My Weird Dreams- Godparents


I think this happened because I was going to a wedding for an old friend and there were going to be a lot of people there that I grew up with but who I haven’t seen in a long time.
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In my dream we were at a party for a friend and it was in a hotel with a room on the second floor that overlooked this field and all the kids were down stairs in the field playing. We were in the room and people were arriving and I was drinking a glass of wine and my friend, who I still talk to who is also named Jess, came to sit next to me and this girl Sarah walked in and she goes “Oh, look it’s Jess C and ugly Jess, how are you guys?”
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And I was like wait, what? Cause my friend Jess is Jess C so that must make me ugly Jess.
So I said, “Wait, what?” and Sarah was like “Oh, sorry, that’s just what we used to call you.”
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I was like “who? “And standing next to Sarah was this guy Jason we used to hang out with a lot and Sarah said, “Jason, Right? You used to call her ugly Jess too.” And Jason was like “You are the one that made it up.”
And they started bickering but my friend Jess C was like come on let’s go see what the kids and husbands are doing. And I was like “gladly.”
So I grabbed my wine glass and a sunflower to bring down to the table downstairs and Jess said that she was going to grab us another glass of wine.
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I went out in the hallway to wait. A couple other people came out of the room and I walked and talked with them to the elevator but told them I would see them downstairs because I was waiting for Jess C. And they said okay, and got in the elevator.
I was standing there waiting and I was talking to myself Like “I’m not ugly, she’s ugly. I’m pretty. No, I am beautiful.”
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And right at that moment some man who came out of the elevator was like ” You are beautiful, like that flower, like the sun… ” And he kept going on about my beauty and then he dipped me while I was holding my wine and flowers and kissed me and I was like Wait, what the fuck is happening?
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Just then  Danny DeVito and his partner Rhea Perlman came out of the elevator and I gave them hugs and they asked what was going on and so I started telling them what just happen and this guy was behind me kissing my neck while I was trying to talk and finally I was like “Okay man, that’s enough. Thank you but no thank you. I’m done. Goodbye” and Danny came and stood in between us and the guy was like “But one more kiss, please?” So Danny kissed him and said “Goodbye” and if I wasn’t horrified about this guy, I would have laughed because thank you Danny DeVito. Then Danny, Rhea and a couple other people formed like a human chain and bulldozed this guy down the hallway and then I woke up.
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I kind of know what this dream means because insecurities from long ago and whatever but can I just say that I love Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. They are like my fairy god parents for some reason in my dreams. This isn’t the first time they have showed up and taken me out of a weird situation.
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Do you have any recurring celebrities in your dreams? Who are your godparents?

3 thoughts on “My Weird Dreams- Godparents

  1. I almost laughed out a cracker when I got to the part about Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. I love the way dreams just skip to something totally random, but that makes sense in the dream.


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