Once in a while when I am I driving to my house I am reminded of my own 20 year old words.
As a 20 year old college student who has no idea what they're doing, this is how I feel a lot : BoJackHorseman
I used to work at a radio station as the Street Team. My job was to drive around in a company van and give out free shit to listeners. It was an awesome job. When we weren’t doing events we would be assigned a town to drive around and they would say on the radio what town we were in and to look for us. Usually we would drive, find a parking lot and hang out, get some lunch somewhere and give out whatever stuff we had. T shirts, bumper stickers, stickers, key chains, sometimes movie passes or tickets to places. I looooved that job. It was a team because there were two of us in the van usually.
95.9 The Fox – Fairfield County Rocks | 95.9 The Fox
One time I was with Eddie, a guy in his late 20’s who I made fun of. Like dude, why are you driving a radio van? We had the town he grew up in and he was driving that day. I recently moved to this town, but I still hung out with my crew a few towns over… He took me down some side roads I didn’t know. We went down this one road and I was reading the street signs out of boredom. “Avenue E, Avenue D, Avenue C, Avenue B….” I started laughing and said “where are we? Sesame Street?” Eddie said that it was a nice area and I was like yeah, whatever. Typical 20 year old ass.
Classic Sesame Street videos online. Watch 40 years of special guests. | Sesame street, Sesame street muppets, Sesame street party
10 years later my husband and I bought a house… On Avenue C.
Sesame Street Live! Homepage | Sesame Street LIVE!
It just cracks me up that it all came around. So every once is a while I’ll be driving home and hear my stupid 20 year old self laughing cause I live on Sesame Street.

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