My weird ass dream – Take 3

I had another weird dream last night. I was laying in bed this morning and I actually remembered my weirdo dream.
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I was living with my husband in a haunted house next door to where I lived once for a while. But only the basement in our house was haunted and that’s where the laundry was so I was scared to get the clothes out of the dryer.
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Ray (my husband) went to go get them and when he came back he said that Boys 2 Men was coming over. I went outside to wait for them to tell them where to park and I noticed there were people sitting on the porch of where I used to live so I asked them if I could take a  peek at what it looks like now and they said sure!
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When I walked in it was like the middle of the floors where all taken away so if you stood in the middle of the floor you could see every level and into every room. It was weird. The people said they were renting it for a while but they agreed it was a weird design.
I said thank you and went back to my house and Boys 2 Men showed up and walked past me.
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I was like “Hi! My name is Jess and I’m Rays wife. Welcome to our house. Make yourself at home I have to go walk Prince Harry.”
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And I went in our house and the actual Prince Harry was sitting at my table wearing a tux. He said he hadn’t washed his pants in a year. I said he didn’t wear those ones everyday so that was okay. Then I took his hand and we left for a walk.
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Then I woke up like what that fuck did I just dream?? I don’t think any of that had any meaning. Haha. Maybe because I was reading a lot about Meghan and Harry and I truly feel for them, but I don’t get anything else.
How about you? Any weird dreams lately?

8 thoughts on “My weird ass dream – Take 3

  1. I really enjoyed reading about Boys 2 Men were coming over. This was a really nostalgic read that took me back to my childhood.


  2. Love this, glad other people also have super wacky dreams! I had a dream this week that I was pregnant and was being harassed by Justin Theroux who was convinced he was the father (but he wasn’t) and then he eventually set alligators on my husband..


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