Costco and Cart Rage.

This is a thing, right? I think I have a problem. I really do. Specifically in the grocery stores. I have been shopping at Shop Rite every week for 10 years, and then Costco every other week for the past 5 years.
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I know the lay out of each of these stores by heart. I write my grocery lists in order of the aisles… Really, it’s true. I like to get in and get out. The longer I spend in a store looking around, the more I’ll spend on stuff that we don’t need. I try to stick to my list and stick to my route.
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Before each shopping trip I download all the coupons, look over the circulars and plan my route. I don’t think I am crazy, I just like to have a plan. I say this all to say, My Cart Rage is real.
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When someone is strolling down the middle of an aisle and looking at everything as they pass, I get instantly aggravated. I try really hard to let it slide but I can not understand why people do this? If you need to look for something, pull your cart to the side and let people pass. I just think it’s so rude. I have no problem waiting in line for something if someone is there before me but I don’t think it’s cool to block an entire aisle so no one can get around you.
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I try to keep in mind that it’s a grocery store and not a race but after a few minutes I just want to scream sometimes. Like what do you need? What brand? I can tell you exactly where it is but if you want to just compare prices or flavors or whatever it is that you want to do, please, please, please just pull over.
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I went to Costco on my lunch hour because this week is my big shopping. I probably should have just left when I saw the parking lot. But I have another grocery store to go to after work and then get home to make dinner. I was trying to get one store out of the way. There was this guy literally zig zagging in the middle of the aisle and walking really slowly while his wife walked a few feet away touching everything they passed.
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He would swing to the left I would veer right to try to pass, then he would swing to the right… I almost lost my mind. I ended up cutting down a side aisle and coming around. I had a list and an hour to get my stuff, drop it at home and get back to work. I was on a mission.
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My question is though, is this common? Do people really not consider the people behind them? Even when I have a relaxed trip to the store and I am just looking around I always pull to the side so people can pass.

1 thought on “Costco and Cart Rage.

  1. I totally feel you! I have very seriously considered just walking out of a store before because I could not deal with all the people. It’s a mood for me, but I definitely understand!


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