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Do you ever leave bad reviews?

I was a little upset this past weekend. I have a nail salon and spa that I have been going to for over 15 years. I go there because I love the atmosphere and the people. They were always so warm and welcoming. I have brought my husband, children, sister, niece, my mother… Pretty much anyone who I am super close with. It was a little run down but every single time you walked in you got smiles and hugs. I know about their families, and they know about mine.
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Earlier this year the owner, Grace, decided that she wanted to retire. So she sold it to a husband and wife. They said that  they were going to update it some and keep all the staff. And they did. The first few times I went there I was surprised by how much a couple new chairs and some paint could make a place look brand new. They also upgraded the nail polishes and I really liked that. They added a few new services but kept the old ones and then kept the prices the same.
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The new owner was a former employee, I didn’t know her much though because I have one girl I go to all the time. She gives the best massages… I don’t normally like other people touching me, I get tense. But something about this woman, Y. , just made me relax. I have basically been going to her for the last 5 years.  Over a few months I noticed a change. It was silence when I walked in. No one seemed happy. A few staff had left and there were a few new people. Then I found out that the new owner told my manicurist as well as the woman that my husband always went to, that they were no longer allowed to do mani/pedis. They were only to do massage. I would still go there and tell her that I wanted Y., and she would let her take me but she would hover around us. It was just too much but I figured that as long as I can still have my person, I would keep coming back.
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This past weekend I text Y. and asked her when I could come for a mani/pedi because we are going away soon. She said that she only works there Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. So I asked her what time Friday and she responded with a “I think you should find somewhere else, I don’t think I can take you here anymore.” Then she asked me if I would write a review to let people know that this nail Spa is not the same anymore. And I told her I would. And I did. I changed my 5 star review to a 1. Now I am really sad. I loved that place and I loved those people and I don’t think I will see them again unless they go somewhere else. I told Y. to let me know if she ever goes anywhere else and I would follow.
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I think this is one of 3 times in my life I actually left a bad review.  I kind of feel bad about even though I am also mad that the new owners have ruined one of my favorite places. Do you leave bad reviews?