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Sleepy Tired

That’s how I feel on this Monday. I woke up fine, I powered through my morning workout. I’m 15 days into a alcohol free month and on week 2 of working out. Today I feel really run down. I don’t know if I am catching a cold that my daughter developed over the weekend, but I feel like I’m dragging.
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Anyone else do an alcohol free month? Does this sleepiness happen mid way through? Or is it just a Monday? Jeez. My weight was down and I was super happy. All weekend I watched what I ate and drank water, tea and coffee. I practically jumped on the scale this morning with excitement to find out I GAINED back a pound. Still less than where I started but still… Just ugh. Why is it so hard to lose weight and so easy to gain it? I keep thinking back to the last time I lost a lot of weight and I didn’t do it the healthy way, I basically starved. That’s not an option this time because I don’t want to do that again.
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The corona virus is spreading all around us. People seem to be in either a full blown panic or blissfully naive. I think I am leaning more to the naive category at the moment. I know it’s serious. I know it’s fast spreading and there is no vaccine for it. What am I supposed to do? If nothing is shut down around me, I can’t just pull my kids from school and hunker down at home. No matter how much I wish I could. There is no state of emergency, there are no schools shutting down. I can’t just stop doing everything… I guess I will just try not to think about it and continue on.
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My job is having a full staff meeting tomorrow. I have asked if it’s mandatory, it is. Which makes zero sense to me when everything else that would cause big groups of people to come together are being cancelled. We have electronics, why not use them? I’m trying to decide if I should call out tomorrow. Or I don’t know. I don’t like big groups as is and now it seems like even more of a terrible idea.
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This week will be interesting if nothing else.
What about you? How’s your week looking?

Where’s all the toilet paper?

This weekend is my big cleaning weekend. My husband and I divide and conquer the scrubbing of the house Saturday morning and then we usually chill out for the rest of the day.
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I started a month with no booze 12 days ago. So far, so good. Last weekend was a little tough because I am just use to having a couple glasses of wine, sitting on the couch and binge watching something on Netflix after I do my chores. Last weekend my daughter and I decided to experiment with watercolors. Instead of drinking and lounging, I chugged water, ate a ton of popcorn and tried to paint with watercolors for a while. Then I read and relaxed. It was nice, until I stepped on the scale this past Monday and realized I was probably my heaviest ever.
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I decided to add exercise in and so this week I have been working out in the mornings and doing a 7 minute workout with my daughter at night. I’m also not stuffing a bowl of popcorn and Swedish fish in my face as a snack when I am not hungry… Instead I am drinking water and tea and trying to watch what I eat. So far so good, and I am down 5 lbs. I’m still up from where I was a few months ago, but I’ll take it! Down is down, right?
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I have to say that I have noticed a difference in me this week too. My skin seems clearer, I feel like I can focus a little better and my clothes fit better. Enough good things that I am encouraged to keep this up for a bit. I have been reading the benefits of quitting alcohol and supposedly after the 2nd week, there is an even bigger difference. The last time I went a full month without drinking I was pregnant and I just felt pregnant so that doesn’t count.
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This weekend I plan on working with my daughter on her book she wrote. We have to redo the illustrations and make them a little bigger. Then my husband can work on it and format it so we can publish it on KDP. I plan on checking out a few stores I have been meaning to get too. I also have a book to finish reading and 2 more waiting to be read so I think I am good for the weekend. It’s not supposed to rain either so maybe we can get outside to clean the yard a little and prep for spring.
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We have to replant the grass in the backyard. We fenced it in last year for the dogs and they really went to town running everywhere and digging. That’s going to be one of our spring projects. I think that’s mostly it for the weekend.
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I have to grocery shop tonight and I am not looking forward to it. People are going nuts around here. I heard there are 400 people per hour rushing into the local Costco. One parent showed me pictures of empty shelves where the toilet paper and paper towels were. I get the cleaning supplies but why are people hoarding toilet paper? Does the coronavirus make you poop? This coronavirus has people going crazy.
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It is getting closer to us. There haven’t been any confirmed cases in CT yet, but there are a few in New York which is really close and there are a lot of people who commute in everyday that live here.
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Schools are talking about closing procedures. As are businesses. It’s kind of crazy but it’s better to be cautious, I guess. I’m not going to freak out yet but I am dreading the store tonight.
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How about you? What are your weekend plans?

Voting and me.

