Thanksgiving 2020

If you follow my blog, you already know that Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays.
How to celebrate Thanksgiving safely during the COVID-19 pandemic | MD  Anderson Cancer Center
Traditionally, we have the entire family over and a few friends. It tends to end up being around 20-25 people. Usually, my husband would be frying a turkey outside while I crock pot a ham.
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My mom and I start sides around 12pm and people show up around 2. I set out a buffet and everyone digs in and hangs out and it’s just fun to see everyone and hang out.
This year our Covid Thanksgiving looks a little different.
Infectious Disease | TriHealth
We cancelled the big party, obviously. It really made me sad though.  I was still planning on cooking everything and dropping a tray off to my Sister and Niece. Then the school my sister works at shut down almost 2 weeks ago because it didn’t have enough staff to stay open.
COVID-19: Schools in Odisha to remain closed till December 31
Her school is closed until after Thanksgiving. She was tested this past week out of caution and has been quarantining, even though she wasn’t directly exposed. After discussing with my husband we have agreed that there is little risk in having them over. This has made my heart so happy. So I am back to planning Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving safety amid COVID-19: Here's what you should consider to stay  safe | GMA
Since our Thanksgiving will be small I have decided to have and actual sit down lunch/dinner. I ordered some fun placemats and silly hats from Target and broke out the family serving dishes. I am once again thrilled for Thanksgiving.
10 Ways to Celebrate and Host Thanksgiving During COVID-19
I won’t be sad that I can’t see everyone, I’ll be happy we are all healthy and I will make the best of what we can do. I will miss everyone and hopefully next year we will all be able to get together again.
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Did you change your plans? What are you doing?
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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2020

  1. I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving even though it’s small, and you are so right about missing people but being thankful for health. Our Thanksgiving was moved over Zoom where we talked, ate, and played virtual games. It was still nice to see everyone 🥰. Happy Thanksgiving!

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