I get really worried when any of us have to leave the house right now.
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The news said that for everyone testing positive assume there are 100 more people who haven’t taken the test yet… That would be 12600 people at this point and the majority of them are in the towns surrounding us. It’s unsettling.
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See all that red over NY and CT, that’s where we are.
Today the kids have gym for their specials. We are going to try to take them to the beach so we can all get out and walk a little bit. We should be good on groceries to get us through the weekend and I am hoping that when I go Monday Morning, there won’t be that many people.
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The school is talking about not coming back till after what was supposed to be April break. There is no more April break. Now that the kids are doing school from home they want the kids to continue to do that through the break. So I guess the parents and teachers get no break.
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It is what it is right now. I think everyone is just trying to make do with the current situation.
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This weekend is my deep cleaning weekend. I also want to get out in the yard and prune and see what we need to get ready for spring. Other than that, there isn’t much going on. How about you? How does your weekend look?
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Oh, Happy First day of Spring!

3 thoughts on “Week 1 – Day 5

  1. I’m glad you are hanging in there and seem to be doing good dispute all of this. It is very weird that everything is closing. It’s all a little unsettling. But! Hopefully it ends soon and we can all go back to doing normal things but maybe appreciate the little things more. This weekend I think I’m going to be doing some cleaning and just watching shows and movies with my fiancé.


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