I was Invited.

My daughter has a friend and her mom is actually one of the few moms that I feel comfortable hanging out with and I can talk to for a while. In fact, my husband and I doubled dated with her and her boyfriend and went to drag queen bingo about a year ago. We had a blast.
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Then they got married, bought a house and she found out she was pregnant. I am very happy for her but we’ve both been pretty busy so we haven’t really connected except for a few texts over the months and our daughters hanging out a handful of times. Either we went somewhere or she picked up my daughter and they went somewhere.
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Anyway, I am invited to her baby sprinkle this weekend and I don’t think I am going to go. When she text me about it, I said I would put it in my calendar. Then a couple weeks later I got the invite and I put it on my fridge and forgot to RSVP. So now I don’t know if I should just show up or not. Or should I call like “whoops”?
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I know I hate it when people just show up to the kids birthday parties without RSVP’ing. And I usually RSVP even if it’s just to say I can’t make it. I totally flaked this time and forgot.
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Besides that, I don’t know anyone who is going except the mom. I am going to buy a gift and I will give it to her but my anxiety is at a high right now. I am torn about what to do but I don’t even really like going to parties where I know a bunch of people and the thought of going to one where I know only one person makes me so nervous. So I think I am not going to go tomorrow.
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I don’t know, what would you do in this situation?

7 thoughts on “I was Invited.

  1. I’d call her! Tell her what you did.Bet she will fit you in. People pull out at the last minute all the time these days so bet she will have room for you. Good luck with the party-anxiety, know it can be tough x

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  2. I can empathized; I recently sat out of a family wedding due to anxiety. No fun! And I flaked on the RSVP. When I realized what I had done I contacted the bride, apologized, told her I loved her but I just couldn’t come.

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  3. LOve your honesty… I would probably saw I have a conflict and invite her out to a private lunch and give your gift then. More quality time together!

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