Excerpt from Kissing all the Frogs

In honor of this month being my husband and my 11 year wedding anniversary.
Chapter 5: Ramon, my prince
Ramon and I had worked together in the past at pizza hut, we didn’t get along very well back then. His last day at work I actually told him to have a nice life and bye! He went into the marines and when he came back he was different. Besides the physical change, he lost a lot of weight, he had lasik and his hair was cut short, he seemed so much nicer and respectful.
He had a job, full time at a hospital. He had a car. He liked to work out ( not really my thing, but okay I mean, look at him). He visited me at work and asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He tried to kiss me in the rain and I dodged him. I was so nervous. Then we actually did kiss.  He asked me on a date and I said okay.  He was going to meet me right after work the following week.
The day of our date, June 13th 2006 I tried to bail so hard. I told him that I wasn’t feeling well and he showed up with Thera Flu and made it for me. We went to my friends house for a few hours and then ended up pack at my apartment. He ended up spending the night. We both called out of work the next day and spent most of the morning in bed. He got up to get dressed and walked across my room completely naked and for the first time in my entire life I felt comfortable doing the same. We just fit. Everything about him was just comfortable. We never spent a night apart after that. Image result for Love  cartoon mixed race free image
After a month I was in serious like with this guy. After 3 months I told him I loved him by accident while were were hanging up the phone after making plans for later that night. Later that night he said he loved me too.
For the next 6 months he stayed over every night. The apartment was now getting crowded. Roommates girlfriend had also basically moved in, even if he wasn’t happy about it. Ray and I started looking for a place. We found one in March, 9 months after we started dating, and moved in. I gave Roommate a month notice but told him I would pay my portion of the rent for the next 3 months until he found someone. He was mad but said okay. I ended up paying for an extra month and then he found a new roommate.
Roommate and I hung out a few years later one night and said we should keep in touch more often. We haven’t though. I know that he’s engaged to someone and they moved to another place in Stamford. I just hope he’s happy like me wherever he goes.
Ray and I moved in together in April and got a puppy, Nacho. On our one year anniversary he proposed to me at one of my favorite spots. The following April 19th, 2008, we were married in Cooperstown, NY at the Otesaga. It was amazing. We were so happy. The Otesaga had shut down for renovations and we were supposed to be there the first weekend they opened back up but something had delayed them a week so we had the entire hotel and staff to ourselves for our wedding. We had about 27 guests. If I had ever imagined myself getting married, that would have been the wedding I had dreamed of.  I really never thought before Ray that I would ever get married. The next day my parents had a BBQ at their house before everyone headed back home.
Side note; A few years later on a ghost hunters show, the Otesaga was on! I guess the 4th floor is haunted. Luckily my wedding was on the 1st, so no ghosts that I was aware of….
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You can buy the book and learn about all my terrible ex-frogs too in this book: Kissing all the frogs
Kissing All The Frogs by [Acosta, J.]

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