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Blogging and the Coronavirus

I’ll be real, it isn’t fun. I am trying hard to just get through the day, forget about coming up with something interesting to write. Even my journal is like “I’m so tired. I coughed. Holy shit, can I hold my breath?” And then I try and count till 20. I mean what in the actual fuck is going on? Is this normal? My texts to my husband are like “My throat itches. My eyes are red. Did that sound like a dry cough?…” We both assure each other that we aren’t crazy, but are we going crazy?
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So, we’re home. It’s week 5. We have 6 more weeks of this, that we know of. I feel/think that it will be longer. At least a couple more months. I am thinking that August is more realistic and even that seems like it might be an under estimate at this point.
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This isn’t the new normal but this is the normal for now. We just received our 2nd delivery of groceries. I have another scheduled for Sunday. I’ll be honest, I like the deliveries. It’s nice to pick what I want and then it’s at my door. BUT I miss grocery shopping. I really do. I like finding new things. I like trying new recipes. I like looking around. I miss it. I also miss shopping the sales. My grocery bill is way up. We aren’t ordering take out or going out to eat, so I guess we aren’t technically losing money but we aren’t saving it either.
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I feel bad for ordering groceries. Like I am putting someone else at risk because I am being safe and staying home. I don’t know. I think that even though I am ordering things for delivery, I am not going out either. What’s better? One person shopping for multiple families or everyone shopping for themselves?
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So we are home. It’s week 5 ( I know, I said that already, I have been repeating myself a lot). The kids are in their routine. My husband and I have figured out how to make it run as smoothly as possible right now.
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We started back on the Yoga this week. I needed it. I felt like I was forgetting how to breath and stretch with all the work disruptions all day now.  It’s like everyone decided they needed to work more to prove that they are working. I am getting email responses at 8pm… For real people?? I am starting to just ignore them now until the next day.
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That’s where we are at right now. How about you? How are you doing?