Rent The Runway – Review

*This is my personal opinion. I paid for the first rental and my monthly membership. *
My sister in law told me about Rent the Runway. She rents dresses and she always looks so pretty so I figured I would give it a shot.
I rented a dress for a wedding and I absolutely loved it. I felt amazing and pretty and wonderful. So I thought, why not feel like this all the god damn time?
This is the dress below, isn’t it gorgeous?
Floral Overlay Dress by ML Monique Lhuillier
I talked to my husband and signed up for the monthly membership. $160 after 3 months, $120 for the first 3. It seems steep to me but  you get 4 pieces at a time. And you can switch them all month. They have to get it back before sending the next shipment. It could be one or all four. Depending on if you want to keep any for a bit.
My first shipment is 2 pants and 2 shirts.  I came home to them sitting neatly packaged on my porch. I was so excited. I tried them on immediately. Everything but one shirt felt great. One shirt was a little short for my liking. I will wear it but I already have a feeling I will be tugging it down all day.  The other sweater felt big but it’s a sweater so I’m going wear it with the green pants and see how that feels.
Related image
I’ve been in a huge funk lately with clothes. I have 3 pairs of pants I love so I rotate them all week with 5 sweaters and a tank top under. I’m looking to refresh my look. So. Here we go.
Nuccia Crop Pants by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni
Day one:
Today I am wearing the green pants and the stripped sweater. I felt good after getting dressed, asked my husband how I looked, he said “Great.” I walked out the door to bring my kids to school.
Ribbed Long Sleeve Top by Becken
The pants are pull-ons and they feel comfortable, like sweatpants without the sweat pant insides. The sweater is heavier than I thought but I like it. They both feel like polyester. Thick polyester. Which is fine now because it’s one of the coldest days of the year today. But might not be fine on a warmer spring or fall day. I am not really sure what the fabric was, I didn’t look. Whoops.
We got to school and my kids said “you should get those pants again for St. Patrick’s Day.” And so began my doubt in this outfit. I got to work and my coworker loved the sweater. She said it looked great on me. She said she probably would have choose black pants and wore the green pants with a black shirt. I went to the bathroom to look at my combination again and to tell myself I looked okay. Which I do. I decided I wanted tea at some point and walked halfway down the hall and I heard people in the kitchen so I turned around and ran back to my desk. This has more to do with me being terrible at small talk and a little to do with me wearing something that I know a lot of people have never seen me wear. I need to be more confident. That’s what this experiment is all about. Overall though, I really like both pieces. The pants do feel a little loose and the pockets are really shallow and towards the end of the day the stretch gave a little and I felt like I had to keep pulling them up. Not a deal breaker. I just have to hold my phone. I would order these pants again maybe in a size smaller and a different color.
Gemini Printed Pants by Veronica Beard
Day Two:
Wearing the Black and white pants, white tank top, and a black cardigan. I feel great! Pants fit great, the fabric is a little thin so I am cold because it’s freezing outside, but I like these pants a lot. I think maybe I went to bold on my first time out with colors. My husband assures me I looked great but I felt a little insecure. But today I am in my primary colors. Black and white and I am way more comfortable and confident today. I still didn’t make into the kitchen to get my hot water for my tea, but that’s mostly because I hate small talk. I really do and I really need to work on that.
Carla Top by A.L.C.
Day Three:
Today I am wearing the Floral top. I originally tried this on and thought “Nope.” Not that I didn’t like the shirt I just didn’t like it on me. I felt like I was going to be tugging it down all day.  I put it on this morning with my black gap jeans, black tank top and brown boots and I actually love my outfit today. I have to get a little use to the top but I like it a lot. Getting in an out of it is new because I have never worn a wrap shirt before. And I have to agree with the other people that it’s very open, I need to wear a tank top underneath. But I really like it. My coworker said it was really pretty and my husband said I looked really cute this morning before I ran out the door. I did make it into the kitchen for tea today. Go me!
Image result for UPS return label rent the runway free image
If you would like to try it, please use my link. You’ll get $30.00 off and so will I so we’ll both win! Thank you!
I was thinking the other day that I was feeling kind of bad about the cost of renting per month. Even at the reduced rate it seems like a lot to me. I was thinking of just doing it for a month because I already paid and then ending it but now I am thinking that I feel really good. I am looking forward to returning these items tomorrow and picking out 4 new ones next week. I will continue posting my Rent the Runway adventures over the next few weeks.
Related image
The return is very simple too. They provide a return label in the bag so you just put everything you are returning in the bag, zip it up, replace the UPS label on the front with the return label and drop it off at a UPS. I am already looking forward to my next 4 pieces!
Image result for UPS return label rent the runway free image
Have you ever tried this service or something like it? What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Rent The Runway – Review

  1. I have never heard of this but the outfits are so cute, and classy, I love the idea of not having to stress over what to wear for work or heading out. Love this concept !


  2. I really need to try this, just to get out of my clothing comfort zone, but I’m cheap and I’ll probably never actually do it… I’ll put this in the “someday” file 😉 thanks for the review


  3. These are some really cute outfits! The price does seem a bit steep but when you think about it it’s probably not too bad if you buy clothes regularly throughout the seasons!


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