Costumes, Parties and Friends!

It’s October 15th! I really can’t believe how this year is flying by. The kids have picked out their costumes this year.
Girl will be a Lion,
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*not my daughter but her costume*
and Boy will be the gigantic blow up dinosaur.
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*Not my son, but his costume*
 They look adorable and hysterical.
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My mom didn’t let me or my siblings celebrate Halloween growing up, that was the “devils holiday” she said… Whatever, I say, it’s not that serious. I let my kids dress up for the Halloween parade at school and then we take them out around the house for a couple hours. I leave a big bowl of candy on our stoop and it’s always empty when we come home.
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We have decided on a Paint Bar birthday party for Girl in December. Then we are renting a hotel room down the street from our house so she can swim all night and in the morning. Then she wants her scavenger hunt on her actual birthday.
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I told the kids they get birthday parties from age 5 till 10, and then we cut it down to a couple friends and something fun like a sleepover or a movie and dinner. I think I might keep the scavenger hunts around for a few more years.
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I can’t believe the holidays are so close already. Once Thanksgiving hits, I feel like I blink and it’s New Years. How about you? Are you ready for Halloween?

7 thoughts on “Costumes, Parties and Friends!

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I gotta order the accessories for my daughter’s costume ASAP! My boy is 2 and fights anything more than a T-shirt and pants going on, so thinking it might not be worth stuffing him in a costume! I love the idea of a scavenger hunt for birthdays!

  2. I love your custome. I also think that this year is flying by. I can not beleive thanksgiving is just around the corner. thank you for sharing.

  3. We participated in a Halloween event last weekend at a local Provincial Park where all the kids went trick or treating campsite to campsite. One of the kids came in the big blow up dinosaur costume and I DIED laughing – it was great!

  4. I love Halloween but I still find many here dislike it and say “it’s an American thing” (we’re in Australia) but kids love it, we meet new neighbours and everyone gets to have some fun!!

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