Applying for a new job.

What are your thoughts on joining a company that is restructuring?
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Recently I was minding my business on my lunch hour and I got a email from a recruiter. I am on linked in twice. One is an author page and one is my actual paying job at the moment (Insurance and Billing Admin). There was a job opportunity that paid a little more and has bonus and it’s not that much farther away.
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My current job. I get awesome holiday’s, time off, and vacation. I’m 5 years in, fully vested and get a 2% match to my 401K … That’s pretty cool. This recruiter reached out to me with this opportunity and I thought, why not just send in my resume? The job sounded exactly like what I am doing right now but it’s in marketing and that’s sort of where I am failing as an author right now. It’s so hard to promote yourself when you have zero money to invest in advertising. Maybe working there, I would learn a thing or two about that.
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The only issue with my current job is that it’s a non profit. We operate on a skeleton crew 100% of the time. There is zero room for growth because you are already doing 10 people’s jobs. That’s just the way it is. On the flip side of that, we get summer Fridays and lots of vacation, holiday’s and sick time. The work/ life balance is there. When I leave work, I don’t take it home with me.
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So I went on an interview yesterday. They are restructuring and are offering like 5k more and a 8% bonus (as opposed to a maybe bonus at my current job). They are about to be bought and the HR director seemed a little sad when I asked about the direction of the company. I am not even sure a move would make any sense at all.
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I will go to the follow up interview because I feel like this is just something I should see though because it fell in my lap… but.. but… My thought is no. I don’t think it would be worth it to jump at the moment. I will go to the other interview next week if they call, but seriously, there would have to be some amazing sign on package to make me consider it. Who knows though, maybe there is?
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What would you do?

7 thoughts on “Applying for a new job.

  1. I would definitely attend the next interview and find out exactly what they have to offer. You said you’d only do it if there is an amazing sign on bonus, but maybe that’s exactly what you find! Also take outside factors into consideration – commute time, workplace atmosphere, etc.


  2. Tough decision. I feel ya on working at a nonprofit. I work at one also. I love working with my clients and don’t want to leave them, but the pay is so low with no room for growth. I’m always trying to balance my job at the nonprofit, my side gigs and usually another one or two part time jobs. It makes for a tough life. Good luck with everything.


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