Rent the Runway Weeks 10 & 11 – Review

So much fun stuff these past few weeks for me. Lets get Started:

Trina Turk - Lila Sweater Top

$178 Retail. $53.40 to buy. I liked this so much I wore it twice. I won’t buy it but I loved the color and I felt good in it. I wore this with navy pants and then with black jeans and boots. Both times I felt really good and comfortable.

Cinq à Sept - Side Stripe Lana Pants

$345.00 Retail $145.70 to buy. Um, no. But they do have a fun pink detail down the side. It’s missing the clasp on top but I plan on wearing a sweater over it, so it should be okay. I enjoyed wearing these. They were fun and I felt good. I wore them once to work before sending them back. My coworker liked these too.

Equipment - Amrit Sweater

$325.00 and $97.50 to buy. I wore this twice. Once with the pink pants above and once with black jeans. One coworker said I looked like a Ref at a kids soccer game. I like it. I liked the length of the sleeves. Even though the sweater was kind of heavy, it has holes in it, so I was still a little cold. I’m sending it back.


Threads of PRVLG - Splatter Paint Hoodie

Retail $197.00. I can buy for $165.35. This I ordered for last weekend and didn’t get it till Monday so I am wearing it this weekend. It’s nice. It’s like a sweater and not a sweatshirt. I will be sending this back Monday but I plan on wearing it all weekend with jeans and white Reebok’s.

I actually love this sweater. I have been wearing it all day and I am comfortable and warm. I am going to wear it all night too… And tomorrow. I will not buy it for that price but I will wear it for as long as I can until my next shipment comes Monday and I have to send it back so I can get something else.

Joie - Chasa Sweater

Retail for $348.00. I can buy for $208.80. I rented this for work and I actually love it. You can’t really see in this picture but it has braids down the front and sleeves. I plan on wearing it again one more time before I send it back next week. First,  I wore it with light green work pants and boots. Next, I wore with black checked pants. Both times I felt great.

kate spade new york - Silk Point Collar Blouse

Retail $368.00. I can buy for $202.40. I am wearing this on a Monday. It’s comfortable and I feel good in it. I feel bloated from the snacks and booze over the weekend and this shirt is loose enough where I feel like I look put together but also I can breath. So that’s good. I don’t think I am going to wear it more than once though.

Parker - Maxwell Sweater

Retail $328.00. I can buy for $131.20 . I rented this because a month or so ago I rented a different color of this same sweater and I loved it. I am really excited that this was finally available in my size. This came and it seems much smaller than the one I had before I even went back to check the size that I previously ordered. Same size, same sweater, same designer, different color. I am wearing it right now with white pants. I have received lots of compliments and I am happy I wore it even though it is smaller than the other one that I loved. I won’t buy it but I will wear this at least one more time!

I am really loving this service. I am going to keep it for a while even though my rate is going up this month. I wish I could afford more spots but I think I am getting the hang of it and the timing of if I order on this day, I should get a shipment this day. Or if I send it back this day, I can order however many the next day. I do wish they had more jeans that weren’t skinny or high rise.

If you are interested in trying this service out, please consider using my referral link. You get $100.00 off and I might get an extra spot for a month.



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