Sea Quest Review – Trumbull, CT

I’ll start by saying my 8 year old daughter had a blast. My friend bought my daughter and her son a sloth experience through Groupon for my daughters birthday because she is obsessed with Sloths.
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My review:
The rodents had poop on them. The birds ate every 5 minutes. The guy at this exhibit actually closed it for a half hour because he said they were going for a couple hours already and the birds needed a break.
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The marine animals seemed to be the best off, at least they had space. The pigs were made to run in circles. The kangaroo was fed by a steady stream of children. The bunnies were trying to hide. The poor chickens were walking on so much food from people trying to feed them.
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They sell you tokens for food. $10 for 4 and $20 for 14. That’s just wrong. Just feed them on a fucking schedule. I felt like a horrible human for buying tokens and when we tried to sell them back, they wouldn’t let us.
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The sloth experience was actually alright. The kids got to feed the sloth. Not over feed it. They got to pet it and look at his ear. We asked about a lot of things and the guy answered everything. My daughter loved every minute of the encounter.
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We did ask if there were people that protested when they opened and apparently there were, they hung out outside with signs.
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I would not go back here again. In my opinion, this is not a great place for animals. Even though the people working there said the animals were treated well.

1 thought on “Sea Quest Review – Trumbull, CT

  1. That is great information. I have never heard of a Sea Quest before, but I am glad to read your review and based on that, I would not go to one either!


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