13 things that make me feel old

I just saw a Volkswagon Jetta with classic car plates this morning. That car is a classic?
Image result for volkswagen jetta 1998"
Already?? That was the big car when I was younger. Seeing that got me thinking about all the things that I do or say that really make me feel much older than I think I am.
Image result for things that make me feel old"
So I made a list because I have always loved a good list!
Image result for things that make me feel old"
Things that make me feel old:
1.)Seeing a popular car from when I was younger with a Classic license plate.
Image result for classic license plate"
2.)Listening to old school songs and knowing that those songs are sampled from even older songs, that I also know.
Image result for listening to old school music and knowing the older school"
3) Learning the year my favorite songs came out.
Image result for r& B sampled from older r & B"
4.) Classic rock station plays rock the we listened to in middle and high school.
Image result for classic rock in 2020"
5.) Snow days are called the night before sometimes. Every single time I think “This would have never happened back in the day.”
Image result for snow days back in the day"
6.) Saying “Back in the day”
Image result for saying back in the day"
7.) Realizing that times have changed so much and I can’t tell my kids to just go outside and play and be home by dark. That’s not allowed anymore. The way we played verse the way they play is so weird to me sometimes.
Image result for it's 10 pm do you know where your children are"
8.) Stretching in the morning and cracking. A lot.
Image result for getting old and stretching cracking"
9.) Being excited about a vacuum for Christmas. And a Neck massager. That thing is amazing.
Image result for excited to get a vacuum"
10.) Fashion. Hearing “The 80’s are back… The 90’s are back…” And remembering when I wore it in the 80’s and 90’s.
Image result for 80's and 90's fashion"
11.) When my kids says “What’s a beeper?” Or a cassette tape, or a CD. And remembering when I got a boombox for Christmas and was so happy. (Also, these are considered “Vintage” now?? Since when!?!?)
Image result for boom box 90's"
12.) Saying “I’ll google it.” And thinking about encyclopedias and wondering if people still have these in their houses?
Image result for google vs encyclopedia"
13.) Having to scroll down to find my year when entering my birth date. Or picking my age range bracket when taking a survey.
Image result for things that make me feel old"
How about you? What are something you see, do or say that make you feel old?

2 thoughts on “13 things that make me feel old

  1. Ha ha. A walkman for sure and those tape to tape blasters. Music usually takes me back to places from the long past. Now you have my nostalgia buds in overdrive.


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