Solar Panels?

My husband likes the idea of solar panels and he spoke to an agent yesterday. We have talked about installing them on our roof before and let the idea go. I thought about putting holes in the roof of a house we just bought and I did not want that.
****Not My House****
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My opinion now is that I feel like it’s an investment that might hurt us when we try to move. We bought our house and have a mortgage. We are currently trying to save money so we can move to San Diego, hopefully next year.
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Whenever we move we are planning on keeping our house here for a year and renting it out. We want to rent in San Diego for a year. If we love it and never want to leave, we would sell our house here and buy one there. I think a year will give us time to get jobs, figure out the commutes and then see where we would like to buy if we decide we want to stay.
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My husband sees the savings and the value of the Solar panels. Honestly, I would do it if we weren’t talking about moving. If we were saying that we are here and we will stay in this house for the next 20 years, I would sign up. I know that in the past I have heard that it’s harder to sell a home with solar panels that have a lease or loan because the buyer would have to take over the remainder of the lease or loan.
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We have decided that we are going to reach out to our realtor that sold us our home 5 years ago and see what she thinks about the market around here. If, in her experience, solar panels have helped or hurt or did nothing at all if we choose to sell in a couple years. Then we’ll talk about it some more.
Has anyone had any experience is this? What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Solar Panels?

  1. I’m not sure that I would make the investment with the intention of moving for fear of not getting my investment back in the long run – However, if I put down roots and plan on staying somewhere, we’ve already talked about taking that step.

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