Guest Post!

I really love this “Woman of significance ( Knowing your identity in God).”devotional. It has truly been an eye opener. It has answered questions I’ve always asked myself like why is anger such a struggle for me? I knew part of the reason is because it is a generational curse passed down by my father. This is why the Bible warns us not to have sex out of marriage. Soul ties are real!! And the person or people you choose to sleep with can really affect your life in ways you’ve never imagined. You can be the happiest person, never had an angry bone in your body, sleep with somebody who struggles with anger then boom! You now find yourself getting angry a lot. Sometimes it may not pass directly to you but if you have a child or children the chances of them having an issue with anger are high. How do I know? I myself am a product of this and I can tell you first hand this shit ain’t fun or funny. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be 100% anger free but at least I’m learning how to control it. What I didn’t know was that it can sometimes be caused by the way you view yourself.

If your assessment of yourself is in constant conflict with God’s opinion of who you are, you will be confronted by perpetual shame. When you refuse to see yourself the way that God sees you, you will go through life looking at yourself through the distorted lens of either pride or humiliation. You will often be ashamed of who you have become because you never really knew who you were created to be in the first place.The enemy of your soul, Satan, doesn’t want you to tap into the richness of who you were created to be, and so he endeavors to distract you with distorted thinking, a misguided mind-set, and an illegitimate self-image. Satan tries to abort your identity by convincing you that you are not enough and that you will never be enough—and absolutely nothing could be further from God’s eternal and exciting truth!Scripture identifies him as “the father of lies” (John 8:44 Satan is infamous for his lies and knows of no other way to communicate. If you are not absolutely certain of how the Father sees you, you will create the volatile risk of believing the lies of the enemy. The only way you can be assured of God’s confidence in you is by eating from the Tree of Life and staying in intimate communion with Him.- Carol McLeod

As I mentioned before, growing up I knew about God but didn’t have a relationship with him because of this I struggled with confidence in every way imaginable. From the way I sounded when I spoke to the color of my skin being to dark. I hated everything about myself except my hair. I’d always ask someone how I looked to know if I had something on my face rather then check myself because I refused to look in a mirror. I didn’t start looking in the mirror until 19, I didn’t start believing I was pretty until 22. I didn’t start knowing I was beautiful until 25 when I started reading the Bible only 4/5 months ago. My walk with Christ has been a roller coaster since the very beginning and far from easy. I’d be lying if I said in my 3years of following Christ I never questioned is this even worth it? I’ve asked myself this question plenty of times but I’ve learned from personal experience that if you just stay the course Jesus himself will see you through!! Reading the Bible is so important for our relationship with Christ to be strengthened. I only started reading it constantly 1month ago and just abut a week or so a go added daily devotionals. Better late than never right? Remember each of our journeys are different don’t let anyone discourage you on yours!!


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