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578.1 – Time off, August 2020

Staycation is coming up. Wednesday through next week. I will be taking the time off from blogging as well but I will be back with new end of summer and early fall posts.🙂
I know I haven’t been on that much lately, but I really needed the break. Besides, there really isn’t much going on with me.
nooshloves: Lazy summer days
We decided that since we don’t have to go back to the office for work yet, we are keeping the kids home and opting to do remote learning when school starts in a few weeks. We have that option and we are going to take it. I’m not comfortable sending the kids yet. I am going to be looking into a tutor too.
Online tutor Stock Photos, Royalty Free Online tutor Images | Depositphotos®
My garden on the deck is in full bloom right now. The huge storm last week knocked over some of my flowers (I have replanted and I am hoping they come back) and my veggies are doing well. This year I am determined to use as much of the garden as possible.
How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots — Even Without a Garden
Last week I made pickles (https://www.thechunkychef.com/refrigerator-pickles/) , candied jalapenos (https://www.thechunkychef.com/candied-jalapenos/) from https://www.thechunkychef.com/. I love that lady. Her recipes are really good. My husband loves the jalapenos, he’s been adding them to his omelets in the morning.
holding an open jar of cowboy candy
I used the eggplants and made Trini Stewed eggplants. It was pretty good.
and this Citrus Chicken Thigh:
The chicken recipe is a keeper for us, we really liked it.
Ultimate Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken Thighs
I don’t even know what peppers are growing in some of my pots. My friend just gave me a bunch of his different super hot pepper plants. So I threw all the ones I haven’t dried yet in a container and pickled them. That smells dangerous but we have not tasted it yet. I used this recipe:
Pickled chili peppers, jarred and ready for consumption.
I haven’t had any big tomatoes yet. The Squirrels have. Maybe I’ll get one at some point.🙂 I have some grape and cherry tomatoes that are delicious. I have thrown those into my salads. One of my favorite memories from childhood is picking tomatoes out of my dads garden and eating them like an apple with a little sprinkle of salt. So good. Or making a tomato sandwich with some mayo and salt and pepper.
Kitchen Sink Tomato Sandwich: gluten free style – Life on the Farmlet
My rent the runway subscription is going well. I am enjoying trying dresses and skirts this summer although my go to is still pants. I doubt that is going to change although I have found a few skirts and dresses that I have loved. At least there is that. I am thinking about pausing this membership again. It’s just a lot of money to rent something to wear for what? To water my plants? To run to the grocery store? I mean, nothing is going on right now. We’ll see though.
Woman wearing protective mask and shopping in grocery or department store |  Premium Photo
That’s pretty much it for me. I was thinking about trying to charter a boat to go fishing on Staycation. We’ll see about that. I imagine I am not the only one with such a brilliant idea. Haha.
THE 10 BEST Long Island Fishing Charters & Tours (with Photos) - Tripadvisor
How are you ladies and men doing? How is your summer going?

Summer Stay cation Ideas!

Hey Everyone! I hope you’re safe and well.
I can’t believe it’s almost August. I feel like time is flying. This weekend I am going to try to plan some things for us to do on our stay cation in August. Here’s my list so far of things we might try!
Coronavirus Is Causing Chaos for Travel Influencers - The New York ...
1.) Camp out in the back yard. Pitch a tent, roast some hot dogs and smores, look at the stars. Flash light Tag anyone?
Flashlight Tag: The Greatest Game of All Time | I Thought You Were ...
2.) Pool and put water balloons in it. My friend did this for the kids on Tuesday and they had a blast playing hot potato in the pool.
24 Bunches of Quick Fill Water Balloons That Tie Themselves Free ...
3.) Boat race in the pool. If it doesn’t work out I think the kids will still have fun playing bumper boats.
Toy Boats for Kids Sharper Image RC Speed Boat Racing Playset Toys ...
4.) Rockets. Build them and set them off!
Free Online Rockets Class - Instructables
5.) Find a lake to go canoeing in. Maybe fish. Definitely have fun.
6.) State park. Go explore a new state park for a day.
7.) Nature Scavenger hunt. Or make a nature treasure box!
Nature Treasure Box | The Family Edit
8.) Find some science experiments to try out.
9.) Pinata? Maybe.🙂
10.) Outdoor movie night.
Make Your Own Screen For an Outdoor Movie Night
I am going to try to expand this list this weekend. Hopefully the kids will have a blast (and the adults too!).
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How about you? Is there anything you would add for a super fun stay cation?