Do you ever leave bad reviews?

I was a little upset this past weekend. I have a nail salon and spa that I have been going to for over 15 years. I go there because I love the atmosphere and the people. They were always so warm and welcoming. I have brought my husband, children, sister, niece, my mother… Pretty much anyone who I am super close with. It was a little run down but every single time you walked in you got smiles and hugs. I know about their families, and they know about mine.
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Earlier this year the owner, Grace, decided that she wanted to retire. So she sold it to a husband and wife. They said that  they were going to update it some and keep all the staff. And they did. The first few times I went there I was surprised by how much a couple new chairs and some paint could make a place look brand new. They also upgraded the nail polishes and I really liked that. They added a few new services but kept the old ones and then kept the prices the same.
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The new owner was a former employee, I didn’t know her much though because I have one girl I go to all the time. She gives the best massages… I don’t normally like other people touching me, I get tense. But something about this woman, Y. , just made me relax. I have basically been going to her for the last 5 years.  Over a few months I noticed a change. It was silence when I walked in. No one seemed happy. A few staff had left and there were a few new people. Then I found out that the new owner told my manicurist as well as the woman that my husband always went to, that they were no longer allowed to do mani/pedis. They were only to do massage. I would still go there and tell her that I wanted Y., and she would let her take me but she would hover around us. It was just too much but I figured that as long as I can still have my person, I would keep coming back.
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This past weekend I text Y. and asked her when I could come for a mani/pedi because we are going away soon. She said that she only works there Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. So I asked her what time Friday and she responded with a “I think you should find somewhere else, I don’t think I can take you here anymore.” Then she asked me if I would write a review to let people know that this nail Spa is not the same anymore. And I told her I would. And I did. I changed my 5 star review to a 1. Now I am really sad. I loved that place and I loved those people and I don’t think I will see them again unless they go somewhere else. I told Y. to let me know if she ever goes anywhere else and I would follow.
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I think this is one of 3 times in my life I actually left a bad review.  I kind of feel bad about even though I am also mad that the new owners have ruined one of my favorite places. Do you leave bad reviews?

17 thoughts on “Do you ever leave bad reviews?

  1. I have only left a bad review once, and it was for our wedding venue, who basically did everything they could to screw us over when they double-booked us with an exclusive use wedding the day before our wedding, even though we had booked three months earlier than the other couple. We had to get legal advice twice and the day before the wedding the wedding assistant was snidely asking if we wanted to cancel everything. It was awful.

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      1. They really did, but the maddening thing was the general manager replied like “well we got lots of compliments after the wedding” and those compliments had been specifically for the staff on the day who had been made aware of the issues and sympathised with us and worked their socks off to mitigate his and the wedding co-ordinator’s underhanded behaviour.

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  2. That stinks! I try not to leave bad reviews but if the occasion calls for it—I do. This sounds like one of those occasions. Wouldn’t you rather hear the truth before spending your money, time and even risk your health at a business? Feel confident in your 1 star.

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  3. This is so sad! It sounds like not only are the new owners making it uncomfortable for customers, but they also sound like they’re treating their staff badly. I’m sorry that one of your favourite places has gone so downhill, and I hope Y finds somewhere she’s happy.

    I don’t usually leave bad reviews, but I also don’t usually dislike things. The one time I remember contemplating leaving a bad review was for some truly atrocious letting agents, but I was a) kind of scared they’d harass me over email if I did and b) they already had a tonne of bad reviews anyway, so I didn’t feel like not doing it would hurt anyone. But on principle I think it’s good to leave bad reviews if a place is bad, because it helps potential customers make better choices.

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  4. That sucks, I hate when somewhere gets taken over by someone else and they ruin it. I’m not really one for writing bad reviews unless it’s on Amazon hehe!

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  5. Leaving bad reviews? I sure do – unless the company earnestly tries to fix the problem I encountered with them. Many businesses act arrogant and entitled and I think that kind of behavior should be known to the public who wish to spend their money with them in good faith.

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  6. I personally hate leaving bad reviews, so I try and do it as little as possible. My 1-star reviews and complaints only come out when they really, really have to. I just don’t like leaving them because I remember how awful it was getting bad reviews for places I used to work.

    In this instance, I think you have nothing to be annoyed about. If a place you once loved has gone downhill due to poor management etc, then I think people have a right to know.

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  7. It’s so sad to see that kind of change. You loved it there and it was a good salon but the little change of management and it went from 5 to 1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re sad but looking at the bright side now, you still have contact with your favourite mani/pedi person! Great post darling x

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  8. I have a couple of times to warn people. Recently I went to an eye doctor for my checkup and he recommended an expensive type of lens I hadn’t used before. It was horrible!
    I couldnt see well, everything was blurry and felt nauseous. I went back and told him and he sad that it happens among other things. Things that I had not been told prior to the purchase. I asked for a refund and he said no, only exchanges, again I hadn’t been told that glasses were final sale.

    Either way after a lot of going back and forth with the optician I ended with a new pair of lenses for twice the usual cost since there were no refunds. I wrote a 1 star review and he had the gall to tell me that it was all my fault. Nevertheless I will not be going again.

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  9. I have only left a few bad reviews, when I had been extremely upset about how I was treated as a customer.

    I am sorry your experience with your favorite nail salon changed. It seems like the atmosphere there is not a friendly place to work. Hopefully your favorite person finds somewhere that treats her better.

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