Personal Update 10/08/2020

Hey Everyone! I have been working on my paying work lately. That, and trying to get the kids to focus on remote learning is just eating up alllll the time. It’s hard to watch any news because it’s horrifying. I still read it. Honestly, I just don’t understand where this kids parents are… or wife, or family? It’s just unbelievable.
Coronavirus: How to make home a workable school during COVID-19 crisis
On a different note. We are in October now! I can’t believe it. The first week of the month is always my super busy work week and I am finally slowing down a little bit. Two weeks ago I was in a really bad place. I just didn’t want to eat or do anything. I stopped taking my antidepressant and drinking coffee, I have no idea why. I just didn’t feel like it anymore. Also, my psychiatrist and I have separated (he closed the practice I was going to) and I am not on any list to get a new one, so eventually I will run out anyway. I haven’t looked for a new one, it’s just hard to find anyone and insurance always sucks. I will start to look eventually. I am lucky that my husband will help as soon as I say I need anything. I am in no way advising anyone to do what I have done. I am just saying that is what’s going on with me right now.
Mariah Carey poses with her twins Moroccan and Monroe, nine, as they  celebrate her new memoir | Daily Mail Online
I’m currently reading Mariah Carey’s new book. I am looking at new craft kits to order. I think I want to try candle making. I can be like Rapunzel.
Cartoon heroes show how to stay happy, Entertainment News & Top Stories -  The Straits Times
I joined weight watchers, again. This time for 6 months and this time with the goal of losing this 30lbs before my next birthday.
Weight Watchers 1 Month Free Trial
I really looked at a lot of different programs before I joined again and I was about to order Nutrisystem and then I paused. It just doesn’t make sense to be to spend $600.00 on 2 months worth of boxed food and then that doesn’t cover anything for the rest of my family… Plus, I know my real problem is portion control. I looked at Jenny Craig and that was a lot of money too. Then I read that you also have to pay for the coaching… No, thank you. I looked at some other places like Diet to go and that was about $600.00 per month for 2 meals 7 days a week. It looked good, but again it brought me back to realizing I can just cook for myself and my husband, but healthy and learn to portion control.
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Then it just occurred to me that if I really want pre portioned meals, I can just buy some lean cuisine, healthy choice or smart ones in the freezer section while I am buying groceries for my family for the week. So I went back to Weight Watchers and I was really happy that they have updated their program from last year. Last year I joined and lost zero pounds because they changed a lot of food to zero points… Which never made any sense to me. So I would eat like shit at lunch, run out of points and then eat 2 bananas and 2 hard boiled eggs for dinner and maybe some other free food too. Really, for me, no food should be zero, cause it isn’t.
Weight loss programs costly for many students – The Crimson White
I joined the digital plan for 6 months which will add up to about $100.00… They changed the plan and now there are different levels depending on your eating style. I am a green. Which means I have a lot less zero point foods. That’s really good for me. I also like that there are tons of healthy recipes and lots of free workouts. The workout function is cool because I can pick whatever I have time for and just do something quick. I hope that I can stick with it and see what happens. There is a lot of support on the digital platform. 3 years ago I actually did lose 20lbs and then slowly gained it all back, this time I am hoping to hit my goal and stay around there.
October | October wallpaper, Hello october images, Hello october
That’s pretty much it for me right now. How are you all doing?

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