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We have been home for 6 months and I am getting really bored, I have started to look for new hobbies. My daughter and I went on a Amazon search kick and we purchased a couple kits.
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Last night we did this candle making kit. It was pretty easy and a lot of fun:
I can’t wait to order more wax so we can make more colorful candles.
The kit we’re thinking of making tonight is this:
Thread bowls. I don’t know. I love bowls so hopefully this will be a fun and look super cute on our dressers.
And for my sloth obsessed daughter:
Works of Ahhh Sloth Wind Chime - Best Arts & Crafts for Ages 4 to 10
Sloth wind chimes. That will probably be Thursday or Friday.
We also have a microphone that hasn’t been used in a while so I think we’re going to start playing around with that. Maybe you’ll be hearing from us soon.🙂
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I am also looking on Etsy to see what other fun things we can add and try out.
I have my eye on this place:
Paper mache elephant | Etsy
As well as some stamps so maybe we can start making our own cards and just mailing them out to people to say “Hi!”
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It’s been six months now and I figure that now is the time to at least try things that I never had a lot of time for. What else am I doing?
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What about you? What are some of your favorite hobbies? Anything you would recommend?

3 thoughts on “New Hobbies

  1. I’ve tried to knit and actually bought materials but failed to keep focused on learning long term. That is why I struggle with picking up new hobbies. Im hoping to pick up photography soon. Thanks for sharing this post anyway. 🙂

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