What’s your managing style?

This was a question thrown at me on a recent interview and I was stumped because I haven’t really managed anyone in over 5 years now.
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I was like, Wow. Well, my goal as a manager is developing a team who will work well together and also I want to help my employees develop themselves. I have no idea if this was a good answer or not but that is the way I see myself when I have been a manager.
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I always believed in cross training and I always met with my employees to see how they were doing, how the work flow was, if they needed help, if they could help someone else out, if they were interested in learning something new from someone else and who. That way when it’s crunch time, we can all work together to accomplish our task.
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I think as a manager, it’s really important to listen to your employees and make sure they feel supported and appreciated. I want people to grow and be happy and learn, and I want to help you get there! That’s what I would want from my manager.
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I don’t know… What type of manager would you be?

3 thoughts on “What’s your managing style?

  1. We share the same style I guess but I tend to put a lot of trust in people to do their best even without close supervision. Great post.


  2. Communication, communication, communication. And always avoiding micro-managing! People will get the work done if you allow them the space and freedom to take responsibility of themselves. And if they don’t it’s time to discuss to figure out what’s happening in that person’s life that’s preventing them from performing well and whether there’s anything we can do to help.


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