Summer Stay cation Ideas!

Hey Everyone! I hope you’re safe and well.
I can’t believe it’s almost August. I feel like time is flying. This weekend I am going to try to plan some things for us to do on our stay cation in August. Here’s my list so far of things we might try!
Coronavirus Is Causing Chaos for Travel Influencers - The New York ...
1.) Camp out in the back yard. Pitch a tent, roast some hot dogs and smores, look at the stars. Flash light Tag anyone?
Flashlight Tag: The Greatest Game of All Time | I Thought You Were ...
2.) Pool and put water balloons in it. My friend did this for the kids on Tuesday and they had a blast playing hot potato in the pool.
24 Bunches of Quick Fill Water Balloons That Tie Themselves Free ...
3.) Boat race in the pool. If it doesn’t work out I think the kids will still have fun playing bumper boats.
Toy Boats for Kids Sharper Image RC Speed Boat Racing Playset Toys ...
4.) Rockets. Build them and set them off!
Free Online Rockets Class - Instructables
5.) Find a lake to go canoeing in. Maybe fish. Definitely have fun.
6.) State park. Go explore a new state park for a day.
7.) Nature Scavenger hunt. Or make a nature treasure box!
Nature Treasure Box | The Family Edit
8.) Find some science experiments to try out.
9.) Pinata? Maybe.šŸ™‚
10.) Outdoor movie night.
Make Your Own Screen For an Outdoor Movie Night
I am going to try to expand this list this weekend. Hopefully the kids will have a blast (and the adults too!).
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How about you? Is there anything you would add for a super fun stay cation?

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