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So as mentioned in my previous post one of the things I want to do by the time I’m 30 is strengthen my relationship with Christ. I don’t want to be a lukewarm, watered down Christian. I want to be a godly woman who’s after God’s heart, on fire for him and sooo deeply in love with him to the point where my happiness and joy is contagious. In order for this to happen there are some things I have to work on like my identity in Christ. With that being said I started a devotional today. It’s called a Woman of significance ( Knowing your identity in God).

Today’s question was Who do you think you are? The writer said.”

if you believe that you are a woman of value, significance, and destiny, then that is how you will approach life. And you will treat others with value, importance, and worth regardless of how they have treated you. if you believe that you are a loser and that God forgot you when it came to talents, looks, and intelligence, then you will respond as a defeated human being. You will allow others to take advantage of you, and you will react out of emotions rather than out of purpose and destiny. You will never be able to live beyond who you think that you are. You will not break out of your own limitations unless you first break into who God says that you are. In order to discover who we are as women and who we were created to become we must go back to the beginning.

This is so true. Growing up I knew about god but didn’t have a relationship with him. I was always teased and made fun of because I have a disability. This disability does not affect my facial features at all but yet people made me believe it did. They’d literally say things like “you’re pretty for a girl in a wheelchair” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?? Or my favorite “I’d date you if you weren’t in a chair” ….what?🤔 comments like these affected my self-esteem in ways I can’t even explain. (I’ll talk about it in my book) I’d always ask why did God make me like this? I started believing I was stupid I would even call myself retarded. I’d always always act out of emotions,so if you said something to hurt my feelings instead of me saying hey that hurt my feelings I’d intentionally say something to hurt yours. I’m talking something that you didn’t see coming, something that left you at a loss for words and if I was really in the mood I’d make you cry.

Then Jesus entered my life! Best decision I’ve ever made also the hardest

Since accepting him as my Lord and Savior life has gotten much better. You can come up to me call me ugly and it won’t affect me I’ll literally look you in your face and thank you. Weird right? I know but it’s because I now know what god says about me. I still sometimes try to cancel myself out because I don’t feel or think I’m worthy but this too shall pass. Baby steps

How do you view yourself, do you believe you are beautifully and wonderfully made?? Because Jesus himself says you are!💜



1 thought on “Who do you think you are? – GUEST BLOG

  1. This is a nice post to read. Accepting god into your life is the best way to lead.

    That is what I am trying to do my best of now especially after a few years where I strayed away. Now I am making sure god is a part of my life as much as I can daily.

    Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂


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