Rent The Runway- Week 7!

These next few weeks I am off most of the week. I am only working on Thursday and Friday so I decided to get more clothes for just hanging out.


Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Tuxedo Stripe Sweatpants

I picked these sweatpants for Christmas. They retail for $395.00 and Rent the Runway says I can buy them for $158.00. I can not justify spending that much right now on a pair of sweatpants. However, these are very comfortable. I wore them all day for Christmas and then last night and I will probably wear them every night until I send them back Monday. They are super comfortable and not like a regular sweat pant material, they’re more like a sweater. They haven’t stretched out and they are loose and nice. I might have to try more expensive sweatpants in the future! These will go back though.

MSGM - Maglia Rose Cardigan

I am renting this for going out on the weekend. Its retails for $668.00 and has really good reviews. I am hoping to love it as well.

I do like this, the only thing I don’t like is there are no pockets in it. But I wore this out to dinner and to run errands and it had a good length and good weight and warmth so I didn’t need a jacket at all. I can buy it for the low price of $600.75. No, thank you! But I did love the colors and I did enjoy wearing it.

VINCE. - Wool Tie Front Tunic

This sweater retails for $425.00 and I like the look of it. I hope it fits nice.

It fits alright. I plan on wearing it out either today or tomorrow or maybe not at all. The strings on this are really long and I have no idea how to style them. I can wrap them around my waist 3 times and still the string hangs almost to my knee. I might wear it to run a few errands today. It’s a really soft and warm material and I bet once I figure out the strings it would look good. Maybe?  I can buy it for $382.50. Nope.

MOTHER - The Springy Ankle Jeans

These jeans retail for $258.00. I am honestly just looking for some funky, different jeans. I hope they fit well.

Okay. I wanted to love these jeans. I just wanted to try something a little different and I am glad I did. I like these jeans. I sized up per other peoples reviews and I probably could have just picked me actual size because they are loose jeans. The waist is stretchy making these jeans comfortable to walk and sit and just move easily. I can buy them for $232.20… No.

After a while of wearing these I felt more and more like a mom. Mom jeans. Maybe because the brand of these jeans is Mother? I don’t know. I just started to really understand what people mean when they say “mom jeans”. Loved the huge pockets in the front, there are no pockets in the back. I might wear these one more time to confirm my mom jean feelings but these are definitely going back.


These reviews of this service and clothes are mine. I pay for my monthly unlimited service. If you are interested in trying rent the runway, please use my link. You get $100.00 off and so do I, win win for everyone.



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