Voting thoughts 11/4/2020

The election voting is over. They’re still counting. In the beginning it looked promising but CNN said that it was a lot of democratic mail in votes. And now they are counting, counting, counting. It’s crazy. The thing I really don’t understand is the electoral college. I mean it doesn’t make sense to me that they 100% vote for the majority. What about all those other people in the state? Especially now.
Electoral College - HISTORY
For Example, Florida. A little more than half the people voted for Trump and the rest voted for Biden. Why do all 29 electoral votes go to Trump? Florida right now has 96% of their votes in. 51.2% Trump and 47.8% Biden. Wouldn’t it be fair to put like 15 to Trump and 14 to Biden? To me, it’s like half the state didn’t vote. It makes zero sense which is really why I never voted before this year. I don’t understand how you turn someone’s vote into something else based on majority. That’s not right. I kind of want to put together a spreadsheet showing what the real electoral votes should be if they actually reflected what the states voted. I might.
Election day November 3, 2020 is finally here - still need to vote? Here's where to go!
I know I might get a lot of people saying  “It is what it is, blah blah blah…  Because they said so.” It still makes no sense.
The Electoral College and Popular Vote Explained | RepresentUs
I just want a president who doesn’t make me feel embarrassed. I feel like every week these past 4 years there has been something Trump has said or done that has made me think “What the fuck?” Especially this last year with the pandemic and so many people dying and getting ill, where is all the help? I read someone’s tweet a while back that said “For $1.00 a day, you too can help support an American.” I laughed, but it’s serious. There are so many people struggling and dealing with huge loss. It just feels like things are tipping in the wrong direction and still, people are getting richer.
How do we elect our president? Explaining the Electoral College – E T H I C
I’m not an economist or politician. I am a mom and wife. I write a blog and have a day job… This entire election process just doesn’t make any sense to me. I know a lot of people feel that way.
I am honestly scared of what’s going to happen in America no matter who wins.
Inside the Mind of a First-Time Voter – Aurora Public Schools
I did vote this year for the first time. I am proud of that. I just have an anxious feeling right now.
On the brighter side, it Trump does win it will be the last 4 years he would have. His two terms would be over. I hope.

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