Captain Marvel. A Family review

I know this is a little late. We had some things come up, like a trip to Boston, before we could make it to see the movie.  So here it goes:Related image
I thought: Cats are evil monsters. It was a long movie. It was Interesting though. I really liked it. I liked the female power. It’s nice to identify with a super, super hero. Besides being human it doesn’t seem like she doesn’t have any big flaws but I could be wrong because I don’t read the comics, I just see the movies and then ask my husband a million questions afterwards. It makes sense that Fury calls her at the end of the Avengers. I liked the fighting. I knew that Yon-Rog was evil. He was a weirdo and I didn’t trust him. I did like it though. I would watch it again.
7 thought: Sleep. Half way in.
9 thought: It was good. I liked the humor.
Husband thought: It was a bit long. It dragged in some spots and it could have been written a little tighter. I like the humor. The ending was good but it felt rushed. She just started kicking ass and then it was over. The skrulls were really good. The characters felt organic. Her friend Maria and daughter Monica were really good characters. I appreciate the changes from the comic books. I liked the story over all. The movie version of her is so much better than the comic book version. It’s easier to identify with her. Her character flaws in the movie make more sense than they did in the comic books. The fight scenes were good. I liked all the parts but it was like 4 or 5 different movies.
Sister thought: loved woman power and throwback songs. She’s like unstoppable.
Niece thought: I liked it. That’s it.Related image
We all can’t wait to see Shazam next!

5 thoughts on “Captain Marvel. A Family review

  1. I am yet to watch this film but I do love anything Avengers! I am currently a couple of movies behind so I need to get up to date!
    Thank you for yoyr review.

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