When the husband’s away.

It feels so weird.
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My husband has never had a job where he had to travel until this one. Last year he was in California for a trade show and it sucked. The kids were miserable and crying because they missed him so much and the time difference made it really hard to face time. When we we leaving for school and work, it was 5 AM over there.
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When I was getting them ready for bed, my husband was just getting off the trade show floor. It just sucked. The only good thing that came from it was that I decided we should all go to California and I booked a trip to San Diego for the 4 of us and it was amazing.
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This year the trade show was in Orlando.
At least it was in the same time zone so talking in the morning, or after work, or before bed was much easier. But we were all still missing him like crazy and we just function better when he’s here.
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The kids were fine for me. Actually, they were better than fine. Besides the occasional crying because they missed their dad, they didn’t give me a hard time about anything I asked them to do or help me with.
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I talked to a few of my coworkers and some of the kids friends parents at school and I was surprised to get a lot of positive reactions when I told them that my husband was away for a few days.
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Like “Yea! You get to chill.” Or “So relaxing! Enjoy it! ” Or “I love when my husband goes away for work because I can watch whatever I want.”
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None of that really makes any sense to me. I’m not chilling or relaxing, I am picking up all his chores on top of mine and I don’t find it relaxing when my child is crying in my arms because they want to hug their dad goodnight.
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In fact, it’s really hard for me to relax unless we are all together. I always tend to think of worst case scenario and I don’t feel at ease unless we are in the same area. Is there something wrong with me? As for the TV watching, I don’t watch much TV as it is.
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He’s on his way home now so I am feeling much better today but I won’t feel normal until we’re all in the house together later.
What about you? How do you feel when a spouse is traveling?

11 thoughts on “When the husband’s away.

  1. My husband travels for work so I can completely understand. Like for instance, he is coming back today and the way I have slept has been horrible. I am ready for a good’s night sleep with him lol. My husband travels 50% of the time so it can be alot but we are getting the hang of it.


  2. My hubby is military so months apart is the norm for us and our family. I don’t particularly like it but it is something that we get used to and adjust accordingly.


  3. My husband and I both travel for work from time to time. Sometimes only over night or up to a week. When he’s away I’m torn – like you say, I end up doing everything. But on the other hand the things that need doing get done when I want them done, not 30mins later when he gets off his phone and then gets in my way while I do something else. Having the bed to myself with no snoring is great too. But evenings are so lonely and I often end up going for a few days with no adult face-to-face interactions – bar the staff at school breakfast and after clubs. The kids behave much better for him when I’m away. When he’s away its usually tantrums and drama galore.


  4. I hated it when my husband traveled! He was gone M-F to another part of the state in one position and then out of the state 10 days + at a time in another. So glad he’s local 100% of the time now! My 6 YO was tiny then. She’d be whispering daddy on the way to daycare, get there, and I’d realize she’d been crying silent little tears the whole time.


  5. I’ve been married for 26 years now, our son and daughter are both in college. In the 30 years together we have barely been apart. I could not imagine how hard it would have been if either of us traveled while the kids were younger!


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