How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Our Family Review

Sam: It was a good movie. He liked it
Isabel: it was a great movie and I loved all of the dragons. It was pretty cool. My favorite dragon is Toothless. I liked that they saved the day. And they got married. It was funny.  It was sad when they let the dragons go. Toothless got a wife. I liked the battle. When they ate, it made me hungry.
Ramon: I liked it. I liked how they developed the characters, the world, actually went somewhere with the story. Not sure about the warlords. They were kind of there but the story wasn’t about them. I liked the flashbacks with his father.
Me: I liked it. It was very  entertaining even if you don’t follow the story to closely. Which I don’t. I liked the animation. It was really pretty to watch and then story kept me entertained.
The lady that worked there said that her 16 year old son loved it and thought it was a good conclusion to the movies. My niece who’s 13 thought the same thing. She has been watching and reading the Dragon books forever.
We all recommend going to see it. It’s worth going to the movies to see!
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