Rent the Runway – Week 9!

This week I think I might change it up a little but first:

Ramy Brook - Alston Pants

Weekend comfy pants. Retails for $345, I can buy for $207.00. That’s not going to happen but I can wear them all weekend. I am going to mail back these pants, the jeans and at least one sweater Monday and pick some new things for next week.

I didn’t end up wearing these much. The elastic waist was really tight and I didn’t like that it cut in. It wasn’t uncomfortable but I felt like it made me look fatter. Like a muffin top but I’m wearing stretchy pants? I don’t think that’s a good look for me. I liked the material and I liked the big pockets. I wore them around the house a bit but when it was time to go out, I switched to the jeans.


Prabal Gurung Collective - Grey Embellished Sweater


I picked this for the end of the work week. It retails for $240.00 and I can buy it for $168.00. It has good reviews so I hope I love it.

I do love it. I am wearing it today and I already got 3 compliments. It’s a good weight, warm and I like the little embellishments. I can’t wait to pick out my next shipment.

Tory Burch - Colorblock Madeline Cardigan

I picked this for the end of the work week as well. Retails for $248.00 I can buy for $173.60. Nope. I sized up according to the reviews and hope it fits well.

This does fit well. I am wore it last Thursday and I liked it a lot. I will probably not wear it twice but I felt good in it. I got a few compliments at work. I like the orange on this. It gives it a pop of color.

Citizens Of Humanity - Charlotte Straight Jeans

These jeans retail for $258.00. How could jeans be so expensive? They’re Jeans. I mean really. I can buy them for $103.20… These didn’t fit at all. No stretch at all. I couldn’t wear these.

MONROW - Cheetah Print Zip Up Hoodie

This hoodie retails for $176.00. It’s a hoodie. I am looking forward to this. I have been wanting to try a cheetah print anything for a while but I don’t want to invest in it.

I can buy it for $158.40. No. First of all it’s short, like cropped. Is that the style now? I did wear this to book club and I got a couple compliments. But I am returning after 1 wear. It’s just big, like wide big and I kept tugging it down because it’s short. It was a fun wear for one day but it’s going back today.


I think I am going to cut the Rent the Runway updates down to every other week. It’s been 2 months now and I am still loving this service and trying new things. I want to start branching out too and trying some of the accessories as well. I haven’t posted anything about that because I haven’t tried any. I’ve been loving the clothes so far. I also need to branch out and try a dress or two. The whole point of this was for me to try new things and a sweater with pants is not really a new look on me at all. Baby steps though.


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