I have a not so secret, secret.
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I have never registered to vote. I am 38 and I have never voted. I never followed politics closely because I never registered so why would I? I used to hear people get in arguments over politics and I would just sit back and listen.
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Honestly, I was kind of happy I wasn’t a part of that argument or conversation. I wouldn’t say anything because I had no say and it was completely my choice. I choose to not be apart of that conversation. If asked, I’m not ashamed to admit I am not registered to vote.
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Sure, I have my own views on things. Last presidential election I would have voted for Hilary but I am in CT and that’s who a lot of people voted for. In my mind, my one little vote wouldn’t have mattered at all because the majority rules and the majority was already in her favor.
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I read multiple news outlets everyday, I am aware of what is going on in the world. It’s not like I am in a bubble. I have views and opinions that I talk to my husband and select friends about. I am following the current presidential race and the people running and dropping out. I don’t understand the entire process but I understand a good part of it. What I don’t understand I look up.
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Some of my friends have preached about how important it is to vote in every election. I smile and nod and listen but I still never registered.
This year I think I am going to register. I don’t know why or what is so special about this year, but I think it’s time for me to get a little more active and start being apart of the conversation a little more.
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I still don’t think I will get involved in arguments. I think everyone has a right to have their own opinions. I don’t think It’s my place to educate people on my beliefs. I think I’ll start with registering and learning the process better myself.
What about you? Do you vote? Would you vote?

I wish…

This is a personal wish list. Not one for the world, just for me.
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I wish that my books would start to sell. Even just a couple a week would be encouraging.
I wish that I would be discovered and my books would be turned into a movie or a series.
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I wish that we could start planning a family move to San Diego.
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I wish that I believed in myself more and didn’t second guess myself all the time. I wish that I could be more confident.
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I wish I were more present in everything I did and not always thinking of the next thing.
I wish we could just pay off everything and sock a bunch directly into savings.
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I wish I didn’t have to work, and I could choose what I wanted to do with out worrying about money.
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I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wish I knew how to get there.
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I wish my family stays healthy and I can be a positive role model for my kids.
I wish I would stay focused and lose the weight I want to lose.
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I wish I could go back to school and finish my BA in something.
I am working on all this, I am a work in progress… But I if I could have wishes come true tomorrow, this would be my list.
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What about you? If you had some personal wishes come true tomorrow, what would you wish for?

Monday – Personal Update

Hey Everyone!
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It’s March 3rd and I am making some personal lifestyle changes this month.
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One, I am quitting drinking for at least a month. I have one week done and I am actually proud of myself. I was beginning to wonder if I had a serious problem going. I already knew that I have a problem stopping once I start. I know that’s not a good sign. This past weekend I realized I was probably a little worse than I thought. Monday through Thursday I am usually good. I don’t drink for the most part.
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Friday’s I would get wine and start to drink it after I got home from shopping. Then I would order dinner for us and continue to drink. Saturday’s I would clean the entire morning then feed the kids lunch and then I would pour my first glass of wine and sit and watch TV. Same thing for Sunday except instead of cleaning I would run errands in the morning and then we would meet up with friends or chill at home. Either way I would start to drink at some point too.
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The issue is once I pour that first glass of wine, I finish the bottle. Sometimes I would finish two. I don’t get falling down drunk but I just sip until it’s bedtime. I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t want it to be normalized to my children. So I am cutting it out at home. I was trying to think back to when I didn’t drink on the weekends at all and I am pretty sure it was when I was pregnant. My daughter is now 8… I know. Terrible. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that but it’s the truth.
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The thing I noticed this past weekend was that it seems almost like weekend drinking had become like a hobby to be able to relax. I need to find new hobbies.
That’s my first change for March.
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Two. I am going to work out. I was doing a 7 minute work out on an App with my daughter a couple times a week for the past month or so and now I am going to get back on the elliptical and rowing machine we have and add that in. I am hoping as it gets nicer outside I will add walking too. I will also keep doing the 7 minute workout at night with my daughter. She gets silly and we laugh, so it’s fun. Sometimes my son even joins in.
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I have gained a lot of weight this past year and I have Hashimoto’s and PECOS and other health issues popping up and I think it’s time to really reevaluate my lifestyle and tweak it a little. These are my first steps.
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That’s what I am working on this month.
How about you? What are your health goals for the month?

