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Detective Pikachu Movie- Family Review with A LOT of the Spoilers

If you want to see this movie DO NOT Read this right now, come back after. This is our conversations after we saw the movie on what we thought. Image result for detective pikachu free images
Me: I liked it. I didn’t get that the dad was actually Pikachu. When he came back to life, I was confused.  I was wrapped up in understanding that they took his mind and I missed the whole repairing the body. Even though they do explain it, I didn’t hear that. I did eventually get it. It was interesting though. And good. It kept me interested and I love Pikachu. The Pokémon were cute. I liked how they explained the different attacks for certain Pokemon. I do not play a lot of Pokémon and I never did. I see the cards because my son was into them but I don’t know the games well.  I do know some of the characters so that was fun to see them. Mew 2 was awesome. Related image
Husband: How did Pikachu get back to the town so fast? I liked it. It was a good movie. It was fun. I played the games. I like how they gave you 20+ years of history without taking forever. If you’re a fan, there is stuff for you. If you are not a fan, there is stuff for you too. It was well written. The ditto was nightmare material.
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Son: I loved it. My favorite part was the plot twist at the end. My question is how did Tim get down the stairs so fast? Overall I liked it. I would see it in theaters and at home cause there is there are snacks. My favorite Pokémon was the Tortoise, I liked when they popped up. I expected a big battle, But I liked the plot twist. Why did Pikachu almost die from a rock, that was a little much. Where’s the hypo spray, Tim? This is what happens when you go to battle with one Pokémon. Charzard was super wrinkly
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Daughter: fell asleep 3/4 of the way through! I liked it till i fell asleep. The Pikachu is cute. I wish I had a pet like that.
Related image
Sister: I liked it. I liked the twist at the end that Pikachu was his father and that’s how they could communicate. I didn’t see that coming although looking back, I see that now.
Niece: it was good. I liked it.
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Over all we would recommend seeing the movie in the movie theaters and we will definitely be watching it again at home.
What are your thoughts?

Captain Marvel. A Family review

I know this is a little late. We had some things come up, like a trip to Boston, before we could make it to see the movie.  So here it goes:Related image
I thought: Cats are evil monsters. It was a long movie. It was Interesting though. I really liked it. I liked the female power. It’s nice to identify with a super, super hero. Besides being human it doesn’t seem like she doesn’t have any big flaws but I could be wrong because I don’t read the comics, I just see the movies and then ask my husband a million questions afterwards. It makes sense that Fury calls her at the end of the Avengers. I liked the fighting. I knew that Yon-Rog was evil. He was a weirdo and I didn’t trust him. I did like it though. I would watch it again.
7 thought: Sleep. Half way in.
9 thought: It was good. I liked the humor.
Husband thought: It was a bit long. It dragged in some spots and it could have been written a little tighter. I like the humor. The ending was good but it felt rushed. She just started kicking ass and then it was over. The skrulls were really good. The characters felt organic. Her friend Maria and daughter Monica were really good characters. I appreciate the changes from the comic books. I liked the story over all. The movie version of her is so much better than the comic book version. It’s easier to identify with her. Her character flaws in the movie make more sense than they did in the comic books. The fight scenes were good. I liked all the parts but it was like 4 or 5 different movies.
Sister thought: loved woman power and throwback songs. She’s like unstoppable.
Niece thought: I liked it. That’s it.Related image
We all can’t wait to see Shazam next!

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Our Family Review

Sam: It was a good movie. He liked it
Isabel: it was a great movie and I loved all of the dragons. It was pretty cool. My favorite dragon is Toothless. I liked that they saved the day. And they got married. It was funny.  It was sad when they let the dragons go. Toothless got a wife. I liked the battle. When they ate, it made me hungry.
Ramon: I liked it. I liked how they developed the characters, the world, actually went somewhere with the story. Not sure about the warlords. They were kind of there but the story wasn’t about them. I liked the flashbacks with his father.
Me: I liked it. It was very  entertaining even if you don’t follow the story to closely. Which I don’t. I liked the animation. It was really pretty to watch and then story kept me entertained.
The lady that worked there said that her 16 year old son loved it and thought it was a good conclusion to the movies. My niece who’s 13 thought the same thing. She has been watching and reading the Dragon books forever.
We all recommend going to see it. It’s worth going to the movies to see!
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