New Year and Me 2020

I started this year pissed off. I can’t figure out why. I don’t know why I am being so touchy about everything. It’s just like I want to do things and I have an idea about what I want to happen and then it doesn’t work out or it’s the complete opposite of what I was thinking and I start again.
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I can’t tell if it’s me overreacting yet or if it’s me really feeling pissed off and frustrated. Probably both, but it did get me thinking about this year and what I would like to do with my blog. I read all these sites like make some money here and in 6 months you can make this amount and in a year you can replace your day job and it’s been a year and I have written 100 or more blogs and 3 books and made a grand total of $20.00. And I still have no idea how to do anything to improve my blog stats or get book sales.
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It is picking up a little and I will keep writing because I love it. I just feel like there is so much to learn and I don’t have a lot of extra time. I work full time, I have 2 kids and a husband, and 3 dogs. I am planning on writing at least 2 more books this year in my LMBW series. I’m going to keep up with the blog but I still have no idea what or where to promote to get more views.
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My boss’s boss took us to a holiday lunch a couple weeks ago and they were talking about this woman that’s covering for a lady on maternity leave in our department and they were like “She has a website, isn’t that amazing? I mean does anyone else here have a website?” And I was like “Well yeah, I have a blog.” And they said “What is it about?” and I said “It’s kind of like a family blog, reviews of things we do together or things I am up to.” And the CTO says “Who would want to read that?” And laughed at me. I was just like “I don’t know, maybe the 500 people that subscribe to it.” And then it was over. But still. How fucking rude.
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This sent me into a kind of tug of war in my head though. Like wouldn’t it be easier if I wrote about things that people are really interested in? That would be much easier to promote. Cause really, who does care about me? I’m not that interesting at all.
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Also, I  currently feel really unappreciated at my job. But the good evens the bad for me right now.  I was really hoping that the books could take off and I would be able to write full time for a while. I would absolutely love that. I’ll just keep writing. I am just in a bit of a funk right now and I know it will work out eventually. But ugh, it’s shitty feeling shitty.
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I guess this feeling is just frustration trying to figure out where to go next and what to do.
So I am starting a new promotion on my first book in the series. It is currently FREE until 3/30/2019 on Kindle unlimited. If you could please check it out it and leave a review, it would really mean a lot to me.
What’s next? I will start my next book. And I will keep writing on my blog and promoting as much as possible.
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12 thoughts on “New Year and Me 2020

  1. Wow. I’m so angry at the CTO for saying that. What a big jerk. I want to read the things you post!
    You’re one on the bloggers that I look up to. I’m always really impressed by the content you put out.

    I’m sorry this year has started off a bit rough. Sending you positive vibes and thoughts! I’m excited to check out your books as well.


  2. Your coworkers know NOTHING about blogs. Mommy-blogs are one of the largest sectors of blogs these days.

    I’ve been blogging for 5 years and JUST hit 700 ‘followers’. Half from some blog-hop things, and I usually have maybe 25 readers per post. So far, my blogging/writing is net-negative. Then again, I’m blogging about writing fiction, which is pretty niche.

    Hang in there!


  3. I’m sorry your co-workers were awful about.your vlog! I relate to you about being frustrated. I’ve been really struggling with my view for my blog as well, especially since I’ve been blogging for four years. I still haven’t monetized it and I’m wondering if I should keep it a hobby or start applying those Pinterest strategies. I’m still in uni, and have my first job lined up to start immediately, so I’m really unsure. Kind of glad to read that I’m not alone in such struggles, to be honest 😅


  4. Wow, I can’t get over that CTO! It’s not your problem, it’s his/hers. Their view of the world is narrow only including only them and their small sphere of experience. Try to let it go — you got this!


  5. Do not let anyones negative comments get to you! You have started your blog for a reason and will continue with it ! You just gotta keep going! stay strong!


  6. I’m so sorry you had to deal with someone saying that, it’s always so demoralising when something like that happens. Even to this day I still keep quiet about having a blog. Best of luck with your goals and ambitions though, hopefully that will help the year come together for you.


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