March Goals 2020

Wow. March… Already.
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February was going great for me and then I dropped the ball at the end of the month. I didn’t promote as much as I could have. I found myself binge watching TV and drinking boxed wine all last weekend. I was feeling pretty crappy emotionally. So I allowed myself to take a break. Now it’s March… Already!
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March goals:
I found out that I can finally start posting the direct link to my blog on my Facebook again. Great news, but not pulling nearly as many people as I use to. Also, I am really scared to participate in the blog shares on Facebook because I think that’s how I got marked as spam to begin with. It took almost an entire year before I could post my link again. Anyway, maybe I’ll try it again at some point.
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This month I plan on trying to figure out Instagram… Finally. I also want to be a little more active on Pintrest and reorganize my boards. I figure that will take a weekend or two.
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I’m also not going to focus as much on my personal blog views this month, instead I want to focus on joining more groups and supporting other bloggers. I will still be posting 2-3 times a week and posting the links everywhere, I just won’t set a view goal, like I have in the past.
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That’s pretty much it! What are your blog goals? Do you have a blog post about it? Leave a link in comments!🙂

Costco and Cart Rage.

This is a thing, right? I think I have a problem. I really do. Specifically in the grocery stores. I have been shopping at Shop Rite every week for 10 years, and then Costco every other week for the past 5 years.
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I know the lay out of each of these stores by heart. I write my grocery lists in order of the aisles… Really, it’s true. I like to get in and get out. The longer I spend in a store looking around, the more I’ll spend on stuff that we don’t need. I try to stick to my list and stick to my route.
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Before each shopping trip I download all the coupons, look over the circulars and plan my route. I don’t think I am crazy, I just like to have a plan. I say this all to say, My Cart Rage is real.
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When someone is strolling down the middle of an aisle and looking at everything as they pass, I get instantly aggravated. I try really hard to let it slide but I can not understand why people do this? If you need to look for something, pull your cart to the side and let people pass. I just think it’s so rude. I have no problem waiting in line for something if someone is there before me but I don’t think it’s cool to block an entire aisle so no one can get around you.
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I try to keep in mind that it’s a grocery store and not a race but after a few minutes I just want to scream sometimes. Like what do you need? What brand? I can tell you exactly where it is but if you want to just compare prices or flavors or whatever it is that you want to do, please, please, please just pull over.
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I went to Costco on my lunch hour because this week is my big shopping. I probably should have just left when I saw the parking lot. But I have another grocery store to go to after work and then get home to make dinner. I was trying to get one store out of the way. There was this guy literally zig zagging in the middle of the aisle and walking really slowly while his wife walked a few feet away touching everything they passed.
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He would swing to the left I would veer right to try to pass, then he would swing to the right… I almost lost my mind. I ended up cutting down a side aisle and coming around. I had a list and an hour to get my stuff, drop it at home and get back to work. I was on a mission.
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My question is though, is this common? Do people really not consider the people behind them? Even when I have a relaxed trip to the store and I am just looking around I always pull to the side so people can pass.

Ring Doorbell – Review

We recently bought the Ring doorbell.
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I honestly never even thought about buying something like this but my husband pointed it out a couple weeks ago at the new Amazon 4 star store in the mall. That store is pretty cool.
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It was packed though and I got a little antsy with so many people around. Anyway, he pointed it out and said he wanted it and I told him sure. He bought one and installed it this past weekend.
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It’s actually pretty cool. It sends a notification when there is movement in the camera and then you can see, hear and talk out of it. Today I saw the garbage men and the mail man. Weird, but kind of cool too.
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Now we are looking into the other things that they have. We want to replace the floodlights and a couple other things. I totally recommend this product. The only issue I have is that when I was talking to my husband through it while he was installing, I could hear an echo a little bit. It’s nothing that would prevent me from buying it but it was a little annoying. My husband researched and said this is a common problem and he reset it but I could still hear the echo. I am really happy we bought this and I really look forward to upgrading a few other things around the house.
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Would you use something like this? Do you have something like this? What do you think?

RTR- Week 12&13

I’m back with more. Although I think this is my last installment like this. I’m not sure. I think it might be getting a little boring. Both for me to write it and for you to read it. Or I have to figure out a new way to write this.

Trina Turk - Kailee Top

Retail $228.00. I can buy for $136.80. I actually really love this. It’s super comfortable. I think I might wear it to my interview on Thursday. I have a job interview and I’m not nervous cause I don’t know if I want it. I love it but not enough to justify spending that much on it. (I didn’t get the job).

I am wearing this to work on a monday. So far lots of compliments including one saying it reminds them of a shirt their mom would wear. I’ll take that as a compliment.But really, I feel good in it. And it’s really comfortable. The only think I didn’t love about this is that my hair is to my shoulders so either it was popping up in the back or like tucked in to the collar, which felt a little weird to me.


Caslon - Spacedye Cardigan

Retail for $99.00. I can buy for $59.40. I really like this too. It’s got pockets! I love this sweater. I wore it over the weekend taking my kids out to the mall and then to work one day. I am almost thinking about buying it. It’s just that it’s a very loose knit and it’s very easy to pull. I’m going to keep it for another weekend and then send it back on Monday. It’s just goes with everything and it’s very easy to throw on.  I didn’t even use the pockets but I liked that they were there and I liked the length.

STINE GOYA - Makayla Top

Retail for $270.00. I can buy for $81.00  . There are matching pant to go with this too. If I love the top I might rent the pants too. This hits right at the hip. I usually like my shirts a little longer. I will not be buying this but I will wear it to work one day.

I am wearing this today. It’s silk, so it’s very light. I have a feeling I am just going to feel cold most of the day. I do like it though and I like the way it fits. I might rent this again in the spring with the matching pants.


Ronny Kobo - Viola Cardigan

Retail $388.00. I can buy for $213.40.  I rented this because I liked the colors and I thought it would be perfect for work for  valentines day. It fits like a blazer and it’s pretty big, I am not sure if it would look better in a smaller size. I will wear it with Black pants and boots.

I am glad it’s Valentines day today because I feel like a Valentine. I do like the colors but this is definitely not something I would ordinarily wear.  But that’s the whole point of this, right?

Amanda Uprichard - Green Finch Top

Retail $170.00. I can buy for $59.50. This shirt is alright. Nothing special. It feels nice on, not to tight, not to baggy. The only thing I am not to fond of is that it seems hard to wear a tank top under it so it very much shows where your pants end. Also, there are high slits on the sides.. It’s fine because I am wearing kind of high pants. I wouldn’t wear pants that hit on the hip with this shirt.

Fifteen Twenty - Blue Button Up Blouse

Retail $176.00. I can buy for $140.80. I wore this with black pants and boots. I like it. Not for $140.80, but it’s nice and I really like the color. The sides have slits so it hides any belly and I needed that today after indulging all weekend.


Fifteen Twenty - Grey Draped Duster

Retails for $143.00. I can buy for $100.10. I wore this all weekend and I really liked it. It was warm and looked nice and it has pockets! I did like it but I had to send something back so I could get something else for later in the week, so back this goes today.

kate spade new york - Heartbeat Smocked Top

Retails for $228.00. I can buy for $205.20. I will wear this tomorrow. I like it though. I like the look of it. And it fits well. I will not buy it for that price but I will wear it to work.

I might keep this going a little longer but I think I am going to stop the weekly or biweekly reviews. Maybe do a monthly review of the things I loved. I don’t know. I feel like this is getting a little repetitive and boring. The entire point of all this was to try a new service and see if it was really worth it and honestly, I think it is. I am happy to try new clothes. I love having a never ending closet.

It’s been a few months now and as much as I wanted to hate it, the only con I can really think of is that sometimes they don’t have the thing I want in my size when I want it AND I wish I had more spaces so I can get accessories too. Also, sometimes I try to time if so I have 2 shipments a week and for some reason sometimes it takes 2 days to get to me. That’s not a deal breaker in my opinion. I love having something new in my closet every week. I love getting new colors and prints. I will definitely recommend this service to anyone and I will keep this service for a while.

If you would like to try it out please consider using my referral code:

All thoughts on this service are mine. I pay for my membership.

Sonic The Hedgehog – A Family Review

I don’t know much about this except for the whole teeth drama when it was first supposed to come out. I don’t know the plot or anything so I am pretty open to anything.
Image result for sonic the hedgehog old vs new
I thought: I really liked it. I had no idea what it would be about but it was really good. I did play sonic a lot growing up. I liked the back story of the rings. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this movie.
Image result for sonic the hedgehog movie poster
My son (10 year old): 30 out of 10 and 10 extra points for tails. I liked the song. My fav character is a hard one cause I like Dr. Robotnik when he was dancing. I also like the police officer and sonic. And now I really want a tails movie.
Image result for sonic the hedgehog dr robotnik dancing
My daughter (8 year old): I’m tired. (she did like it but she did fall asleep.)
Image result for sonic the hedgehog baby sonic
Husband:I liked it a lot. I think it was the best video game movie ever made. Jim Carey was great. He did great and had a lot of fun.  Sonic had a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. I would definitely go see it in the movie theater. It was well written and face paced and cheesy when you wanted it to be. And the jokes were pretty good. They could have been really bad but they were well done. Also, the mushroom planet, I think they were making fun of the mushroom kingdom.
Image result for sonic the hedgehog tails 2020
 Would we recommend you see it? Yes! Would we recommend you see it in the theaters? Yes. Would we go see a Sonic and Tails 2? Absolutely.
Image result for sonic the hedgehog movie mushroom planet